I’m currently watching A Pillowcase of Mystery 2~ It’s quite a lighthearted series and I’m finding it pretty entertaining so far. Even though I don’t remember much of the first one anymore, watching this gives me a similar sort of enjoyment I found in the first series. Like most TVB Sequels when they’re changing cast, TVB “killed off” Kenix and Annie’s characters. Sad to think they couldn’t live happily ever after, after all they have gone through in the first one!

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

Jessica and Bobby are fun to watch together. They have great chemistry and it was interesting watching Jessica trying to get close to Bobby and trying to make him marry her (in order to save her brother). She eventually succeeds, but on the night of the wedding, Jessica finds out that Bobby was actually the one who declared his brother as guilty. The episodes which followed were interesting too because Bobby loved Jessica and they treated each other well as husband and wife yet Jessica was secretly there to take her revenge lol She constantly caused trouble for him and misled him many times during his investigations. She eventually finds the perfect opportunity to rescue her brother and take her revenge on Bobby when a “stolen painting” case arises. If Bobby was unable to retrieve the painting, he and his entire family had to be executed.

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2
Jessica trying to seduce Bobby after putting something in his soup.

At the end when Jessica finally got her hands on the painting, she planned to sell it for money to save her brother and then run away from Bobby. Jessica was summoned to see Bobby and she thought he had figured it out it was actually her. Instead, it turns out Bobby wanted to divorce Jessica because he didn’t want her to die with him and the rest of the family .aww.. XD She was touched! I know..it’s not the most unpredictable event but it was touching to watch nevertheless. Jessica ends up return the painting, giving up her opportunity to save her brother for Bobby’s family. I think she secretly felt she was ‘really’ a part of their family and quite possibly has fallen in love with Bobby for real.

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

I was disappointed that shortly after they got back together, Bobby finds out her true intentions and thought she was only using him the entire time. The story itself went downhill too, It was obvious they still cared about each other etc and I hope they can get back together soon..maybe when her brother’s case is solved. Not too long after please!

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

I found Joel’s character SUPER annoying at the beginning…I can feel Bobby’s frustrations! lol  This constable is so..”righteous” and “dumb”..lol I found it strange that Leila (disguised as a guy) seemed to like him a lot and admired  his righteous heart. Interesting thing is, I actually really enjoyed watching his scenes with Leila XD Maybe it’s the whole girl disguised as guy story (reminds me of Eternal Happiness). The two became really close friends but things started to become slightly awkward when Joel starts falling for Leila and he starts thinking he’s gay XD haha he’s a very troubled guy (again, like Eternal Happiness) These two make a cute couple surprisingly and I enjoy watching their scenes.

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

Leila helping Joel suck out poison from his neck

His back story helps build his character too when we find out he is actually from the royal family-  the man who Leila was arranged to marry, whom abandoned her on their wedding day because he refused to marry her (without knowing who she was). Leila’s goal was to actually find this man so she could take her revenge on him for backing out on their wedding day and humiliating her and her family. Joel ran away from home and disguised as an ordinary man to pursue his dreams of being a constable and assisting his idol Bobby. However,  Leila soon finds out his real identity and she becomes very disappointed. Hence, she decides to stick around to take her revenge on him and becomes one of Bobby’s assistant.

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

In one scene, Joel accidentally sees Leila’s female form and Leila made him think that was actually his sister he saw. Joel thought it would be perfect to hook up with Leila’s “sister” since it was better he fell for a girl than a guy. Leila plans to use the female form to get her revenge…XD  I wonder whether these two would end up together. Based on the themevideo, looks like Bobby and Leila will be getting married (???) which also makes me think he won’t get back with Jessica anytime soon (hope I’m wrong)

And finally, a side note to finish off. I’m starting to like Johnson’s character in Pillowcase. At first I found him rather annoying but now I’m finding him more likable when he behaves himself.  He’s just like a little boy and I have a feeling he has a sad past. Pretty interested to find out more about him! He also has very good chemistry with Bobby =) Very cute scenes!
A Pillowcase of Mystery 2
Is anyone else following the series? What do you guys think of it so far?

23 Responses to “[A Pillowcase of Mystery 2] Episode 1-9 Thoughts”

  • Zaffy says:

    I’d been waiting for this series for nearly 2 years- so glad they’ve finally showed it.

    I’m also glad to say that I’ve not been disappointed with the show after watching all 9 episodes so far. Initially the director seemed to be throwing Jessica at Bobby, lumping the two together because of their onscreen chemistry- it seemed too fast at first. However, I was really excited though when Gwan Yau started developing feelings for him because she was so touched by his decision to divorce her to save her life. He even took a lock of her hair for remembrance! It couldn’t have gotten any sweeter than that. I too hope that he ends up together with Jessica again soon. But I’ve a feeling that Bobby will somehow let her down in some way (eg. Accidentally/mistakenly sleeping with someone else lol).

    I totally agree about what you said of the Pillow Spirit. He was annoying to me at first, but he seems quite fragile and innocent now. I am very interested in knowing his past. I find him really endearing now.

    Unfortunately, though I adore Leila’s character in this series (awesome role, well done Leila), I lament at Joel’s character. I really don’t know what to make of him. Annoyingly self-righteous, naive, stubborn, boisterous and possibly lecherous to boot (when he lay on the bed to re-enact the crime scene). I can’t wait for his character to develop.

    To sum up, PCOM2 is awesome and I’m quite nearly bursting with excitement to watch the next episode.

