The 10th episode of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] sees a turn of events! This one focuses heavily on Charmaine & Kevin’s relationship which I’m sure fans of the pairing will enjoy. I’m not a fan of the two, but even I have to admit I enjoyed their little romance, lol.. so hopefully you’ll enjoy it too! The overall plot is also continually moving forward, so let’s get started 🙂

The news that Susan and Edwin intend to kill off both Moses and Mary get leaked, and consequently Charmaine finds out through 布吉祥 (played by Ram Chiang 蔣志光). She becomes extremely worried and saddened by the news, feeling hopeless that she cannot warn them. At this moment, Kevin sees her troubled face and consoles her. Unable to hide it anymore, she confides to him about Moses being in danger and the truth that he is not actually mentally ill, nor diagnosed with the disease. It was all for the purpose of survival, but now all that may have been done in vain. Kevin promises to do everything he can to help her.

Charmaine, Kevin and Moses Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Moses and Mary had co-incidentally planned to escape that night, but the Palace guards have already been sent to kill them! Moses fights back using the martial arts Kevin taught him, and was able to fend some off. However, it wasn’t enough as there were too many of them. Luckily Kevin arrives just in the nick of time! The guards are all killed, but Kevin is seriously injured in the process..

From Ram, Charmaine learns that Kevin has been hurt. She becomes worried and offers to help Ram take his medicine to him. She enters his room but he wasn’t there. She discovers blood stain on his bed and then notices Kevin struggling as he walks back in. She rushes to his aid, holding onto his arms to which he subtly smiles to. However, he soon collapses and Charmaine takes him in her care. She stays by his side for the whole night and nurtures him. Finally when he awakens, Charmaine gets up for some water, but he grabs tightly onto her hands. I’m really enjoying the tension between them.. what chemistry!

Charmaine and Kevin Romance

As he sits up, he tells her Moses and Mary are both safe now, so she shouldn’t worry. Charmaine is touched Kevin went through all this for her. Since the sun was up, Charmaine quickly returns to her room to avoid getting into trouble. Tavia discovers Charmaine missing from her room all night and questions her. Here, Charmaine admits her feelings for Kevin, how happy she is every time he is with her. However, she understands the Palace rules and knows they cannot be together.


One night, Charmaine is sitting outside alone looking into a pond. She sees Kevin’s reflection and turns around to face him. Asked why he’s here, he tells her he wanted to see her. She wouldn’t go see him anymore, so the only way was for him to approach her. She avoids eye contact, insisting she needs to leave. He pushes on, confessing his true feelings for her and wanting to know how she saw him in her eyes. She replies he’s a good person. What about the money bag she sewed him? Was there anymore meaning in it? Is this a unrequited love, or are the feelings returned? She bluntly points out no matter how she feels, the outcome will be the same. However, Kevin boldly suggest the two of them elope, leaving the palace like Moses and Mary. Initially objecting to the idea, she eventually becomes touched by his devotion, willingness to give up his status, position, everything he has to be with her. He leaves, allowing her a day to give her response. Talk about intense! Things are really heating up between the two!

Charmaine and Kevin Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Charmaine is alone in her room thinking back all their moments, and happily smiles. Looks like a ‘yes’ to me! The next day, Charmaine happily heads off to see Kevin, but is intercepted by Kevin’s father. He tells Charmaine he has heard good things about her, and knows his son loves her very much…but even so, Kevin is his only son. If Kevin leaves the palace, he would be a big disgrace to his ancestors, and a criminal without a future. He knows once Kevin says something, he will make sure it happens no matter what circumstance. He hopes Charmaine can do him a favor, and reject him :O Charmaine is completely shattered, but knows what she must do..

The Break-up

Charmaine and Kevin Break up

She bravely confronts Kevin, and ends it with him. Kevin is extremely disappointed by the response, and continually tries to persuade her. Charmaine, who is holding back her tears eventually returns the scent holder to him. He refuses to retrieve it, but she leaves it on the desk. Back in her room, a heartbroken Charmaine cries her heart out, while Tavia comforts her. aww..

