YAY! Jessica’s brother case is finally solved 🙂 I was beginning to have suspicion that he could potentially have been lying to Jessica when Bobby went to investigate the case and only found more evidence to prove he was indeed the murderer. But then I had doubts again when he still would not “admit” it just before his death. Anyway, now that the case has resolved I have been anticipating Jessica and Bobby’s reunion XD Unfortunately there were obstacles in there way-Jessica’s friends who wouldn’t let Bobby see Jessica and  Bobby’s family who refused to let Bobby take her back. I found that scene where the family was watching the stage performance pretty funny- ending it with a huge fight lol  I like dhow Bobby kept on defending for Jessica “character” 🙂 Later when Jessica tries to help her friend by luring some guy into their “trap”, Bobby and his family mistaken her as cheating on Bobby and catches on her the spot ><!! Under those circumstances, Bobby divorces Jessica :<

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

All they needed was alone time together to talk. Jessica’s friend went to explain the situation to Bobby and then lied to him saying Jessica was really unhappy and have gone missing in the mountains.  At the same time, the others went to tell Jessica about Bobby missing in the mountains. This forced the two to find each other and realise how much the two really cared for one another. I was so happy that their set-up plan actually worked for once XD
A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

The two finally got back together! 🙂

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

Bobby asks Jessica to give him one more chance to let him be her husband 🙂


Unfortunately not too long after,  Bobby was forced to marry Leila!

Leila’s father came to town to find Joel for abandoning/humiliating his daughter. Joel told him he would rather die than to marry his daughter -.-. Leila’s father challenged Joel to a fight- unfortunately he drunk wine before the fight which caused Leila’s father’s old injuries to reoccur and he loses to Joel….

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

In order to take her revenge, Leila changed back into her girl form and tells him that “he and “the sister” are actually the same person. Joel was so happy (that he didn’t actually fall in love with a man XD) and confesses his feelings for her.  Leila pretends to accept  him and made him promise he’ll let everyone know his love for her.

On the other hand, she deliberately got close to Bobby’s family by becoming their house-keeper- making the family like her, and lets Bobby’s mother know she can have lots of babies… (seriously that’s all the mother cares about)and then tells them that she has secretly been admiring Bobby the whole time! Leila then reveals the time when Bobby mistakenly took a bath with her when she was disguised as  man- forcing him to take responsibility for his actions by marrying her. [What the heck..seriously…-.- All this for revenge???]

On the day Joel proposes to Leila in front of everyone (as he promised), Leila publicly rejects him and announces she will be marrying Bobby instead!

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

She then tells Joel it’s because she was the fiance he abandoned and ran away from on their wedding day!-making him deeply regret his actions! I loved that scene!! XD Take that you loser-Joel XD He seriously deserved it for being such an idiot before. Glad that Leila finally got her revenge (even though we also know she likes him too).

Makes me wonder what Leila’s true intentions were for marrying Bobby.  Was it purely for revenge? What’s with the whole ‘hanging herself scene” afterwards? Why still choose to marry Bobby when given a second change to change her mind? I don’t think Leila likes him that way at all..


During another case, Leila’s father was dying. To fulfill her father’s last wishes of seeing his daughter marry happily, Bobby and Leila proceeded their wedding ceremony just before he past away…(Is it too late for Joel and Leila?)

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2


On a good note though, Bobby managed to bring Jessica back in the family by lying to his family that she was pregnant with his baby ^^; They thought they could pull it off when she gets pregnant for real. Unfortunately, his mother wouldn’t let them near each other now that she’s pregnant and forced them not to touch each other XD Even though she’s officially back in the family, they would still have to  sneakily see each other at night to talk lol Glad to see they’re happily together though!
A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

After the huge rejection, Joel is going downhill. He turned into a complete mess and wrongly released a rapist from prison. He was finally confronted with the truth that he’s a complete failure and everyone had to keep “cleaning up after his mess” because he was from the royal family…even so- Leila still cared a lot about him. Hopefully he’ll find himself back again soon.

A Pillowcase of Mystery 2

The series is approaching an end soon- 3/4 way through and more of the pillow spirit’s past is revealed. I still want to know the full story! Saw the preview for the upcoming ending episodes– hope it will have a good ending!  *anticipating*

5 Responses to “[A Pillowcase of Mystery 2] Episode 10-14 Thoughts”

  • chibi says:

    Very nice summary :D!
    Glad Bobby and Jessica finally get back together! But why couldn’t he just reveal the truth that he had wrongly blamed her? Why pretend they’re pregnant instead? Wouldn’t a quick test reveal they’re lying? Plus, now that Bobby and Jessica can’t see each other, how will she actually become pregnant? lol

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks chibi!

      Guess I missed out details here and there in my summary lol I think Bobby cleared that misunderstanding but before that, his mother and 2 wives refused to let her back because they found out that she lied to them/only married Bobby because she wanted to take revenge on him.
      his 2nd wife overheard Jessica talk about her fake pregnancy but luckily they were able to cover it up by making her drunk and pretending she misheard/making it up XD

      Yesh…that’s the problem LOL

  • dreamlucky says:

    LOL! The scene when they got back together looked like the ending scene of Rosy Business, when Chai Gau and Po-kei were looking at the sunrset/sunrise togteher. xD

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