A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Jessica exposes the truth about her false pregnancy. Jessica does many things to win back her mother in-law’s heart 🙂

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Leila was able to bring back Joel’s will to live again and he gets injured saving Leila. From then on, Joel changes for the better.

Leila wanted to tell Joel her feelings after he risked his life to save her, but was held back and threatened by the princess (played by Rain)- saying Joel’s family is under crisis and they have arranged Joel to marry another girl from a wealthy background- plus, they would never let Leila- a “married” woman be with him. Leila didn’t want him to choose her over his family, so she started acting cold towards him again.

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

During a journey across sea, Bobby and Joel’s ship get into an “accident” where they get stranded on a deserted island covered by thick mist and fog. There they discovered the remainings  from the Ship “accident” Kenix and Annie were in a few years ago!  They were able to find more evidence and this further stimulated Pillow Spirit’s memories.

I really like how they presented the story- slowing giving clues throughout the series about the Pillow Spirit’s past. They slowly trace through his route from who he was, where he was from and then why and where  he had traveled to. He slowly regains his memories and he remembers heading to the shore where the ship that Kenix and Annie was on had left. I thought it was pretty clever how they tied  in the story about Kenix and Annie’s death to the rest of the story. Johnson also remembered seeing Jessica and we were led to think that Jessica was the one who had placed the bomb on the ship! Even Jessica herself thought she was the one who “mistakenly” set of the bomb off, killing Bobby’s 2 wives and children. It was sad and heartbreaking to watch the scenes where she left Bobby and for Bobby to face the “truth”.  The real villains behind this used this opportunity to use Jessica and her friends to cover up their own actions and sent men to kill them. While Jessica and her friends were on the run, they find out Jessica is pregnant with Bobby’s child. Luckily Bobby believed in Jessica and continued to investigate the case.  With the help of Leila, Bobby was able to reunite with Jessica.

Soon, the Pillow Spirit fully regains his memories and he realises he was actually the one who delivered the bomb!! Filled with sadness and guilt, he couldn’t face Bobby anymore and refused to see him when Bobby went into his dream to find him.

The villains kept on sending men to kill Bobby and Jessica and when Joel discovered the truth, he was deadly poisoned too! Bobby eventually gets separated from Leila who manages to get hold of the pillow. In order to save Joel and Bobby, Leila risks her life to find the Pillow Spirit by rolling down a hill and “killing” herself!

The story got really exciting when the pillow spirit was able to come out of the pillow for 3 days to help Bobby and the others- in exchange that Leila stayed inside. If he did not return in 3 days, both of them will disappear.

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Pillow Spirit’s memories:

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Johnson was ordered to send a box to a woman. He had suspicions that it was a bomb but he followed his orders from Lo- GongGong and delivered it anyway. He later felt guilty and was worried that the woman really was taking a bomb onto the boat and tried to stop the woman from leaving. On the way, he bumps into Jessica (which mislead them earlier on). However, by the time he got to shore, the boat had already left.

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Johnson reports back to Lo-GongGong and asks him whether there really was a bomb in the box and why he did what he did. This was when Lo-Gongong killed Johnson with a pillow and threw him down the ocean in a bag- thus Johnson’s spirit got stuck inside the pillow.

With the help from Johnson, Bobby and Jessica  continued to gather evidence on who was the mastermind behind Lo-GongGong and ship explosion. The villains captured Bobby family members and used them as hostage to lure Bobby and Jessica out.  In saving them, Johnson gets captured by Lo- GongGong! I thought he was going to die ><

After a bunch of things happened (which I won’t bother going into), the case was eventually solved and the “truth” comes out 🙂

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Leila is stuck in another world in the pillow. She finds Joel’s soul walking into the “death gate” and manages to pull him away

Joel was able to wake up again, but unfortunately Leila was still unconscious.

