November 2006

[At Home with Love] Episode 15

*While Carlo and Natalie are going to see a customer, they see Nancy with the rich guy and assume Nancy is cheating on Lawrence. They meet up with the other two agents who left [Trustworthy Property] seems like they are friends again? to discuss whether they should tell Lawrence, thinking he doesn’t know yet. Lawrence doesn’t know how to tell everyone, but eventually he promises Yoyo that he’ll call them all out to dinner and announce that they are going out. At the restuarant, all of them are there (including his father) planning to tell Lawrence about Nancy, while Yoyo and Lawrence were outside about to go in. Lawrence wasn’t ready yet, telling Yoyo to go in first etc, which caused Yoyo to get annoyed that Lawrence is so afraid to tell everyone about their relationship. At this moment, a boy comes by the desk and clicks on the announcement thing, and all the people in the rooms heard their convo xD That was so funny ehehe She was telling him off how he wasn’t treating her like his girlfriend and it wasn’t like there was anything to hide about their relationshi and he was trying to explain . She was saying how he didn’t even dare to say “I love you” etc and then he did, and all them heard it through the speaker in the room and they were all laughing and giggling lol They get to hear all those mushy stuff Then one of the workers came by smiling and said, ‘sorry, please excuse me. I know how much you love your girlfriend, I just need to switch off the mic.’ Both of them were so embarrassed, when they walked in, they didn’t even have to say anything ~ they were jsut keeping quiet, while the rest of them were making fun of them. Happy joy ^^ They can finally be together in front of everyone XD
*In order to sell of some land, Carlo lied to customer about how another client was about to invest in a certain land for x amount, and convinced the customer to buy land. He later found out and sued him. Carlo, not wanting to ruin [Trustworthy Property] resigns..now there’s only Yoyo and Natalie left.
*Lawrence’s condition has gone more worse. The doctor suggests he take an operation, but he refuses. Yoyo found out about his condition when he dropped his medicince, but Lawrence tells her the doctor said its not that serious.

*The forgetful old man went to propose to Dr. Hong, when she tells him he can’t because she already has a byfriend. Lawrence’s father steps out to reveal she is actually dating him. This causes them to argue, with the forgetful man saying how he knew the whole time and didn’t tell him etc. Soon, the news got to Lawrence and once again, he and his father have another big argument. Looks like things are going down hill…

Only 5 more epsiodes til the end..what’s left?

*From reading the synopsis for the series, Yoyo will leave Lawrence and end up competitng with him. I can’t imagine what that would be like, or how that could happen =S It just doesn’t seem she would be that kind of person, esp they are just started going out and she knows of his health condition..I hope this series will have a happy ending.

2 Responses to “[At Home with Love] Episode 15”

  • ~*aims*~ says:

    omgosh k, what a lovely episode!!! i cant believe law said he loved her after she was hurt that he wouldnt say it! *swoons* that is soooooo cute…but how can she leave him and then get him back in the space of 5 eps? if they dont end up together…i think i’m going to die xD
    omgoshwhat a cute episode! are they an affectionate couple? awwwwww!

  • WaDeveR says:

    hehehe i finish watching this show liao…
    the ending is not so gd.. but creative..
    they neither get together nor break up…
    but zhong bang died..awwww

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