January 2008

A Pleasant Surprise =)

Today I received an air mail post all the way from Malaysia~ from Summer!! (K for TVB Visitor)

Just a short message to: Summer~ Thank you for your Chinese New Year card , Raymond Lam Calender Poster, and the two pages of an article!! ^^ The calender poster looks awesome on my wall xD I love it! Thank you!! I got really excited when I received it, it lightened up my day =)

I thought I’d share them with you all ^^:

Raymond Lam Calender 2008

There were some sections of the article I felt like translating =) I’m not sure if its already translated somewhere else on the net but here is my own contribution! Please credit back if reposted^^ If I’ve translated something wrong, please correct me.

The article was released for Xmas 2007, thus the article is about Christmas!

Raymond Lam’s Christmas Feel

What Christmas present would you like to receive the most this year?

Actually I’m quite satisfied, especially with this year performance and award wise. There’s nothing particular that I want. My birthday is in December, so every year I would receive a lot of presents in December. This year it falls on the same day as “Foon Lok Moon Dong Wah”, so I’ve told my friends beforehand that, if they want to buy me a present, they might as well donate it to charity, it would be more meaningful.

Every year before Christmas, I’d actually go shopping. Every time I’d buy two big bags, and hand them out to my friends and family at the party, or treat it like drawing out presents. Beforehand, I’ve already given my mum a Christmas present, it’s a handbag. I know she wanted to buy a handbag, but the one I bought her wasn’t the one she wanted, but one that I chose with my own fashion sense. At first she didn’t really accept it, facing the mirror, moving left and right, but after dad complimented that it looked good, and so did her friends, she was very happy with it. As for dad’s present, I haven’t thought about it yet, because I still can’t seem to figure what thing he is missing.

What Christmas wish do you have this year?

Hm….I hope that I can quickly start dating, but its really hard finding the right person. Outsiders might think that it looks easy for us to meet people, but I, myself feel that it’s quite hard.

(Are there any requirements you are looking for?)

I don’t know myself either…hmm..it must a girl! haha! Actually, we must look good together appearance wise, and have compatible personalities. It would be best if she appears to have lots of different personalities, because I’m like that too: sometimes active, sometimes quiet, lots of changing personalities.

Likes hiding at home

To Raymond, earning money is for self certainty, to use for life’s pleasure: “My living standards isn’t high, you should have known from seeing that I haven’t changed my car in six years! I just like to buy toys, watch cartoons, listen to music, play games and read comics. I used to like reading books, but I’ve been reading less, too tired, no concentration, and I’ve got a lot of hobbies, how much money do I use!” Raymond says that he usually wouldn’t buy many clothes, he’ll only buy nice clothes for work: “Usually if there’s nothing to do, I won’t leave the house. After waking up I won’t even comb my hair, I won’ t shave, and I run around the house in my slippers. I feel that  its most relaxing when I’m staying at home ‘healing‘.” Raymond hasn’t changed his car in a long time, but back then when he was a newcomer, he drove a $500,000HK or so SLK racing car. At that time, he expressed that the car is a birthday present from his parents, and it was stable and safe.

Really wants to date

From acting to becoming a singer, releasing his first album, Raymond was only able to see his family once a month. Now that he’s a singer, timing seems to have settled and he is thinking about dating. He said: “Every time I tell people, I really want to be in a relationship, but being in this profession it’s so busy there just isn’t time. It’s really hard to start, but I can’t just casually find anyone. We, in this profession do not have the time to slowly understand someone, even if you do start dating, it’s hard to manage it.” When asked when was the last time he had a day off, he thought and thought, and replied “I can’ t answer you! Really can’t figure it out

16 Responses to “A Pleasant Surprise =)”

  • Aeris says:

    Nice poster! How nice of you, Summer! =)

  • vee says:

    omg,i love the ray articles. love you ktvb !!!! 🙂

  • kat says:

    I’m new here! Thx for the translation of Ray’s article! I’ve reposted it w/ credits of course hehehe on HoneyPot. Thank you soo much!!!

  • ~wendy says:

    Ooh, the Ray stuff is really cool. Thanks for the translation as well!

  • anon says:

    awww…. how sweet of your visitor! That was just super nice. 🙂 Ray looks so charming, too! 😀

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ Wow… i m happy too… cos u like the gift fr me to u… in future, if i found out some article of Raymond Lam.. i wil send to u too…. 🙂

    Cheers ~

  • cutevietgrl says:

    omg i’m amazed that a vistor would do that for you! i luv the ray calender!

  • Happy J says:

    I love your web site !!! and I love a raymond Lam poster myself but i could not find it in any store in CA =[

  • Summer says:

    Aries ~ Oh, u r welcome.. just share something nice wif u all lo…

  • chibi says:

    hahaha how sweet =) Those gifts are so thoughtful.

    The article is neat too! He’s so..funny.. ehehee.

  • dreyvii says:

    Awww…summer, that’s so sweet of you…lolz.

  • wow congrats KTVB!! wow…u definetly becoming my idol..i want fans too! =P… lolz..but that raymond calendar is cute…=P

  • sihui says:

    so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish that i also have .
    I really really wanted it.
    Can you photostep it and send it to me.(if youdecide to send it to me can you tell me by my email and i well tell you my adress)
    i make do with the photostep one
    you’re soooooooo lucky
    too bad i live in singapore alot of souvenirs such as these i do not have i long for one.

  • Jessica says:

    hello i was just browsing your site and overcame the Raymond lam posters and calanderss..um do you know where i can get thems??..me and my friend really wants one…and yeah..but if you know how to get one can you email me??..thanks sooo muchh ^^ email :mzjessicaa@gmail.com thank youuu ^^

    PS im a really biggg Raymond Fan so yeah..wish i can have some collectables from him hehehe..thank you. ^^

  • KTVB says:

    To sihui : I’m not quite sure what you mean by photostep..?

    To Jessica: I heard that the poster actually came inside a magazine from Malaysia, so I wouldn’t know where you can by Raymond Lam stuff by itself separately.

  • Jessica says:

    oohs okies thank you.

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