Charmaine and Tavia

In the bigger picture of the story (which I have left out a bit on), Kwok Lun the Head of Army continues to plot… but this time, he aims to make Moses the Emperor! O_____O He pretends to be working for Susan on one side, but ends up telling Moses and Mary they can be rulers on the other! Initially Mary was afraid and skeptical of his suggestion, but ends up rather enticed by his persuasion. He claims they will never truly be free, because Susan wants nothing but their dead bodies. Moses, who is still believed to be mentally challenged agrees and says “Yes, being the king is great!” indicating to Mary they should listen to him. Kwok Lun grins over his success and promptly organises for Edwin to be killed (lol, I know this sounds really abrupt, but not much lead to his death..he did die pretty suddenly!) He made it look like Edwin died because of wrong medicine in-take.

Edwin's death & Mary and Moses

Susan is absolutely shocked and in tears upon hearing the news. Kwok Lun claims he has Edwin’s will (which he faked) and upon reading it, Moses and Mary are brought back into the Palace. It is written in his will that he wishes Moses to be next to the thrown! How bizarrely unbelievable is this? lol.. Susan is obviously furious and unconvinced. She realises it was all set up and angrily snatches it, wanting to rip it up. Everyone stops her and she angrily stomps out.

The day arrives for Moses to officially sign on as Emperor. Just as he was about to claim the thrown, Susan interrupts! Wonder what will happen next?

What did you think of episode 10? Did you enjoy Charmaine and Kevin’s spark, or was it still not very interesting? Did you think Edwin died too suddenly? Did Moses and Mary do the right thing agreeing with Kwok Lun? Leave a comment and let us know!

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25 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 10”

  • krys says:

    I am anticipating your reviews about ‘Beyond the Realm of Conscience’! I love the chapter by chapter synopsis too. ^^

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I loved this episode, yet it was really sad… i felt that Edwin diedcreally suddenly… I’m enjoying this series though…

  • jane says:

    Great review again!

    I really enjoyed this episode and I really liked the development and tension between Charvin….but then again I could be biased as I’ve always liked them. I feel that they really like each other but are scared and I felt that they really portrayed what a love relationship would be like back in the ancient days when certain people are not allowed to be together. I like the subtleness between them with the subtle smiles, looks and eye contact as the people back in the ancient times aren’t overly expressive when it comes to love and all that.

    Also still skepticle of Kwok Lun…can you really trust him?? He jsut arranged for Edwin to be killed just like that and what are his real intentions??

    • chibi says:

      Thanks jane 🙂

      I thought this episode was good to in terms of some development between them.. before this episode I really thought it was lacking some substance. It was nice to see Charmaine do a crying scene too ( I don’t recall her being this emotional before this scene. I could be wrong though)

      I did however, find it a little bit odd she actually considered leaving with Kevin o_O Love is great and all, but does it conquer? She didn’t seem to think about Krystal, or Tavia..or Susanna..etc…hmmm

      And Kwok Lun is always known to be the big villain in this story..yet when confronted with an opportunity to be Emperor, who would refuse?

  • sugar says:

    When Kevin said he’ll leave with Sam Ho, what did he mean by that? Like leave without telling anyone? O__O So Sam Ho really thought about it? Would she actually of left Tavia behind? That was one part I didn’t get. But yeah, hahaha, this is the last episode I got upto. ^^

    And the last scene was cool. The way Moses changed his tone at the end. ^___^ So cool.

    • chibi says:

      mhm! They planned to elope!

      Shows how much Charmaine was in love with him..because they both considered the consequences, and they still decide to do it just to be together.


  • An Pham says:

    As always i love your post but i though yuu wear kinda lacking this time. you didnt wrote that much about my favorite part. which was near the end. when edwin dies and so on…….omg susan is such an amazing actor…her facial expression are so realistic. and i remember watching the preview at the end of this episode. it just mad me even want to watch the next one more and more. that’s was all i could think about all day…ohh im watching born rich rite now too. and it’s really good too

    • chibi says:

      oh, haha.. I decided to give this post more focus on Charmaine and Kevin’s relationship and focus more on Susan, Kwok Lun, Moses/Mary situation in a later post 🙂

      I thought the end part was all a bit abrupt, so I decided to watch a bit more before commenting on it. Hope you don’t mind!

