English Title: Line Walker 2 – The Prelude (Prequel to 2014’s Line Walker)

Cantonese Title:  使徒行者2 (si to haang je)

Cast: Michael Miu,Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Benz Hui, Pakho Chau, Priscilla Wong, Benjamin Yuen

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 18 September 2017

Themesong: Sky Net (天網)-Pakho Chau | Sub1: Forget Myself (忘記我自己) – Hana Kuk | Know One’s Place (安守本份)-Vivian Koo

TVB Line Walker2 The Prelude

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Comments: I’m so excited that this series came out!! :DD I’ve been so out of TVB these days I hadn’t even realised they were filming this ^^; and only recently came across it so I’m still playing catchup!!  The last Line Walker related thing I’ve seen was the movie released awhile back which I surprisingly enjoyed as well. It was a decent movie! Anyways, back to Line Walker 2, this series is a prequel to the first Line Walker series. Michael Miu & Benz Hui will be in it which is great because they’re both characters I liked and excited to see how they will add more to Benz’ back story (how he became what he’ll become, maybe more on his undercover days?). Adding to that, while I will miss Charmaine & Raymond on-screen, I am really excited by the strong casting- Jessica & Moses and the refreshing cast (Priscilla, Benjamin & Pakho). Fingers crossed this series will be a good one that will get my attention and have me hooked to my seat!


February 2017

[TVB Drama] Burning Hands

English Title: Burning Hands
Cantonese Title: 乘勝狙擊
Cast: Ruco Chan 陳展鵬,Lin Xia Wei林夏薇,Joel Chan 陳山聰,Kelly Fu 傅嘉莉,單立文,吳岱融,Rebecca Chan 陳秀珠,呂珊
Episodes: 28
Released: 16 January 2017 – 12 February 2017

TVB Burning Hands

CHAK KOON-YAT (Ruco Chan), HO CHING-FA (Lin Xia Wei) and NG PAK-YEE (Joel Chan) have followed their master SZETO SING (Pat Poon) to learn con tricks and illusions since childhood. KOON-YAT and CHING-FA grow fond of each other and are about to get married. However, a competition estranges them and they have never contacted each other ever since. Later on, in order to flush out the mole, a casino tycoon named FOK CHUN-SING (Pal Sinn) colludes with SING to induce KOON-YAT and PAK-YEE into taking up a secret mission, resulting in their reunion with CHING-FA. On top of that, they are even inextricably bound up with CHUN-SING’s daughter FOK HEI-YAN (Kelly Fu). With each of them possessing a unique talent, they gradually uncover that the mole might be CHUN-SING’s right-hand man LAM LUI (Geoffrey Wong), confidant YAU YUET-WAH (Rebecca Chan) or one of their rivals. But nothing is as it seems. To find out why CHUN-SING killed his father CHIANG TIN-LUNG (Hugo Ng) twenty years ago, KOON-YAT infiltrates the Chun Sing Group, dealing a crushing blow to the crisis-ridden casino. That leads to an enmity between siblings, total severance of the master-disciple relationship, and irreconcilable differences between father and son……

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Note from KTVB 27/1/17: Another blog post I dug up from 2013- finally posting this to share with everyone- enjoy!


*Contains spoilers*

See Synopsis: Here | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

TVB Sniper Standoff (2013)

I thought Sniper Standoff was a pretty decent TVB series for 2013. It had a good storyline (relatively fast-paced), and kept me watching and wanting to find out more. The most interesting characters (and personal favourites) are Michael and Kathy’s characters. They have the most interesting back stories and character development. I felt sorry for their characters and have always hoped they would get a good ending.

Like Tiger Cubs, Sniper Standoff is based around SDU (Special Duties Unit) , however as the title suggests, focuses on the Snipers (namely Eddie Cheung, ex-SDU Sniper Michael Tse, and newbie female SDU member Eliza Sam). The two “brothers” Eddie and Michael were the top Snipers in SDU, trained together under the same master (Kate Tsui’s father); whom worked extremely well as a team. Unfortunately, due to Michael disobeying orders by exercising his own judgement during an operation (and Eddie pointing this out), Michael ends up being kicked out of the SDU leaving him with nothing. His dreams of being able to bring justice to the world and to protect the weak/innocent has been robbed from him and he can no longer be in the police force. As a result, Michael ends up secretly working for ‘Kei Dim’ Corporations as their assassin, run by Alice Chan’s father. The large corporation is involved with many illegal dealings and activity, which the cops (Kate’s Team) are constantly on the tail of.

