November 2006

[At Home with Love] Episode 19

Another great episode ^^

It was sad to see Lawrence and Yoyo break up..but they didn’t break up arguing, it was rather like sitting down and Lawrence quietly talking to her, saying he can’t be with someone who has betrayed [Trustworthy Property] because it means everything to him and his father. Perhaps it was the best for both of them to separete.. It looked like Yoyo was trying to explain, but she didn’t end up saying much. She listened to what Lawrence had to say. Its a peaceful sorta breaking up which makes me feel its such a shame, they both had tears in their eyes.. because they both still love each other..

When Yoyo leaves she sees Lawrence’s father and he asks her what was wrong, “did you have an argument with him? Was it because you went to work for the other company? “etc She didn’t say much but just shook her head, but she eventually told him that they broke up, saying that Lawrence didn’t do anything wrong; that he is right.. everything that she has done has been wrong…she’s been wrong forcing her brother to study overseas..she’s been wrong at the start to work at as an real estate agent.. aww..feel sorry for her =x

When she goes home, she tells her brother that he can do whatever he likes and then goes back in her room and starts crying..

The next day, she quits her job. She decided that she doesn’t want to work as a real estate agent anymore. When Rayjmond tried to convince her to stay, trying to act all friendly again, she yells back at him..haha…go Yoyo! Was it her first time? XD it was funny, the other works were all looking at them..he deserves it xD I was sorta surprised Yoyo quit her job..and I guess that makes her a much more likable person..if she still stayed then =x Yoyo quitting is not necessarily a bad thing I suppose. Just feels its a shame since she could be working with Lawrence again.. Looks like things have reverted back to episode 1, where Yoyo is working as a sale staff again at the cosmetic store with Halina. Except this Yoyo has changed, I think she has become to be a more understanding person.. LAwrence has also started working again at [Trustworthy Property] after resting after he came out of hospital. Looking at the company, with everyone there reminds me of when they first started out in episode 1 too. Except, like Yoyo, Lawrence’s character has changed to be a nicer person. His relationship with his father has been better than ever, he fully supports his father and Dr. Hong and has learned to balance his life, rather than only focusing on work and money. He really has changed ^^

There was one scene where Yoyo and Lawrence met after they broke up, and it was at the lifts, both caring about the other, Yoyo asking about him about the company, while he was saying he heard that she has gone back to selling cosmetics..at this point, I wished he asked her to come back and work for them, but he didn’t.

A new opportunity has risen for the Real Estates..a large company has a large block of land, with about 300 appartments to sell. This offers an opportunity for [Trustworthy Property] to try get customers and make break through, but it will not be easy as the other 2 large companies are also interested in the land. They will also be competiting, one is the one Raymond works for, and another which hasn’t been mentioned before. Each of those companies have about 100 agents 0__0 while they have..like 6 +__+ The CEO of Raymond’s company is saying they must get at least 76% of it; he even sent over another 200 agents from other cities to come help. Its gonna be a tough challenge…but despite this, they believe its not impossible as long as they have the will ~ hope to use strategy..

It was like..woah…so much people!! XD The first day went by. The other two companies got 19, and 20 something, while they couldn’t get any. They have 6 days left..

We’ll have to see if they can make it through…tomorrow’s last episode!! So excited..
*Another funny part: When the real estate agents from the 3 different companies were attending an meeting about the large company’s building, while Raymond was in the toilet, Ben and Carlo poureddetergent water all over him, causing him to be soaking wet in the meeting lol He so deserved that! XD

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