English Title: Black Heart White Soul

Cantonese Title: 忠奸人

Cast: Roger Kwok 郭晉安 , Kristal Tin 田蕊妮 , Ron Ng 吳卓羲, Kiki Sheung 商天娥 , Louis Cheung 張繼聰, Waise Lee 李子雄, Jason Chan 陳智燊, Matt Yeung 楊明, May Chan, Leanne Li, Claire Yiu, Lisa Lau, Vivien Yeo

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 14 July 2014 – 22 August 2014 (Replacing The Ultimate Addiction)

Themesong: Gray Fate 灰色命運 - 羅鈞滿 Ronald Law (Moon) & 鄭世豪 Hoffman Cheng

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Wong Sum Wai

Scriptwriter: Lau Chi Wah

Official Synopsis

A robbery case subtly interweaves the fate of three strangers, a barrister in a wheelchair KO CHIT-HANG (Roger Kwok), a Hong Kong girl TAM MEI-CHING (Kristal Tin) and District Crime Unit detective CHEUNG LAP-FAN (Ron Ng).

Implicated by her gangster boyfriend, MEI-CHING is charged with attempted robbery and is found guilty. Although CHIT-HANG, as the lawyer representing MEI-CHING, fails to exculpate her from the charge, the two fall in love with each other. Gradually, under CHIT-HANG’s guidance, MEI-CHING manages to turn over a new leaf after getting out of the jail. Through his investigation, LAP-FAN learns that, many years ago, he negligently shot and thereby paralyzed a civilian, who turns out to be CHIT-HANG. Instead of bearing a grudge against LAP-FAN, CHIT-HANG turns into his best friend. CHIT-HANG has been abandoned by his family ever since the accident. In order to make a living, it takes him more effort than the others to eventually stand out and become a rising star in the legal profession. Being recruited by wealthy businessmen, MA KAI-YUEN (Louis Cheung) and TO YEE-HANG (Waise Lee), CHIT-HANG often claims victory in lawsuit cases by surprise tactics, helping set his clients free. However, there is evil hiding behind his decency. The more successful CHIT-HANG becomes, the more suspicious LAP-FAN gets. All of them, including MEI-CHING, seem to be trapped in the slowly tightening grip of encirclements one after another, finding themselves on the horns of a dilemma……

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Event:  Jadeworld Carnival

Date: Sunday 31 August 2014

Time: 9am-5pm

Location: Burwood Park, Burwood NSW, Australia

Guest Stars: Kristal Tin & Raymond Wong


Event: Autograph Session

Date: Saturday 30 August 2014

Time: 4pm

Location: Sussex Centre

I would love to go meet these twos! :) Currently watching “Black Heart White Soul” just for Kristal Tin hehe

English Title: Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain

Cantonese Title: 寒山潛龍 (hon saan chim lung)

Cast: Kenneth Ma 馬國明,Pierre Ngo 敖嘉年,Power Chan 陳國邦,Selena Li 李詩韻, Lin Xiawei 林夏薇,Raymond Cho 曹永廉, Lau Kong 劉江,蔣志光

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 30 June 2014 – 8 August 2014 (Replacing mainland drama: 2011 Journey to the West)

Themesong: Way Back 歸途 - Fred Cheng | Sub- Her Best 她最好 Grace Wong

Official: Website

Executive Producer:


