Dicey Business and Heart of Greed: Bosco and Tavia

Similarity: Bosco and Tavia are a couple and they have a wedding ceremony

Difference: In Heart of Greed, the wedding goes ahead, in Dicey Business, Bosco refuses to marry Tavia.

The Price of Greed and The Brink of Law : Kate and Shirley

Similarity: The hospital scene. Both may never wake up.
Difference: The Price of Greed scene is shown in episode 1 and they are friends, The Brink of Law– shown in last episode, Kate treats Shirley as a friend, but Shirley does not feel the same way about Kate.

The Brink of Law and On the First Beat: Ron and Kate

Similarity: Kate loves Ron.
Difference: In On the First Beat, its only a one-sided love, while they are a couple in The Brink of law. In the Brink of Law, the two play more mature characters.

Glittering Days and Heart of Greed: Susanna and Chris Lok Yi

Similarity: They play mother and son in both series.
Difference: Susanna plays an evil scheming women in Heart (including using her own son), while a kind-loving mother in Glittering. I think the difference is obvious in the screencapture above =)

The Brink of Law and Heart of Greed: Michelle Yim

Michelle Yim in Brink (on the left), in Heart (on the right) . Looks similiar ey?

Similarity: They have similar hair-style, whether dressed in formal or not.
Difference: In Heart, Michelle is a good character, while in Brink– she plays the evil villain.

8 Responses to “Actors in different series”

  • Linda Hai Yen says:

    Bosco and Tavia are the best

  • chibi says:

    heheee…awesome comparisons! Cool pics!

  • tracie says:

    LOL soo cute! nice comparisons! i noticed it when i was watching the series! buht i didnt point it out..glad u did!

  • abcdTVB! says:

    LOL wow.. i noticed those too! especially susanna & chris… both were mother&son, Kate & shirley…both were like switched around LOL

  • Charles Liew says:

    ALSO — Ron Ng and Mary Hon almost always play son and mother!

  • KTVB says:

    Ron and Mary Hon as son and mother? o.o? Which series? (cause I haven’t seen much Ron series)

  • gina says:

    wow…those comparisons are good. i didnt really notice them cause when i watch one series i just forget about other series and only concentrate on the one im watching. but now that i see the comparisons…i think you are missing one. or maybe it’s just that you dont want to put it up or something. idk. the one im thinking about is shirley yeung and bosco wong from the price of greed and devils discipline. im sure you would know the similarities and differences. =]

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