    PS: Is it just me or does Jessica’s character in this series resemble her role in Square Pegs? The tone of the story seems similar too…same writer, director? Maybe I’m just thinking too much..^^;

    • KTVB says:

      Glad we share similar thoughts 🙂

      Joel is quite disturbing really lol- I hate how he takes out his comb and combs his hair all the time too lol

      I’m watching for Jessica and Bobby 🙂 Hopefully they can get more sweet scenes together…

      Not too sure about Square Pegs tho! It’s been a while hehe

  • Duy says:

    Is this series an actual sequel to A Pillowcase of Mystery or stand-alone sequel like what TVB did in Old Time Buddies and Burning Flame? I know Bobby, Eileen Yeow and Rosanne Lui reprise their roles but the story line doesn’t pick up what they left on part I.

    • KTVB says:

      A Pillowcase of Mystery 2 is a direct sequel, but it’s set 1-2 years later or something, and they mention that Kenix and Annie’s characters have passed away due to some accident, which starts the series where Bobby is not motivated to work anymore (that, and the fact his pillow in the first one with his grandpa got burnt in the end).

      The series can also be a stand-alone series on its own too

      • Duy says:

        Thanks for the info. It’s much helpful. It seems like TVB’s motivation to kill off characters when the artiste didn’t reprise their roles. How about Tavia and Benny? Did TVB “kill” them in some accident also?

  • Sharon says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Joel and Leila scenes 🙂

    Yeah, Leila marries Bobby soon somewhere, I wonder what happens after that ^^

  • chibi says:

    haha nice summary 😀 😀 And great screen caps!
    I’m not following this series at the moment, I’ve never been too keen on comedy (I prefer tears XD) but your thoughts make the series sound fun.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the drama 🙂

  • Min says:

    Unfortunately, I am a little disappointed about his series. Sure, it’s entertaining, and the actors are great (my favourite is the pillow spirit), but the cases are very far fetched. How the hell could the woman who fell down the mountains, float around with vines that doesn’t seem to be attached to anywhere? Although I like Jessica, her character is annoying me. She blames everything on her husband, and proceed to try to frame his family….Yes, she returned the picture, but heck, who tried to steal it in the first place? After the exposure, I see Bobby’s character trying to solve the case, and she keeps on lashing out on him for not saving her brother(despite his efforts)…Sorry for the bashing, but I really do like this series, but some TVB characters can just be so annoying.
    Anyways, it’s just my impression for ep. 1-9, it should get better..~

    • Zaffy says:

      Lol, about the flying woman…I just assumed she learned qing gong or something when she fell down into the valley..

      Jessica’s character was a little annoying to me at first, but I guess it’s just done typical TVB style to make us sympathize with her character more when she truly falls for him and is unable to be with him. ^^;

      (I do feel that the cases seem weaker than the ones in APOM 1…but I cant wait for the plot about the princess to unfold..)

      • KTVB says:

        I agree with you zaffy =) about the flying woman..and Jessica’s character. Jessica’s character is a bit stubborn sometimes..I guess she was just in a bad mood- her plans were revealed and then her Bobby ditched her, so she got the impression he wasn’t here to help her anyway. I guess she was just angry with herself (failure of her plan and her brother close to dying)- its human nature to think “what if”. “What if” she didn’t return the painting? She may have been able to save her brother back then. In a sense, Bobby “owed” her and her brother since he was the one who made a wrong conclusion in the first place.
        Nevertheless I agree with you lol Bobby was trying to help her…^^

        What’s the princess plot? Is it spoiler-ish? XD

        • Zaffy says:

          😀 Totally agree with you, Jessica’s character definitely had her reasons. Actually I love her determination and the way she puts her family and friends before her pride and safety. (But then, I always find some reason to like Jessica’s character in any show of hers since I adore her XD She looks great in ancient series costumes :3)

          I’m not too sure about the princess plot, but I read somewhere that she might try to “silence” Bobby and that the sudden demise of his two wives (Kenix and Annie) might be explained and traced back to the princess. Hope I havent said too much…anyway, I might be totally wrong…my apologies in advance! D=)

    • KTVB says:

      Gotta say I agree about some of the cases..I’m more thinking far-fetched by the clues given by the pillow-spirit lol You can’t really guess them (or maybe its my lack of Chinese-sayings)

      I honestly thought it’d be cool that she was a ghost haha I see no vines either..

      Some other strange cases too..like man stealing underwear (I guess the point was for Jessica to annoy Bobby with this “silly” case). And the shark killing person one felt random too.

      • 'Muff says:

        The shark killing case was sooo weird.
        He went to so much trouble!
        And what if nobody saw the sharkfish ‘kill’ him ==

        • KTVB says:

          lols I agree!! I thought of that too “what if no one saw??” XD Even though people saw the fish “kill him twice” Bobby didn’t believe it because its..weird lol

  • Rin says:

    Leila’s gonna marry Bobby? 🙁 awww, can’t she just be with Joel? I want Jessica to be with Bobby~ I don’t even see BobbyxLeila scenes considering it’s been like half the series already… -___-

    • KTVB says:

      I’m hoping Leila will leave Bobby eventually and go back with Joel XD

      but yea..I agree. They don’t really have any scenes “together” other than the bath scene and Bobby getting cut protecting her..

      6 wives…thats heaps! Imagine Kenix and Annie were still around lol

  • Michelle says:

    What is the movie called in vietnamese? Please tell me:)

    • Duy says:

      The series isn’t release in Vietnamese yet so I don’t know. But it is supposed to be “Goi Than Ky An 2” (in foreign countries) or “Ky An Nha Thanh 2” (in Vietnam)

  • gargar3303 says:

    thanks for sharing ! Great DRAMA From Hong kong TVB……………

    • gargar3303 says:

      can anyone tell me how can i download to watch this drama? drama is in cantonese THANKS FOR HELPING!!!

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