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Note from KTVB 18/1/17: I found this entry I started in March 2015 but never finished or published.  So here I am giving it a chance to surface on my blog, hope you enjoy!


It has been a while since I’ve watched a TVB series- the last one I watched from beginning to end was ‘Line Walker’. Nothing else really appealed to me but when I saw Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan in a series together I thought it could be refreshing one and decided to give it a go. The synopsis does not really describe the series accurately, but I guess it’s TVB’s attempt not to give away too much of the story line (which made the synopsis sound kind of confusing). I found the series  enjoyable overall, but not without its frustrations and eye-rolling movements. Below are some of my thoughts…

TVB Eye in the Sky

*Warning: Contains spoilers*

The Storyline

  • The story is about Kevin Cheng’s character (司徒舜) who is an intelligent CID inspector, mostly quiet and reserved: the cool type who is often found thinking and analyzing situations. His thought process is reliant on his attention to detail and  what is captured in security cameras. Unfortunately this backfires on him when he is seen lighting an apartment on fire on camera. Although Kevin is eventually let off for having other evidence proving he was elsewhere during the time of the incident, many of his colleagues didn’t trust him, including his boss played by Becky Lee. As a result, despite his passion for solving cases, Kevin decides to resign until he can find evidence to prove himself innocent.
  • Tavia (Jan) is a private investigator whose talents seem to be held back by working for her old fashioned- father who doesn’t keep up with technology. Tavia has the special ability where her eyes are like a video recorder and she can “rewind, play-back” and “zoom-in” to everything she catches a glance on (haha..yea..sure). She gets saved by Kevin and develops a massive crush on him. She later meets Kevin again but his personality is quite different from the ‘cool’ inspector. This Kevin calls himself “Johnny” asking her to help him locate a drug dealer. He is more talkative and spontaneous. The two end up in some dangerous situation and he gets injured in attempt to save her. The attraction grew and the two end up having sex that night. However,  the next day,  she learns that he had lit an apartment on fire, bringing her into total shock, confusion and denial on what kind of guy he is. What’s worse is when she confronts Kevin (the inspector), and he claims he has no recollection of her.
  • TVB Eye in the Sky
  • 1.5 years later, Kevin is working as head of security in a high-end Hotel operation. The remainder of the series revolves around the hotel. He ends up recruiting Ruco Chan in his security team and the two become good friends with many things in common.
  • After realising that Kevin and “Johnny” were not the same person, the three of them (Tavia, Kevin and Ruco) go and investigate to find out that Kevin actually has a younger twin brother who was separated at birth; and their parents were led to believe he was dead.
  • It turns out that Ruco was actually Kevin’s twin brother who lived a really hard life with his best friend and they grew up being thieves.. During an operation where they were stealing some famous jewelry, an accident occurred and Ruco’s face gets burnt and after countless number of stitches and surgeries, Ruco’s face completely changed (from ‘Kevin’ to ‘Ruco’). Ruco is now out to seek revenge on the other thieves who has taken the jewelry off him and caused his face change.   Ruco and his friend took up new different identities and went into the Hotel operations in order to hunt them down to seek revenge.
  • Later, Ruco eventually reunites with his Kevin and his family, but things start to turn ugly when he finds out that Tavia did not love him, and that she had fallen for his brother Kevin. He was only used as a rebound… Other misunderstandings occur making Ruco think his family doesn’t truly accept him and that he’s still an outsider. At the end, Ruco turns so evil to the point of no return…
  • TVB Eye in the Sky


