English Title: Swipe Tap Love

Cantonese Title: 愛我請留言 [Love Me, Please Leave a Message]

Cast: Raymond Wong 黃浩然 , Priscilla Wong 黃翠如, Eddie Kwan 關禮傑 , Tony Hung 洪永城, Kelly Fu 傅嘉莉, Elaine Yiu 姚子羚, Vincent Wong 王浩信 , Rebecca Chan   陳秀珠

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 31 March – 25 April 2014 (after ‘Storm in a Cocoon‘)

Themesong: 留言(Leave a Message) -Jinny Ng

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Chan Yiu Chuen

Scriptwriter: Shek Hoi Ting

TVB Swipe Tap Love

Official Synopsis

The year of 2009 seems very ordinary, but in fact marks a crucial moment when two melancholy souls pull themselves together and start anew.
Through her news coverage related to a fire, TV reporter YU CHOR-KIN (Priscilla Wong), who lost her father in a car accident earlier, recalls her own grievous loss.  On the same day, when regretting she is not able to see her father again, she encounters glass artist LOK TIN-SUNG (Raymond Wong), who just lost his sister in the fire.  They wander on the streets, accompanying each other silently to spend the whole night.  Not wanting to have another regret, she borrows TIN-SUNG’s mobile phone to leave her suitor CHEUNG YAT-HEI (Tony Hung) a voice mail, which is “Miss you”……

CHOR-KIN changes her job to be a marketing manager for the chocolate business.  Having spent four years together with YAT-HEI, she notices that she has been further estranged from him.  They eventually break up as a result of mutual suspicion and jealousies.

In the meantime, CHOR-KIN re-encounters TIN-SUNG as her mother YU LO OI-LAM (Rebecca Chan) becomes his daughter’s babysitter.  Due to TIN-SUNG’s daughter, the two start communicating via text messages.  Ever since then, consolation and encouragement regarding work, family and love have been on and off sending through their mobile app.  Love turns out to be destined in their lifetime……


English Title: Ruse of Engagement

Cantonese Title: 叛逃 (boon to)

Cast: Ruco Chan 陳展鵬, Ron Ng 吳卓羲, Aimee Chan 陳茵媺, Yoyo Mung 蒙嘉慧, Louise Lee 李司棋, Eddie Kwan 關禮傑, Kenny Wong 黃德斌, Chris Lai Lok Yi 黎諾懿

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 7 March 2014 – 18 April 2014 (Replacing Giled Chopsticks)

Themesong:千鈞一髮- Ron Ng & Ruco Chan

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Wong Sum Wai

Scriptwriter: Kar Wai Nam


TVB Ruse of Engagement

Official Synopsis

Widow TONG SUK-FAN (Louise Lee) is saddled with hardship alone, struggling to bring up her two sons CHONG YAU-CHING (Ruco Chan) and CHONG YAU-KIT (Ron Ng). The brothers join the Intelligence Unit and the Operations Unit of Anti-Terrorist Force respectively, and both gain recognition from their superior SHUM CHI-NGO (Eddie Kwan), which is supposed to be a comfort to their mother. Unexpectedly, their brotherhood is turned to enmity owing to an intelligence. Through a reliable source from a journalist YIP TING (Yoyo Mung), YAU-CHING probes into a secret organization, during which he nearly gets himself killed and cannot resume duty immediately. After seeking aid from his girlfriend CHUNG YAT-KA (Aimee Chan), who accesses the database in secret by leveraging her duty as the intelligence analyst, he uncovers that there is a mole in the intelligence agency. His younger brother YAU-KIT not only suspects him of being a traitor, but also takes advantage of his absence to court YAT-KA. Just as YAU-CHING is caught helplessly in a dilemma, fortunately, he gets help from YIP TING, and the two gradually develop romantic feelings for each other. However, in an attempt to ferret out the culprit, YAU-CHING does not hesitate to use himself as the bait, walking to the path of no return. Long-gone seems to be the days when fidelity, love and righteousness still mattered to him……



March 2014

[Message from K] March 2014

Hi everyone!

Hope you have been well! Just decided to drop by a scribble here to say hello :).  Can’t believe we’re in March 14 already! Happy Year of the Horse everyone and hope you’ve all enjoyed the Lunar New Year Festive Season and collected some nice big red pockets^^

I’ve been  in a very busy period of work for the past few months, but it’s almost coming to an end (I’m an Financial Accountant and we have a 31 December Year End if that makes sense to anyone haha) and am now looking forward to my upcoming trip to Hawaii, yay!! During a not-so-exciting TVB time in January 14, thanks to miriamfanz for sharing this neat streaming website, I have been able to re-watch 2006 Dicey Business.  I must say after 6-7 years I still love this series and it still remains a favourite of mine! I wish TVB could bring out that kinda drama on screen again (and with a great cast of course!)