TVB Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain

Official Synopsis

During the Northern Song Dynasty, Phecda Bureau led by FUNG NAM-TIN (Lau Kong) along with his elite group is in charge of all the mysterious criminal cases nationwide.  Its power is superior to all the other government offices, and even surpasses the Six Ministries. Commander CHU CHEUNG-SING (Kenneth Ma) is brave and intelligent, and is greatly valued by his mentor NAM-TIN.  However, due to a robbery case, he and his mentor have a disagreement and split up,  going their separate ways.  Bringing along his wife TAO FA (Selena Li), CHEUNG-SING has vanished from sight for almost ten years until recently when the case draws to a close.  As NAM-TIN is in his advanced age, Field Officer MA CHUEN-KUNG (Power Chan), NGAU TAI-LIK (Pierre Ngo) and YEUNG MAU (Lin Xia Wei) are under orders to summon CHEUNG-SING back.  Although the four of them jointly solve cold cases one by one, their distinctive personalities often lead to conflicts among them. Unexpectedly, TAO FA and CHEUNG-SING diverge from each other as a result of a misunderstanding.  After that, CHEUNG-SING encounters a famous prostitute YAN MEI-LEUNG (Selena Li), who bears the same resemblance to his wife and takes CHEUNG-SING’s breath away.  In the meantime, the Jin Dynasty has long been coveting the Song land, and is ready to launch an invasion.  CHEUNG-SING notices that the Jin spies have penetrated into the Bureau, whereas his best friend, gangster HUNG SAP-KAU (Raymond Cho), has also been taken advantage of. With those surrounding him being in danger one after another, it’s difficult to define friends or foes, rendering everyone on tenterhooks……

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*Warning: Contains major spoilers*
TVB Ruse of Engagement

Ruse of Engagement was a TVB series I initially skipped because of a busy schedule (I have been busy preparing for my Hawaii trip and other things while the series was airing), but recently decided to come back to give it a go based on positive reviews and recommendations (both online and through friends). I’m glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed the series! (especially the 2nd half!) Other than the first two episodes, I found episodes 3-10 ish rather draggy, mainly the episodes Ruco and Ron were training in the ATF program. Episode 11 onwards was when the series really picked up and kept me at the edge of my seat! The episodes leading up to Ruco being shot was so suspenseful!! The series was really suspenseful and intense and the plots had quite some good twists which caught me off guard, especially trying to find out who the traitor is, and who was the mole etc. This series definitely stands out and is worth the watch.

Ruco Chan: Brilliant performance, especially towards the end. I really like watching his character when he’s serious compared to when he’s joking around, flirting with Aimee in the earlier episodes or trying to be funny. I liked watching how much he cared about his mother though. I felt the ATF training episodes were a waste of time and I disliked watching how cocky and immature he was and how he and Ron constantly disobeyed orders -_- It’s like ‘what are you boys doing -_-’  I was quite indifferent with his pairing with Aimee Chan and much preferred him with Yoyo Mung. His ending was quite sad, did he really have to end like that…?

Ron Ng: If there’s one thing I disliked about the series, it would have to be Ron’s character and performance. While he is supposed to be the other main character alongside Ruco, I found his character unlikable. He was actually OK in the early part of the series, but I grew to hate watching him when he didn’t believe in his brother – and for no real reason! What happened to their strong bond? It felt like he was getting jealous that his mother favoured his brother more than him; and how his love Aimee also fell in love with Ruco. I was utterly angry and disappointed at him just as Ruco was. I believe there was truth in what Ruco said to him when he pointed the gun at him. Ron was trying to find every reason he could to bad-mouth Ruco in front of Aimee and find evidence that he ‘had turned bad’. The worst part was Ron not stopping Eddie from ‘electrocuting’ (?) and torturing Ruco to make him tell the truth. He didn’t stick up for him at all. GRRR ANNOYING!! Later on, he just kept getting in Ruco’s way and tried really hard to impress his superiors. At the end, he stopped Ruco from shooting Aimee but I felt like he never loved her that much anyway -_- At the end, he just resumes with his life. Bleh. He was constantly hot-headed and irrational. I give him credit for chasing Aimee at the start but when Ruco ‘died’ and he started copying his brother to get Aimee’s attention got on my nerves…I’m surprised Ron’s character didn’t turn evil :P His acting is so ordinary, sometimes over the top and hasn’t shown much improvement after all these years.. His character isn’t supposed to be unlikable ( I don’t think!) but I just don’t like him. He is supposed to genuinely love Aimee and want nothing in return but is bias towards Ruco. Sorry Ron, you can never be like your brother :P
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June 2014

