A Fistful of Stances- Episode 9

I love watching Kevin and Natalie together! I love the way they understand each other so well, and Kevin is very protective over her. He admits feels closer to her than his other siblings and I guess it helps during their numerous encounters with each other before Kevin reunited with the family. I think they have so much more chemistry together than the “siblings” in Moonlight Resonance (i.e Tavia and Moses’ sibling turned love relationship seemed kinda forced). It’s still early in the series though, so will need to watch on!

A Fistful of Stances- Episode 9

I have a bad feeling about the bald man…


The episode ends with another sad, teary moment! (My bin is filled with tissues at the moment lol) Kevin always thought the family was a mess and that Kenneth did not do his part well enough as the eldest brother (while he was not around). I can see why he felt that but his comments were so unfair to Kenneth!  Yuen Qiu defends for Kenneth, saying he really did care about the family. Yuen Qiu reveals that she is the one who is really scared of Wing Dak. She was the one who told her children to stay away from them etc and tells them the story in the past where Wing Dak brought along all the people to accuse her  (shown in the flashback in Episode 6). After all the tragic that happened to their family, little Kenneth trained very hard every day in hope to win the boxing championship title for his family and to take his revenge on Wing Dak. At the age of 19, Kenneth really did win the GuangZhou title- making him the youngest to ever claim that title. Unfortunately due to his intense training, Kenneth got asthma which permanently affected his fighting abilities and was forced to forfeit the final match.

A Fistful of Stances- Episode 9

This only brought the family even than before, so sad and touching!!

6 Responses to “[A Fistful of Stances] Episode 9 Snippets”

  • chibi says:

    hehhe..Kenneth looks so much taller than Kevin in the last shot XD

  • saomongmo says:

    The bald man.. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    i hated his face!!! sooo..ughhh..perfect role for him though..lol

  • tvbholic says:

    yaaaa. episode 11 (natalie tong’s rape) is sooo emotional

  • P. Tan says:

    The role of rapist really suits the actor. Gives me the creeps everytime I seehim, no wonder Natalie is terrified just being in his presence!
    Yes, I do agree that there is ‘chemistry’ between Natalie and Kevin in this series and the way he coaxed and comforted her into revealing who had raped her is most touching. Kenneth comes out here as if he were the real ‘tai kor’and took charge of things because he had always been doing so when Kevin was not around. You can see that the latter was constantly frustrated by not being able to do things for the family and that was, of course, due to his being illiterate and ignorant of the happenings in the family as he was still new to them.

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