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Download the Full Themesong: A Change of Destiny by Steven Ma and Joel Chan

6 Responses to “[A Change of Destiny] Themesong Lyrics”

  • qing says:

    i really love the full theme song of ACOD! it’s really nice, better than TBOL’s. the lyrics are sort of meaningful too.

  • boskifan says:

    ? i dun really agree

    i think ACOD song is kinda plain though TBOL i likey also the story line 4 both series 🙂

  • melvin says:

    this series is superb.i watch it back to back for more than 8hours..Bravo to all the crews on the set.

  • tvbfreaks says:

    u have those lyrics in pin yin
    i can’t read characters =(
    thnx =D
    ur site is da best!

  • KTVB says:

    lol, do you want to learn to sing the song? ^^ I’ll see if I can get the pinyin up (after my exams)

  • KTVB says:

    Here are the PinYin for the themesong =)
    Credits to : Alice @ Starz Central for the translation!

    Git guk jue ding dui waak choh
    Paan mong na dau juen sing jiu ngoh kui hok
    Waang moon jing do leung lap
    Dak sat na yat goh

    Yin yi poh waai gwoh yik sin dung gwoh
    Ngoh yik yiu nau juen tin yi poh tin mong
    Ling wan paak maai yuen fong
    Wai che nim to gwong

    * Chang kei kau mung jung mei mung sing hung
    Yan ching duen lo jung jo do kit jung
    Tin gei yi bin ming lei jun tau naan do joi fooi gau
    Lun wooi jeuk woh fuk oi han naan juk
    Yan faan si man baak keuk wan chong yi so
    Ming wan do yi yue go
    Jaak ha yat chim koot chut
    Bin so *

    Bin guk lui ji yau ding so
    Paan mong na dau juen sing heung ngoh seung go
    Che moon jing yi leung do
    Chong tin yau fan so

    Yin yi ok duk yue boon bin jo do
    Geng noi na yam him dik ngoh bin tin so
    Kong chiu lui jeung chi do
    Mei jang bei gik do

    Repeat [*] x 2

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