Minna-san, Konnichiwa! ^^ Yes, I’m back home at Sydney! (and back online ^^) The trip has been quite fun and I hope to go back to Japan again someday! I feel there are just so many more places to explore in Japan..but all in all, it feels great to be back! ** Home sweet Home!! **

I hope you enjoyed the Survivor’s Law 2 posts on Ella and Kenneth while I was away =) I do feel a bit behind considering I didn’t watch The Gentle Crackdown2 and Wasabi Mon Amour and I haven’t started on the newest series yet. I was happy to see all the comments left on the entries and on the tagbaord! 😀 (and that you’re all friendly towards each other) Sorry for not being able to respond to them timely~I should be able to get things running as before soon =)

TVB related things

While in HK, I had only managed to watch 2 episodes of TVB series which were both by coincidence, because I’m usually out shopping at the times TVB airs their latest series and both of them were the final episodes of The Gentle Crackdown 2 and Wasabi Mon Amour. I was out eating then and the small place had a little TV. Everyone’s eyes were hooked onto the screen as we all eagerly watched to see what happens in the final episode xD

I’ve also been exposed to a HD TV for the first time on the streets of HK which were selling HD TV and it was playing a long trailer of The Master of Taichi. There has been lots of trailers on Taichi and it looks so good =D I can’t wait to see it 🙂 Back to the HD TV..it’s wow..so sharp, so clear..maybe a bit too clear to get used to..I can see all the marks on their faces ^^;

The Master of taichi on HD TV

The other thing that was very noticeable, especially in HK are the media releases about Edison’s photo scandals and Fei-jie’s death news. That’s all that has been on the front pages of magazine and newspaper articles. Again, co-incidently when the TV in the hotel was on, I ended up watching Ah Gil’s speech and Edison’s Apology live.

Fei-Jie’s news shocked me. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I found out about it when I was on the Internet at the Japan airport and had read Summer’s comment on the tagboard. Then later when I boarded the plane to Hong Kong, the newspapers were all about Fei-jie. I hope that Fei-jie will Rest in Peace.

7 Responses to “Back from HK + Japan Trip!”

  • chibi says:

    Welcome back!! =D Cool photo too, hehee

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ At last… u’re back.. i m sure, u have a great and enjoyable trip to HK and Japan lo..
    we all just miss u so much lo.. haha…

    Wa… the moment u went HK, and HK is having 2 big news ” Edison + Fei Jie ” ya.. Fei Jie’s passed away is so sudden to me.. so, once i know.. i left the message over… but, may b, is a good thing to her too.. no need suffer for sickness for too long lo.. right..

    so, any others abt ur trip tis time??? look forward to listen fr u ya.. kie..


  • Jadedreams says:

    Welcome Back! It seems you had a lot of fun! Are you going to share more pics of your vacation with us??

    It has been a chaotic start for HK entertainment this year. Hopefully things would be better as time passes.

    I have a silly question though…there is no HDTV in Australia?

  • KTVB says:

    Thank you Chibi, Summer and Jadedreams ^^

    I’ll share a bit more pics from Japan maybe sometime this week, I’ll update this current post =)

    To Jadedreams: haha..I think there is HDTV for sale in Australia but I haven’t come across one yet. They definately won’t be showing TVB on them though! haha..and I don’t think I’ll be buying a HDTV for a while..do you plan on getting one?

  • kinki says:

    KTVB, didn’t really feel you were gone for all these time since you had been keeping us updated with screens captures of Survivor’s Law 2..heehee!!

    Did you travel & shop a lot?
    Hope you had a great time!!

    As for the HDTV u guys were discussing,

    We need both a compatible TV and the connection (HD DC box), which are quite expensive at this moment since everything’s still so new, to be able to enjoy the true HD experience. So I personally think that it’s too early to get one.

  • KTVB says:

    To Kinki: haha! That’s cool ^^ Looking back at the posts, I wondered myself if it was obvious that i was gone if i actually hadn’t said so in a post XD

    Lots of shopping in HK 😀 and travelling in Japan (even though most of it was just in Tokyo)

    Yup..wait until they’re not as pricey first ^^;

  • kinki says:

    *It’s like talking to you online, KTVB!
    Since I guess you are online now too~*

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