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

It turns out the real villain wasn’t the Princess’ husband, but the princess herself. She captures Jessica and takes her to a deserted town- pushing her  down an empty well (which I find strange that her baby still managed to live after that) A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Johnson wanted to give up his remaining spiritual life to save Jessica but this would mean Leila would die too because he would not be able to return to the pillow. Wanting to repay Bobby and Jessica for everything they have done for them,  Leila and Johnson both sacrificed their lives in order to save her…

Leila turned into Joels’ pillow spirit and gave him tips to locate Jessica and they eventually find her at the end…

Ending Thoughts
I don’t know why, but it felt a bit strange. I can’t believe Leila died! o_0 I was really hoping she’d end up with Joel, but I guess the comforting bit is she was able to become a Heavenly Spirit and she can always “be with” Joel in his dreams. She’s now around to help him solve cases lol. I didn’t know they could still maintain a relationship like that – both from different worlds and all…I liked how Leila got a chance to play the Pillow Spirit giving Joel clues- seemed pretty comical. Seeing the two happily together in the dream makes it a happy ending I suppose.

A Pillowcase of Mystery II

I still can’t believe Jessica could survive for months in that well- quite unrealistic even though she had spiritual fruit to live off lol She also gave birth in that well XD It’s also a bit bizarre having Bobby’s 1st and 2nd wife pregnant too by eating those fruit lol I guess TVB just wanted a happy ending for them all. In memory of Johnson, Bobby and Jessica’s baby was named after him too which was sweet. It turns out Johnson didn’t die/disappear afterall- his actions touched the heavens and he was able to become a full Heavenly spirit 🙂

Overall I quite enjoyed watching this series- it was quite exciting to watch, especially towards the end! It has some good entertainment value and I enjoyed watching Bobby’s chemistry with both Jessica and Johnson. I must say the preview for the 2hour finale was kinda misleading though- looked like it was going to have a sad ending!! XD

And Finally, to finish off, here’s the Special Clip released before the finale in HK, featuring the cast from A Pillowcase of Mystery2, some NG Clips and ending clips 🙂

18 Responses to “[A Pillowcase of Mystery 2] Episode 15-21 Finale Thoughts”

  • chibi says:

    yaaaayy for finishing the Pillow Case of Mystery II synopsis 😀 Glad you enjoyed the journey 😀

    The ending does sound..kinda weird, especially with Leila dying and all.. O_o

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks for reading 🙂 Glad I could complete my write-ups for another series XD

      Yea..I would have liked to see Leila and Joel get married and make up for all their twists and turns

  • lolita says:

    The special is soo funny! I love the cast APCOM they are like one big family! i wish they could have a different drama with the same cast or a sequel but thats very unlikely! =(

    • KTVB says:

      Yea the special was really funny and cute XD They really do look like one big happy family and it seems like they had a lot of fun filming it, especially with Bobby around 🙂

  • faithict says:

    I finished watching it yesterday..however i felt that ending is a bit strange…i was hoping that leila and joel would ended up together but i did not have much hope on that when i saw that leila killed herself in order to get in to the pillow to see johnson….
    you are correct…it seems preety unrealistic that jesicca can stay alive and give birth with only the spiritual fruit…anyway glad that they did not make her character died…. one thing weird is that if leila is now the heavenly spirit and joel can see her in his dreams, i thought she would have given him some clues in where Jessica was being hidden?
    Other than that i felt this series pretty entertaining but i still prefered the first one…i think the cases in the first one are more interesting and logical compared to this sequel…as this sequel started off with everyone knows that Bobby solves case with the help of a pillow spirit unlike the first one where no one knows about it till almost at the end…
    One thing i would like to comment about this is that i never see that the princess is the one behind all these things…i thought it was the husband of the princess…that was a good twist unless you all did see it coming except for me…. 🙂 Also a side note, i felt that the hair accessories that Leila used after she got married to Bobby is very pretty compared to bobby other wives… ^ ^

    • KTVB says:

      I’m glad Jessica didn’t die too, although somehow I felt it was slightly selfish of Jessica to let both Leila and Johnson sacrifice themselves for her. I know that it was their choice and Johnson is already dead but still…Johnson “owed” Bobby but Leila’s sacrifice was a bit too much in my opinion.