  • Overall, not one of the best TVB has produced but had some entertainment value. The theme song was quite catchy, I loved the tune!
  • This series is quite light-hearted with some comical characters.
  • I really like Ruco and Kevin’s characters and I feel really sorry for Ruco. It started to get interesting from around episode 5 onward where they reveal to us that Ruco is actually Kevin’s younger twin brother. The birthday scene was so sad where Ruco thought for once he could celebrate his birthday with his family, but then realise they excluded him. Turns out they knew Ruco and Kevin had the same birthday so the four of them celebrated together even though didn’t know Ruco was really Kevin’s twin brother. Kevin’s mum also acknowledged him as their god son. I was so happy and touched for Ruco and I enjoyed watching his interactions with his family. It was heart wrenching how they didn’t know the truth, and I was waiting for the moment for them to reunite. He seemed so happy just being with his family members.
  • I like Ruco’s sidekick (played by Tong Hung), especially later in the series when he turns good. I guess he was never really that bad to begin with. He values his friendship, he knows what’s good and what isn’t. He had a conscience and he felt so bad after he helped Ruco take revenge on the old lady who sold him to another family for money. He looks after his grandma well, and it was cute later on. I really didn’t like his character at the start when he was playing that photographer loafing around the hotel, chasing every girl he saw, but when I found out later he was only pretending, and allied with Ruco in attempts to find the missing jewelry, I found him a lot more bearable and funny.
  • TVB Eye in the Sky
  • I also enjoyed the mysteries behind the characters in the hotel. It was kinda fun and interesting and weird (although disjointed with random Susan Tse in there)
  • I really disliked the scenes with Tavia’s dad and her other work colleague.
  • Despite Tavia winning Favourite TVB Female Character (Starhub TVB Awards 2015) for her character as Jan, she didn’t win me over. She tried too hard to come off as a ‘cute’ and  ‘clumsy’ with her constant hiccups. Sometimes I can’t even understand why the guys would fall for her lol
  • Samantha Ko’s character comes off quite ‘dumb’ and was pretty annoying to watch, but I liked her more as the story developed and I liked her pairing with the photographerlater on in the series and hoped these two would have a happy ending. I find it quite unrealistic how Samantha who comes from a rich family background would allow her to marry a thief but her parents weren’t  even shown in the series so he got that easy ^^;
  • Kevin and Ruco are supposed to be twin brothers, but when they’re together they sometimes appear more like lovers?? Or I could be going crazy. Both of them just seem too feminine and not your typical brothers.
  • I’m also quite skeptical on how they portrayed this set of twins. I’m a twin myself and can’t seem to relate to them. They have dreams of the other brother?? I mean, Kevin dreamt what Ruco saw. And then it got to the point towards the end of the series where Ruco would drug himself to stay awake without sleeping in hope Kevin won’t be able to see his plan in his mind. What the. lol

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English Title: No Reserve (also known as Rosy Business III)

Cantonese Title: 巾幗梟雄之諜血長天 (Gan Gwok Hiu Hung Ji Dip Huet Cheung Tin)

Previous Installments: 2009 Rosy Business | 2010 No Regrets

Cast: Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 (飾江尚紅/鈴木一雄), Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 (飾張寄生), Edwin Siu 蕭正楠 (飾周細雞), Sire Ma 馬賽 (飾金韞凌),  Lau Kong, 劉江 (飾林群), Kin Kong 金剛 (飾武田介男), Lee Shing-Cheong 李成昌 (飾索多隆), 楊瑞麟 (飾劉天), Susan Tse 謝雪心 (飾佟小蘭)

Episodes: 30 (my TVSuper)| 26 (TVB Jade)

Filmed: 2013

Released:  1 October 2016 on TVB’s streaming service, myTV Super (30 episodes) | Mainstream premier on TVB Jade on 19 December 2016 (26 episodes edited)

Themesong: “孤嶺花” (Solitary Flower) by Kay Tse

Executive Producer: Lee Tim-sing

TVB No Reserve Official Poster

TVB No Reserve Official Poster


KTVB Comments: Woo!! They finally released this! I’ve been waiting for the third installment of Rosy Business back in the days when I was still into TVB, but I kind of gave up on it when they couldn’t pass the HK TV censor board and the series never got released… And because Sheren Tang was not going to be in the series I wasn’t as excited but now that it’s out I’m keen to give it a ago (mainly watching it for Wayne’s performance!) I’m not expecting it to be as good as Rosy Business or No Regrets because I know that’s not possible. Just hoping for a good TVB series to enjoy!


