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Who is your favourite character in "A Fistful of Stances"?

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I LOVE Kenneth!! As each episode progressed, I’ve fallen in love with his character more and more! Everything about him is so likable. I like how brotherly he is and how he takes care of the entire family. He is always there for those around him and we often see very touching scenes and speeches from him. He’s very witty and quick-thinking, solving many of the problems his family encounters. Even if the world was falling down on him, he would not give up and remained focused, persistence and courageous. He’s also really fun to watch and I love his chemistry with Selena 😀 GO KENNETH!!

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Who is your favourite Supporting Character in "Fistful of Stances"?

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I probably should have moved Shirley and Stephen to this poll too XD A couple of supporting casts appear near the end fo the series, so please refrain from voting until you’ve seen them all (to be fair ^^)

My favourite supporting has got to go to Ram- he’s fun to watch XD It was good fun watching Ram and Kenneth’s interactions when Kenneth tried to delay making payments. Despite Ram being very powerful, he listens to everything (well, most) of what his wife (Angela) says. The most important thing is he’s a good guy 🙂 and was willing to stand up against his wife for Kevin. Falling closely behind is Kara and Uncle Cheung! I absolutely loved the confrontational scene between Kara and Yuen Qiu and then later on revealing the “truth” to help Natalie, but mainly for the sake of her children.

36 Responses to “[A Fistful of Stances] Favourite Character”

  • turtle88 says:

    My vote is for Kenneth! I really like his character in the series and his portrayal 🙂 I also like Selena’s character, just not quite as much as Kenneth’s. There should be a couples poll for A Fistful of Stances as well, then it’s definitely Kenneth & Selena! 😀

  • tiggybaba says:

    I think you forgot a character, Shirley Yeung’s twin Alex Lam. I think he’s funny but out of your list I’d choose Kevin Cheng

  • chibi says:

    I voted for Kenneth as well 😀 He is easily the most likable and his flirtatious, playful yet serious nature makes him a well-rounded character who could make you laugh and cry.

    I liked watching Tavia as well, but not so much of Yuen Qiu, her older self ^^;

  • kinki says:

    I didn’t vote because I haven’t watched the series at all. But I found it funny how you crossed out what you wrote initially and how you decided that you love Kenneth the most immediately after, lol~

    • KTVB says:

      haha yes..the more I watch the series, the more obvious it becomes that Kenneth is my ultimate favourite XD

      • winnie says:

        ya kenneth ma is really awesome in this series! He was my fav from the start to the end, ku yu tong is a great chrarcter and kenneth ma acting it just makes it triple great.

  • NeeNeE says:

    I went for Kenneth for all the reasons KTVB has mentioned plus he really did a GREAT job portraying KOO YU TONG’s character

  • VinVin32 says:

    i voted for selena li cause she is so cute inside :D:D

  • Vuta says:

    Kevin Cheng is so awsome in AFOS. He portrayed the character Yu Cheung pefectly so I vote for him surely.

    • winnie says:

      i actuly think that kevin cheung sucked in this one. like as you watch it, kenneth ma is the one that stands up 4 the family, and takes things calmly, but takes action to the best solution. he overshadowed kevin cheung BIG time in this series, and he has WAY better acting 2, and better kung fu moves.

  • bbfreak says:

    wow…how did Kevin’s votes spike so much lol… Well anyways Kenneth’s Ah Tong is my fav and the BEST!

  • chibi says:

    haha wow, 220 votes for Kevin with less than 10 comments? Where are these people coming from? lol..

    • AFOSfans says:

      Must write if vote? Shouldn’t vote if can’t write? What is the logic? It’s unfair to those not good at writing. Why can’t everyone participating in AFOS be rewarded for the brilliant job they have done together? Why must someone be praised and someone be depreciated? Does ranking represent the truth? It’s a game. 投票就要寫? 唔會寫就唔應該投票? 是什麼邏輯?對那些不擅寫作的人唔公平。點解唔可以所有參與AFOS咁精彩表演的人一齊被讚賞。點解一定要有人被讚,有人被貶?排名真係代表事實? 一場遊戲.

      • blueDanube says:

        agree buddy, didn’t know I have to leave comment to justify my vote.

      • chibi says:

        I never said you had to write in order for your vote to be valid, I just thought the idea was amusing 😉

        Plus it would be good to hear why you think Kevin is the better character in AFOS 🙂

        • winnie says:

          well kevin cheung ISN’T the best character in this drama, he AINT even CLOSE! kenneth ma and his chracter ku yu tong stood out the entire drama, yea sure kevin cheung does all the fighting, but his fighting is REALLY fake, whereas kenneth ma only having ” 帶馬歸槽” did an outstanding job, and he moves were also more convincing that those of kevin cheung’s

  • kawaii says:

    Definitely Kenneth! love his smartness, his excellent speech, his lovable personality and his kindness towards people around him.. and Kenneth gave such an excellent performance as Ah Tong

  • blueDanube says:

    Support Kevin Cheng!!! 永远支持嘉颖!!!

    • winnie says:

      EEEEEEWWWWWW! omg, seriously, dnt just judge by who ur fav actor is or how they look. Kenneth ma’s gu yu tong wuz the best character in this drama. from start to end, u can TOTALLY tell how his siblings look up 2 him, and whenever a decision is 2 b made, they look 2 him, and not kevin cheung. and kevin cheung really sucked in this one just saying.

  • blueDanube says:

    Kevin Cheng is toooooooo handsome, tooooooo romantic!!! He is my true idol if anyone wants to see a comment on my vote. Kevin is my #1!

  • jr1021 says:

    support KC~

  • Lisa N says:

    I think Kevin did a great performance in this series. He gets better every time and I’ve seen most of his series up to date now.

  • BingJie says:

    Kevin Cheng is perfect!
    He is the king of the world ~~~~

  • Vivian Q says:

    Kenneth hands down. He has the advantages of a bigger role with more conversations, but the performance is what counts here right?! My favorite part of Ken’s performance is his eyes – they really tell the stories, whether it’s the siblings love, family responsibilities, life burdens, or even his flirtation lol. Hope the officials will realize this too and recognize him at the level he deserves!

    Btw, as for how Kevin’s votes have tripled in such a sort amount of time — I tumbled across a drama-forum and Kevin’s fan are “vote”-raising altogether lol. Multiply this case several times and I think it’ll do the justice!

    • KTVB says:

      I completely agree with you. I noticed a large flood of visitors coming from a Chinese Kevin forum so I believe the polls results are heavily bias. I was hoping that the poll was more for favourite character rather than an artist popularity one..

  • AFOSfans says:

    I believe there are fans of every artist doing the same thing.

  • winnie says:

    I chose ma kwok ming ( kenneth ma) i wasn’t much of a kenneth ma fan before, and i had a little like feeling 4 him when he was the guest in the miss toronto thing, and he mentioned a new series called a fistful of stances, so when it came out, i wen t strait 2 watching it. i
    ‘ve watched kenneth ma 4 a long time, but this si the 1st time he’d left such a good impression on me. I really loved his character koo yu tong. he was flirtious, and funny, but witty, smart, courageous, and quick to solving problems. what more can you ask 4 in a chracter?

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