      Leila did give Joel hints to find Jessica though- which is how they eventually found her (Leila turning into a Beggar etc) Can’t imagine how that took several months though.
      I always found the princess a bit suspicious but later didn’t think much about it until I found it strange when the princess’ husband just came out and admitted everything when Bobby etc didn’t have the physical evidence against him. That was strange indeed!

      I don’t remember the first one that much anymore biut I enjoyed watching both of them =)

      • faithict says:

        Yes you are absolutely correct. I don’t see why Leila should sacrifice herself in saving Jesicca. Also i saw that Jesicca characters many times showed to be selfish. Like when the gong gong captured her family and bobby’s family, although Johnson is already very weak she still persuade him to help her to save the family…somehow i do not like her character over there….
        Do you think if the princess husband came out and took all the blame and then commit suicide is because he doesn’t want to be controlled by the princess?

        • KTVB says:

          I agree…I found Jessica very selfish in that scene. I was totally on Bobby’s side- he made really good points yet Jessica didn’t listen to him. Even at that point, Jessica was willing to risk Johnson’s life- which also meant Leila’s life..She pretty much forced Johnson to help her by saying all those things to him.

          As for the Princess’ husband, I think he wanted to cover up for his wife..and at the same time- die so he can be with his lover again.

          Also..I’m not sure if I’m missing something but- did they give her a bomb to carry onto the boat soley to kill her?? Cos if that’s the case..WHY? They ended up killing all the innocent people as well! And did the girl know here was a bomb in it?

        • faithict says:

          Yes, that is correct…they let her carry the bomb just to kill her and sacrifice those innocent people in the boat as well.. they do this out of their own benefits that is making sure that they killed the girl…From what i see, i don’t think the girl knew that she is actually carrying a bomb as we can see from the series that she happily carry it and put it on top of her dresser…so i guess this was unexpected for her…

        • KTVB says:

          What did she think she was carrying then o.0?

  • beciiee says:

    to me, i think the 1st 1 was better then the second i dont now why, i guess because it was a diffeerent story and had different characters, and i thought they would say something about tavia yeung and benny from the first one, but i guess not

  • lacian says:

    To me, I kind of separate the first season and the second one as two different series. I love the first season so I don’t like the fact that Kenix and Annie died. But I like the second season for Leila and Joel. I really don’t like Jessica in here. She was just too selfish. Even before she made Johnson help her. Like when Bobby started to help her investigate her brother’s case, she was just unreasonable and wouldn’t listen to him. I still prefer Kenix and Bobby. Can I just say once again how much I love Joel? He can be comical and serious at the same time. His silly scenes are funny and his crying scene are touching. I especially love Leila and Bobby’s wedding scene when Joel burst in there. That expression he had with tears in his eyes as he asked Leila if she have any regrets. Exquisite! I hope there will be a season 3 featuring Joel solving cases and Leila being his pillow spirit. And then at the end, she can become human and the two can marry ^^

    • KTVB says:

      I think it would have been nice if Annie and Kenix could have made an appearance in PCOM2, even if it was in Bobby’s dreams or something in the end hehe

  • beciiee says:

    yah… that would be sooo much better (Y)

  • Jessica says:

    It’s so sad for Joel and Leila, Leila becomes the Pillow Spirit,then what will happened to Joel in the future, will he marry another women or just dream of Leila for the rest of his life, will there be A Pillow of Mystery 3 to sums it up for Leila and Joel to be together? There could possibly be a twisted that Kenix and Annie had survive the explosion because there bodies are still now found..

    • KTVB says:

      Yeh..that was my immediate thought too..what happens when he grows old? How can they only maintain a relationship in their dreams? I think that’s the sad part of it all

  • 'Muff says:

    The special was funny XD

    Johnson’s singing NG clip XDDDD

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