These are the 2014 TVB drama releases so far- how many have you seen?

Storm in a Cocoon

Out of the above, the only one I decided to give it a go is [Storm in a Cocoon], mainly for its cast. I am quite enjoying this series so far (other than Tavia sometimes acting quite annoying around Steven Ma, but hopefully she matures). I have been dropping in some comments as I watch along, so for those who are also watching this, feel free to chat here :) We have quite a few interesting characters in the series, and I am eager to watch on to find out all of the secrets around the Poon family and Hau Yee’s death. I’ve just added in a new favourite character poll too, so cast your vote!

I have also been hearing  some positive feedback on [Gilded Chopsticks] which is the other series currently showing. Which one do you like more?

Which series are you currently watching and enjoying more?

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Last but not least, I recently came across this website on Cantonese Proverbs and I was so fascinated by it that I’d thought I’d share it here! I’m an Australian-born Chinese so my Cantonese isnt top-notch or anything. After watching so much TVB over the years however, I was excited to find this website which explains a lot of the proverbs I hear {esp in Storm in Cocoon!}! XD Some are basic, some I have figured out based on the context, and some are new. Check it out if you’re a newbie like me- might learn something new :)

Take care, until next time ;)


English Title: Gilded Chopsticks

Cantonese Title: 食為奴 (sik wai no)

Cast:  Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍 , Joey Meng 萬綺雯 , Ben Wong 黃智賢 , Nancy Wu 胡定欣 , Louis Cheung 張繼聰, Stephanie Ho 何雁詩, Ram Chiang 蔣志光, Bob Lam 林盛斌

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 10 February 2014 (Replacing Queen Divas)

Themesong: Loyal Subject (忠臣)- Wong Cho Lam & Stephanie Ho (Full Version)

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Scriptwriter: Siu Long

TVB Storm in a Cocoon

Official Synopsis

Ever since his childhood, KO TIN-PO (Wong Cho Lam) has tasted a variety of great delicacies, and he is capable of analyzing the food quality and authenticity once he tastes it.

But, owing to the decline of his family, he ends up wandering on the street with his servant LEE WAI (Jack Wu), making a living from selling buns. Also due to his gourmet background, he gets to know a street performer KEI MO-SUET (Joey Meng), the most beautiful girl in Peking NIAN RUOBI (Nancy Wu) and teen celebrity chef MAI SIU-YU (Stephanie Ho), etc. As fate would have it, he comes across Prince YINZHEN (Ben Wong), who is making a tour in disguise, and the two share similar interests. Later on, he is recommended for an imperial chef in the palace, where he runs into his archrival CHOI HOK-TING (Bob Lam), resulting in consecutive fierce battles between them. Meanwhile, TIN-PO has no idea he has been caught in the plot that Prince YINSI (Louis Cheung) hatches to become the rightful heir to the throne. Under such disadvantage, TIN-PO becomes the man who brings luck to Prince YINZHEN, continuously turning the tide for him before his defeat. However, an unexpected betrothal brings him down from the lofty position to the most inferior one of a stray dog……

English Title: Storm in a Cocoon

Cantonese Title: 守業者 (sau yip je) – Heritage /Predecessor Protector

Cast: Steven Ma 馬浚偉, Tavia Yeung 楊怡, Evergreen Mak 麥長青, Maggie Shiu 邵美琪, Natalie Tong 唐詩詠, Raymond Cho 曹永廉 , Mat Yeung 楊明, Yueh Hua 岳華

Episodes: 32

Airing date: 17 February 2014 (Replacing Outbound Love)

Themesong: 天意(Heaven’s Will) - Steven Ma | Thought of You (想起你)- Jinny Ng (Sub)

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Leung Choi Yuen

Scriptwriter: Ng Shiu Tung

TVB Storm in a Cocoon

[Storm in a Cocoon] Who is your favourite character?

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Official Synopsis

Wing Tai Lung is the silk kingdom in Canton during the early years of Republic China. Its owner POON WING-NIN (Yueh Hua), because of his advanced age, has handed over the charge to his elder son POON KA-HIN (Evergreen Mak) and daughter POON HAU-YEE (Hong Wah).

