November 2006

[At Home with Love] Episode 16

*Lawrence’s heart problem has gone really bad, he will be taking an operation soon.

*Everyone, including Raymond now knows of Lawrence’s heart problem, and because of this, Raymond takes advantage of the situation by telling Lawrence’s father and trying to persuade him to sell off [Trustworthy Property] to them, as the heart problem is caused by Lawrence over-working himself as he runs his business. It appears that Lawrence and his father are okay with each other now, and Lawrence apologises to his father. A lot of focus on the episode was on the two, but throughout, you can tell it sorta fluctuated, with the father being annoyed cos his son still isn’t resting etc even though he told him to, and was still taking his clients out. I found the father quite annoying, the way he goes digging through his stuff and appearing ‘everywhere’, and telling him what to do. I know he just cares about his son, yeh..I wish he didn’t appear so much..
*For the whole episode, I kept telling myself please don’t sell off the business ><'' ..Lawrence put everything into it, don't go selling the business off to Raymond without even telling him!! And then..what do you know? At the end of the episode, he does (he doesn’t want to lose his son)…and tells Lawrence “I’ve just sold the business away”

!!!!! I can’t imagine what the next episode would be like (and the rest of the series ><'') I think its gonna be quite sad.. Lawrence's father didn't want to sell of the business either, but he thinks its for the best for his son, while everything Lawrence did was for the business, and his father sold it away just like that. Not even telling him beforehand. Everything has gone bad for them!! What can they possibly do ? ?  >< In the next episode preview, Raymond asks Yoyo to go work for him !! >< omg..maybe she will actually agree and then go against Lawrence..for the money.... her father is in huge financial debt  (even taking all the money she svaed for her bro to go overseas won't be enough)..

3 Responses to “[At Home with Love] Episode 16”

  • ~*aims*~ says:

    omgosh k, im horrified. lawrences is losing his business, his health, hes going to have an operation soon…and that raymond is stealing his beloved girlfriend! poor lawrence! what to do?!

  • KTVB says:

    yeh.. dunno what can happen to make him feel better +_+

  • ~*aims*~ says:

    k, dont worry…i think somehow lawrence will get his business back. and although yoyo is going to go to raymond, she and law will be together one day xD

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