[Message from K] June 2014

Hi everyone :)

Hope you all like my new ‘The Ultimate Addiction’ Banner featuring Kate, Bosco & Nancy! ^____^ *Thanks chibi for making it for me!* hehe nice and refreshing!! I have been following this series and am quite enjoying it- half way through :)

The Ultimate Addiction Layout

Recently facebook deleted a chunk of my posts and screencaptures from my Facebook fanpage (including the Raymond Lam Banner!) saying it’s copyright infringement, and that they would delete my entire account if I post anymore *sigh* So…if you go to the page now, it doesn’t even have a banner. I haven’t added anything since- not sure if I should. I’m considering closing it down to avoid any potential issues linked to this blog. EDIT 26/6: Facebook has now closed down my facebook account.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those 1,194 people for the page likes and those who enjoyed my daily updates screenshots as I was watching the series. Hopefully you will continue to support my blog via twitter , RSS feeds, or regular visits to our blog.

My main concern this K-tvb.net which I’ve spent my last 7.5 years on. A couple of TVB blogs have been shutdown in the past due to ‘copyright issues’ and it almost feels like we will suffer the same kinda fate *touchwood*. It’ll be just a shame. I just think it’s stupid for TVB to kill off blogs who are merely creating some online activity and promoting the series for them, essentially for free. I am not claiming that I am affiliated with TVB, nor that I own any of their materials. I’m just a TVB fan who dedicated her time in watching TVB, making screencaptures and sharing my thoughts and opinions. The screencaptures all have TVB logos on it!!! TVB is already going downhill as it is, I just hope they seriously reconsider what they are doing and how that actually impacts themselves. TVB is not going to benefit from it at all… *annoyed*

The Ultimate Addiction TVB

[Black Heart White Soul] Who is your Favourite Character?

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[Black Heart White Soul] Who is your Favourite Character?

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I finished this series awhile back (when I was rushing to catch up on it after my Hawaii trip!) but haven’t had the chance to come around to jot down some of my thoughts. My thoughts are a bit all over the place, so please excuse the fact I am jumping around…. ^^; Hopefully it’ll still make some sense to those of you who have watched it. To read the synopsis, go here: 守業者
TVB Storm in a Cocoon

