November 2006

[At Home with Love] Episode 14

*The start of the episode (morning), Yoyo was with Lawrence over at his place and he said he’ll take her to see his father, but when he opened the door, Nancy was there and freaked him out and Yoyo went hiding etc

*The whole episode revolved around Yoyo and Lawrence’s relationship, and Lawrence wanting to break up with Nancy, but numerous times throughout the episode he couldn’t tell her (didn’t want to hurt her), which causes Yoyo to get angry at him for two-timing.
*[At the end of the episode]After thinking it through, (thanks to Lawrence’s father telling him time is precious etc), Lawrence finds Yoyo and tells her he will tell Nancy now, grabbing her hands and running to the cafe where Nancy is. Before they went in Nancy comes out and sees the two. Lawrence tells her he has something to say and started talking about how he wants to clear things up in “this three people relationship” . Upon hearing this, Nancy get shocked saying ‘you found out?‘ At that moment, the rich guy come out of the cafe XD (she thought Lawrence found out she was seeing the rich guy~ so funny to see Lawrence and Yoyo’s facial expressions xD) and she starts explaining to him and apologising, wondering if they are still friends etc ^^  ehe..all Yoyo and lawrence’s worries…xD and they don’t even have to tell Nancy they were going out..of course Lawrence was happy and the two go off. Lawrence and Yoyo can finally be together ^^

*Some other bits in the episode:

*Lawrence’s father comes back with the doctor lady, her son, and the forgetful old man..so weird!! Don’t really know what happened while they were there~ and that proposal business… but seems like the forgettful old man is getting very familiar with the lady doctor and her son, and calling her by her name (rather than the usual Dr. Hong), and she doesn’t seem to mind. It was like…a family o.o, going up to their place withhim +__+ Lawrence’s father seems like he was getting jealous and wanting them as well XD

*There was a scene where Yoyo comes into Lawrence’s house and he tells her that he wants to break up because they aren’t right together, and Yoyo starting begging him take back his words I thought Yoyo was sooo exaggerated, but I didn’t know they were faking it XD Yup, turns out Yoyo is pretending to be Nancy and lawrence was practising /howto tell her

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