Out of the blue, HAU-YEE commits suicide, so his second son POON KA-YEUNG (Steven Ma), who was serving as a combat medic, returns to his hometown, taking over the reins. Apart from his discovery of HAU-YEE’s dubious death, the best friend of the late HAU-YEE, TONG BING-BING (Tavia Yeung) also has a feeling of suspicion, so the two decide to launch an investigation. However, they instead unfold the intricate relationships between their family members and the silk factory workers, and anyone could be the murder suspect, which is a double whammy for KA-YEUNG. All the girls working in the silk factory look up to the forewoman SIN PIK-WAN (Maggie Shiu) as their leader and constantly show hostility towards BING-BING. Ever since she started working in the factory, big fat liar FUNG CHI-CHING (Natalie Tong) has chosen to stay single. In fact, she is up to something, leaving the factory open to attack. In the meantime, KA-YEUNG feels deeply attracted to BING-BING’s sense of righteousness and courage. Just when their relationship is about to blossom into romance, tragedy strikes when BING-BING’s long-missing fiancé KWAN CHO-YIU (Raymond Cho) suddenly returns. And the real murderer who killed HAU-YEE turns out to be beyond all expectations. As one sows, so shall one reap. The whole POON family has spun a cocoon around themselves and got stuck in it. Although KA-YEUNG and BING-BING are determined to keep their family business, they have to deal with such immensely complicated situation involving countless others……



English Title: Queen Divas

Cantonese Title: 新抱喜相逢

Cast: Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Pierre Ngo, Evergreen Mak, Yuen Qiu, Anderson Junior, Jonathan Wong

Episodes: 15

Airing date: 20 January 2014 (Replacing Coffee Cat Mama)

Themesong: Joyous Every Year (歡樂年年) / CNY Contribution (新春頌獻) / God of Fortune Is Here (財神到)- Queen Diva Cast (CD)

Genre: Modern Comedy

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Kwan Wing Chung

Scriptwriter: Chung Kin Keung

TVB Outbound Love Official Poster

Official Synopsis
Born into a noble family, HO SIU-LAN (Nancy Sit) is not only very skillful in household management but also in charge of all events of Lin Enterprise, however trivial, for her husband’s family.

Her elder son LIN CHI-SUM (Evergreen Mak) and second son LIN CHI-KIT (Pierre Ngo) have not got married yet, and they maintain low-profile relationships respectively with two actresses from the film and television industry, leaving SIU-LAN with no alternative but to recognize their marriages. Her elder daughter-in-law KWOK FEI-FEI (Joyce Tang) is the tragic drama queen, whereas her second daughter-in-law MAN CHOI-LING (Angela Tong) is the comedy-drama queen. Competing head-to-head as two outstanding actresses, their battleground expands from the showbiz to the mega-mansion. Their mother-in-law, who usually presents herself as a kind mother and good wife, in fact hides a dagger in her smile. Three divas showcase sparkling acting skills that nearly surpass the Academy Award Best Actress, resulting in tons of jokes. Until SIU-LAN uncovers that someone has embezzled company money, the whole family falls in dire straits. Ever since then, things unknown by the others have been gradually unmasked with laughter and tears interweaving……

出 身書香世家的何少蘭(薛家燕)不單持家有道,還掌控夫家連氏企業的大小事務,大少連祉森(麥長青)和二少連祉傑(敖嘉年)尚未成家立室,卻各自與影視圈兩 位姐仔大搞地下情,少蘭迫於無奈接受二人入門,大少奶郭菲菲(滕麗名)為悲劇天后,二少奶文彩菱(湯盈盈)為喜劇天后,同是好戲之人從娛樂圈鬥到豪門大 宅,平日以慈母賢妻作包裝的奶奶原來笑裏藏刀,三后迸發火花演技直逼奧斯卡女主角,鬧出連番笑話,直至少蘭發現有人虧空公司資產,連家上下齊齊落難,逐步 揭開各人種種隱情,當中有笑有淚……


January 2014

[New Series]: Outbound Love

English Title: Outbound Love

Cantonese Title: 單戀雙城 (daan lun seung seng)

Cast: Ruco Chan, Aimee Chan Lin Xia Wei, Tony Hung, Mat Yeung, Amy Fan, Samantha Ko, Elaine Yiu

Episodes: 22

Airing date: 20 January 2014 (Replacing Return of the Silver Tongue )

Themesong: 很想討厭你 (Really want to despise you)-Lin Xiawei | Just Missed Half A Step (差半步) Sub- Ruco Chan (CD) – Lyrics

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Official: Website

Executive Producer: MaFong Tsun Chiu

Scriptwriter: Chan Ching Yee

TVB Outbound Love Official Poster

Official Synopsis
In order to develop new business, LAW SIK-SIK (Aimee Chan), who works for a travel agency, goes to Malaysia to have a meeting with her client.

