The truth is revealed!! Kevin finally learns his true identity and is reunited with his family. Kenneth’s words and actions finally “woke up” Chan Gill (the kidnapper) and she decides to reveal the truth before she dies.  (I enjoyed watching Kenneth constantly harassing her and yelling at her etc XD)  The letter she wrote was quite pitiful and I started to feel sorry for her. May she RIP…
A Fistful of Stances- Episode 8

“xx2Year, 3rd Month, 12th day- GuangDong city Wing Street- outside Au-Yeung Bill’ s Martial Arts School, I, Chan Gill and Husband Lo Ga On, kidnapped a pair of brothers. Half a month later, the children’s mother caught us/chased us to the train station. Ms Au-Yeung, you and I only saw each other once, I will never forget your facial expression/emotions for the rest of my life. My husband and I kidnapped a lot of kids, but we have never seen their parents. You’re the first appearance I’ve seen of a mother who has lost their children. I was really scared. When I close my eyes at night, I can see your pair of eyes.
My husband and I originally came from Wan Fal and we have a son. After we saved a bit of money, we decided to go GuangZhou to start a little business. Who would have known that in a flowery place like that, the first unfortunate thing was that our precious son died from sickness. Later my husband and I became gambling addicts to the extreme we had no other choice but to kidnap kids.
Out of all the children we kidnapped, Ah Dong (Kevin) was the hardest to get rid of because he was always sick, and always left with a fever. He would always cry, so much that his face would turn black.  As a result, no one wanted him.

One day when Dong-Jai had a temperature again, my husband suddenly ran in and started dragging me to run away with him. It turned out that my husband failed this time in kidnapping children and people caught him. I saw my husband get beaten to death on the streets with my bare eyes. There really is karma…I was even afraid to retrieve my husband’s body. I heard from people they just buried him somewhere in the mountains. I was only able to pray to him from a distance. This is the result of being a kidnapper. I really regretted it.
Originally I planned to bring Dong-Jai back home to you. On the way, Dong-Jai started having another temperature again and his whole body was acting up. I used all the money/belongings I had to treat him, but his fever would not go away. There wasn’t anything else I could do but to go pray and hoped God could be kind enough to save the poor child. At that night I returned to the hospital, his fever went away and he even grabbed onto me, calling me “mother”. He had forgotten everything in the past. I am so selfish, I thought that God had forgiven me and knew that I had no one left- lonely and all by myself so gave me a son back.
I then took my son back to Wan Fal, and told all my neighbours that he was the son who had died. Everyone thought it was true. In these twenty years, the two of us cared for one another/life depended on each other. I thought that if I never returned to GuangZhou, Ah Dong will never know the truth- but everything seems to be predetermined. I got this disease, and only GuangZhou’s hospital had the equipment and facilities to treat it. After many turns, we have returned to Guang Zhou and I bumped into you again. This letter took me a long time to write. Writing it then throwing, after throwing then re-writing. I really didn’t have the courage to let Dong-jai know that the mother he loves the most is a kidnapper. I really want to thank your 2nd son Ah Tong (Kenneth), he yelled at me and  “woke” me up. If not, this selfish ghost will really take the truth to the coffin. After sealing the 4 sides of the coffin, Dong-Jai will never know that his surname is Goo, you are his mother, and that he also has a bunch of really good siblings. Ms Au-Yeung,  I know that no matter how many “sorrys” I say, it can never make up for my crimes. But, like what Tong-Gor has said, in this world there really is 18 levels in hell. Let me suffer all the punishments there is..maybe that way, I can make myself feel better. Wishing your family reunion- Chan Gill

A Fistful of Stances- Episode 8

After reading the letter, Kenneth and his siblings all went out to find Kevin so he could see his mother for the last time…

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    i remember watching this bit of the show, gees it was so sad =(

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