*Warning- contains spoilers!*

  • Overall this is one of the better series of 2014. I quite like the cast and I thought the story line was quite engaging throughout most of the series.
  • The story revolves around the Poon Family’s silk business/factory “Wing Tai Lung”. Yueh Hua, being the father, has 4 children: Eldest son Evergreen Mak- “Poon Ka-Hin 潘家顯”, 2nd sister Akina Hong- “Poon Hau-Yee 潘巧兒”, 3rd son Steven Ma- “Poon Ka-Yeung 潘家揚”, and 4th son “Poon Ka Seng 潘家聲”.
  • The 2nd sister unexpectedly ‘commits suicide’ in the first episode and the first 20 episodes were mainly around resolving the mystery behind her death. [*spoiler alert*] The truth turns out to be quite unexpected and a bit of a twist, but also felt slightly anti-climatic ^^;   The 4th brother killing his own 2nd sister?? [*spoiler end*].  The story line is quite tragic and sadly, very unrealistic in a lot of respects (but to create a dramatic effect). The last 10 episodes continue with the ‘tragic’ theme with Evergreen and Tavia’s characters, but gives us a happy ending as a form of closure.
  • One of the highlights of this story was Steven Ma’s character- he is so charming and clever! When he is around, you just feel that the business is in good hands. I liked finding out more about his background and all the hardships he faced during war as the military doctor, where his values were challenged and human morals of life and death were becoming a blur.  He tried so hard to escape to see his family, yet incidents after incidents occur which makes him question whether he should have returned home as he uncovers more and more dirty secrets in his family. Because he has ‘seen the world’ he is a lot more educated, liberal, moves away from traditional thoughts and is a lot more open minded; something which is different to the norm for that time period. Similarly, his 2nd sister (which I also found pretty cool in the drama- sadly short-lived) is very much like a person in the modern time, modern thoughts in how she deals with business, love and society….
  • Tavia Yeung -”Tong Bing Bing 唐冰冰” plays an silk-worker for Steven’s family silk business. She is very righteous and has a strong belief in what she believes is right or wrong (however later learns about the gray areas). Her character was a bit annoying to watch, especially with her ‘over-the-top yelling’ around Steven for the first half of the series but she tones down later on as she matures and becomes more likable. Tavia and Steven start from being a quarreling couple as they investigate Akina’s death together, go through life-death situations; fall in love with each other, battle against society’s expectations (since she is already widowed and the fact Steven killed Tavia’s fiance played by Raymond Cho) and fighting hard to have his parent’s accept  her due to their differences in social status. Just as the two finally get married, Steven gets arrested by the military on their wedding day and the two are separated once again as Tavia struggles to hold up the family business as it goes through crisis. After finally reuniting, Tavia and Steven’s marriage is put to the test again when Tavia realises Steven had used her against her own biological father. Their love for each other brings the two back together when a flood strikes their town; however get separated again as Steven gets washed away protecting Tavia. In the end, Tavia finally reunites with Steven  years later…what a drama!
  • I really enjoyed watching Steven and Tavia’s romantic scenes! Steven Ma is soooooo sweet. I  loved how he constantly reassured his love for her and how he declared his love for her in front of the other workers, and stood up against his parents who looked down on Tavia’s poor background/ low-status. When Tavia had doubts because of the bad luck she has brought to the men around her; he reassured her that they were the perfect pair because he has faced many life and death situations which he managed to miraculously survive.

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English Title: The Ultimate Addiction (previously known as ‘Midas’)

Cantonese Title: 點金勝手

Cast: Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 , Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Nancy Wu 胡定欣, Sharon Chan 陳敏之, Ben Wong 黃智賢, Elena Kong 江美儀, Toby Leung 梁靖琪, MC Jin 歐陽靖

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 2 June 2014 – 11 July 2014 (after ‘Never Dance Alone‘)

Themesong: Challenge (考驗) by Fred Cheng | Sub- Tight Game (棋逢敵手) by Hubert Wu & Kate Tsui (Full versions)

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Chong Wai Kin

Scriptwriter: Pang Mei Fung, Ng Lap Kwong

TVB The Ultimate Addiction


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Official Synopsis

Financial elite, CHEUK YUK (Bosco Wong), never hesitates to use any dirty tricks to gain a profit, so he has been under close surveillance by the Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB).

Being obsessed with money and power, CHEUK YUK constantly neglects his family members and friends. Because of him, his wife and mentor pass away respectively, yet he shows no remorse at all. On the contrary, his craving for money and power continuously increases. His brother-in-law CHOW SUN-YUNG (Ben Wong), one of the CCB inspectors, is determined to put him in jail, collaborating with superior HO SHEUNG-YEE (Sharon Chan) and subordinate CHI NGA (Kate Tsui) to gather evidence. SUN-YUNG thinks highly of CHI NGA and even regards her as his last apprentice, to his surprise, CHI NGA suddenly resigns and starts working for CHEUK YUK. At first, she gains CHEUK YUK’s second wife, FONG MING-YU’s (Nancy Wu) trust, following which she helps CHEUK YUK deal with CHAI PUI-FUN (Elena Kong), a mogul in the financial industry. It seems that CHI NGA has grasped total control, undermining CHEUK YUK’s ambition. Who will eventually be the ultimate winner when facing fierce competition in the financial battle like this?
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