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For this years’ annual TVB Australia carnival, Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong were sent as the guest stars!! :DDD While I was out of action from the TVB world most of this year, I was still somewhat excited to finally meet Kenneth & Natalie 😀 I liked them both enough to make a trek to Chatswood to attend their autograph session (including waiting in line for almost 3 hours!)

I couldn’t make it to the actual TVB Carnival on 29th August (the day before)- did anyone else go? What did they perform on stage? 😀

Here are some photos from the autograph session I thought I’d share with you guys 😀


Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong Autograph Session
Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong Autograph Session
Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong Autograph Session

Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong Autograph Session

Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong Autograph Session
Photo with Kenneth Ma

Photo with Natalie Tong

Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong Autograph Session


September 2015

[Message from K] September 2015

Hello everyone!! It’s been a really long time, hope everyone has had a great year so far!

Sorry for my disappearance from my blog and the TVB world. I was meant to say “bye for now” before I left off but didn’t get around to doing that either ^^;

The main reason is because I’ve been really occupied with my offline world. This year has been a big year for me. I got engaged earlier in the year (I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! :DDDD ), I’ve been busy planning my wedding (it’s in December this year!!) I went on holidays to Fiji. I got a promotion at work so things have gotten even busier and I will be moving into my new home later this year as well so I’ll be furniture shopping soon, yay!

At the same time, TVB series didn’t appeal to me much anymore. Did I lose interest? Possibly. I do hope that someday TVB will produce a series that can get me hooked on as much as “Highs and Lows”. I miss Lam Fung! But until then, I probably won’t be updating this blog. I don’t really have TVB thoughts to share if you know what I mean? On 10 September 2015, K for TVB will have been around for 9 years. That amount of time kind of scares me. That’s makes up a large chunk of my life thus far and happy to see there are still so many searches on my blog for older series like “Moonlight Resonance” , “Heart of Greed” “Beyond the Realm of Conscience“, “You’re Hired“, “Triumph in the Skies II“, “Cupid Stupid“, “Storm in a Cocoon“. That makes me very happy 🙂

I also noticed Chungtvb has also been nice enough to continue/help share themesong links to our readers so thanks for that 🙂 And thanks again to our all-time host Chibi for hosting us on K-TVB.net!!! 🙂

I don’t know when I’ll be back, but rest assured I always check comments that you guys leave!! Until then, take care!!


P.s Post coming soon to share some photos from last Sunday! 😀

English Title: Smooth Talker

Cantonese Title:  以和為貴

Cast: Joe Ma 馬德鐘,Kate Tsui 徐子珊,Johnson Lee 李思捷,Elena Kong 江美儀,Tommy Wong 黃光亮,Tracy Chu 朱千雪,趙永洪,何君誠

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 30 March 2015 – 24 April 2015 (replacing ‘Eye in the Sky’)

Themesong: Way out (出口)- Justin Lo & Johnson Lee

Official: Website

Executive Producer:


Official Synopsis

Apart from succeeding his father as the owner of the social club, HAU TAK-SI (Joe Ma) is also a mediator, smoothing things out with unconventional measures for people from all walks of life. Due to a divorce case, he gets to know MO SUI-YEE (Kate Tsui). After the divorce, SUI-YEE brings along her younger sister MO SUI-KA (Tracy Chu) who is socially awkward, to stay with their cousin LAM AH-LUI (Elena Kong) temporarily. She soon discovers that her ex-husband’s mistress also lives in the same building. Since TAK-SI often visits the building, SUI-YEE misconceives that he is the mistress’ acquaintance, and they conspired to obtain her and her ex-husband’s former residence. Seeking revenge, SUI-YEE starts working in a law firm, where she comes to realise that TAK-SI grew up with lawyer AUYEUNG KAI (Johnson Lee), and the two are good friends. Having spent some time with TAK-SI, SUI-YEE notices that TAK-SI is busy running around trying to reach amicable resolutions in her divorce case. Influenced by TAK-SI, SUI-YEE enrols in the mediation course, through which she learns how to be more considerate of others. Just when the two start getting cosy, out of the blue, SUI-YEE’s ex-husband appears. By chance, AUYEUNG KAI finds new evidence, leading to the release of a person on a charge of murdering TAK-SI’s father. Suddenly, their lives, faith and relationships are driven to the brink of destruction……

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