Unexpectedly, her plans are ruined by a local cunning tour guide, LUK KUNG-CHI (Ruco Chan), resulting in a falling-out between the two. All of a sudden, SIK-SIK’s boyfriend CHING CHIN-BOK (Mat Yeung) appears to propose marriage to her. The pair start preparing for their wedding ceremony on the heels of their return to Hong Kong. Just when SIK-SIK thinks she is the happiest bride in the world, out of the blue, the intimate video clip showing her fiancé having an affair with her best friend are made public during the wedding ceremony. As such, grief-stricken SIK-SIK once again heads to Malaysia and changes her job to work in a local hotel, where she re-encounters KUNG-CHI. Due to each other’s different frame of mind, seemingly aloof yet close subtle feelings have gradually been developed between them. CHIN-BOK’s younger sister CHING CHIN-CHUN (Lin Xia Wei) has been taking SIK-SIK’s side instead of her own brother’s, supporting her break-up decision. Also through SIK-SIK, she gets to know celebrity chef CHIN TSUN (Tony Hung), becoming his apprentice to learn the cooking skills. After the two have spent some time together, CHIN-CHUN has a crush on her master. However, for all these years, CHIN TSUN cannot get SIK-SIK off his mind. Just when he is about to disclose his love affection towards SIK-SIK, CHIN-BOK starts pursuing SIK-SIK all over again, whereas the one who lays him a helping hand turns out to be KUNG-CHI…….

任 職旅行社的羅式適(陳茵媺)為公司開拓新業務,特赴馬來西亞與客戶開會,誰料被當地滑頭導遊陸恭梓(陳展鵬)破壞一切計劃,二人因而結怨,式適的男朋友程 展博(楊明)突然現身向她求婚,二人回港隨即籌備婚禮,當式適感到自己是世上最幸福的新娘時,男朋友與自己閨中密友的偷情片段竟在婚禮上公諸於世,式適擁 抱痛苦再赴馬來西亞,並轉往當地酒店工作,令她再度遇上恭梓,不一樣的心情為兩人營造了一種似遠還近的微妙感覺,展博的妹妹程展禛(林夏薇)幫理不幫親, 一直支持好友式適分手的決定,亦因式適的關係認識名廚錢進(洪永城)並跟他拜師學藝,相處之下,展禛愛上師傅,但多年來錢進心裡只有式適,試圖表白之際, 展博再度向式適展開攻勢,而助他一臂之力的竟就是恭梓……


December 2013

[Bounty Lady] Kate & Dayo Scenes 4

See: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

In episode 17, Dayo deliberately sends the “bed photo” of himself and Sharon to Louis in order to ‘wake-him-up’ so that Louis won’t continue to lie to himself. Louis is furious thinking Dayo has taken advantage of Sharon and the two get into a fight and they both accidentally get trapped inside a freezer room. When Kate and Sharon find the two, Sharon runs to Louis while Kate rushes to Dayo. Kate calls out to him and cries as she tries to wake him up, telling him not to leave her.  When Kate notices Dayo open his eyes, she hugs onto him tightly in joy and kisses him twice on the lips. ^^

TVB Bounty Lady

TVB Bounty Lady

In the hospital, Kate is watching Dayo sleep.
Dayo: Does my sleeping pose look really good?
Kate: You’re awake- that’s good
Dayo: I’ve been awake for a long time already.
Kate slaps his arm: You were pretending to sleep? I was really worried about you..
Dayo: Initially I was planning to pretend until you leave, but you didn’t leave at all, and I’m scared that you’d sneak attack me again (referring to her kiss)
Kate: I was really nervous before, I didn’t know what I was doing that’s all- do you think I really want to kiss you?
Dayo: Don’t worry- it was so cold before, just pretend you had an ice-block; no- double ice block (as he points to his upper and lower lips)

Later, Dayo breaks up with Sharon by making her realise Louis is the one most  important to her and not him. To make it clear, Dayo even forced a kiss at Sharon, making her really upset and angry. Sharon slaps across the face Dayo and leaves.

After this, Kate and Dayo go and talk at their usual hang-out area.
Kate: It’s lucky this time you guessed right, but what if Sharon really did love you?
Dayo: After many years of experience, I know I won’t get it wrong.
Kate: You only have three students (Louis, Jazz and Benz); do you really think you’re a god, Founder?
Dayo: As long as it’s true, doesn’t matter how many students I have. It’s like how I got you to date me because I know you won’t like someone like me.
Kate: You’re not worried that I’m only pretending with real feelings?
Dayo: Yea, humans are creatures with feelings. You can pretend with real feelings, but you’re different to Sharon. You have experience. You have set standards.
Kate *in disbelief*: What standards?
Dayo: Standards in picking guys. When I first met you, I thought you were only after money. Later, I realised you a “water-drinking creature”, you know- those who get full on drinking “love-feelings-water”. The ones you like, the ones you will pick, are decent good guys.

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