      Good to hear about Born Rich, too 🙂 I’ll be watching that sometime in December after BTROC finishes!

      • An Pham says:

        hahahah well as always i blame it on the “i dnt know wut there tlking about cuz it’s in chinese” topic….so hahahaha……but yea you should it’s really good. and im actually watching that all in vietnamese dub. not like beyond….i find myspelf still watching the cantonese version cuz the dubb take to long to come out

  • turtle88 says:

    I thought this episode was okay. Personally I didn’t really enjoy the “spark” between Charmaine and Kevin that much… not too interesting. Edwin did die too quickly… I think Moses and Mary did the right thing, or else what would we have to watch 😛

    • chibi says:

      haha, I thought so. You wouldn’t love this episode that much if you didn’t really like the two. I thought it was okay, too.

      And I think Moses/Mary did the right thing too (not only for the purpose of the storyline XD)- but because Susan insisted they be killed.. I guess she’s pushing them too far and it’s right to fight back, given the chance.

  • kinki says:

    I think it was a good time for Edwin to die. (It’s ~1/3 of the series; it was TIME!)

    Now, the series gets more interesting when Moses becomes the emperor. (YAY! Although I must admit Moses’ quite cute when he’s pretending to be dumb, he’s more charming when he’s ‘not’ dumb though =D) And this is now when the main story lines begin to develop: his relationship with his soon-to-be concubines Tavia & Selena, and Charmaine; and politics-wise: Kwok Lun & others.

    But it seems to me Edwin got killed too easily. I mean they made it seem like killing the emperor is such an easy job to do. dot dot dot Anyways, they just wanna get rid of him I guess.

    As for the relationship between Charmaine & Kevin: I can see (the reasons) why they are in love, but I dun really like/enjoy seeing them together. But when I see Moses’ love towards Charmaine, it makes me dislike Kevin. And the question pops up again, why doesn’t Charmaine love Moses?? *sad* On another thought, maybe that’ll make the story too simple (= everyone loves the emperor, boring!). I’m guessing that’s the reason why. =D

    P.S. Sorry for leaving such a long comment. =)

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for commenting!! (I love long comments especially ^^)

      I guess it was time Edwin gets off, but it was too easy! lol… Didn’t know you can just kill the king like that, where are his body guards?? XD I think they could have developed this a bit more..

      And it’s kinda weird that Mary/Moses has no sympathy for Edwin being killed off like that (I mean, they do know that it was Kwok Lun’s doing, right?) I know Edwin was a bit of a loser and never liked the two, but what’s stopping them from thinking Kwok Lun can dispose of them as well, just as easily?

      And I agree…! Seeing how much Moses loves Charmaine makes me dislike Kevin! I feel like Kevin/Charmaine relationship was too straight forward and cliched… I tried giving this post more Char/Kev love, but I must say although they had some tension (posted above), that might actually be it’s peak.. and if that’s the case it’s quite disappointing.

      In regards to it being boring if everyone loved the Emperor- not necessarily 🙂 Most concubines love the king for different reasons and may not be genuine love… Will be interesting to see if Tavia actually loves Moses, or just his power..hmm.. same with Selena XD

  • Rowena says:

    I thought the end of this episode was good stuff!!

    CharxKev’s spark was alright I guess. I expected that sort of storyline for those characters.

    I find it a little odd that the Emperor has little role in the series so far. I know that Moses will make a great emperor!

    I think agreeing with Kwok Lun were Mary’s and Moses only chance of survival as well as to gain their rightful status in the Palace. However, given that is IS Kwok Lun, he’s not someone you should trust completely. He always has another motive in mind.

    Off topic, Charmaine’s crying face isn’t that flattering.

    Thanks Chibi!

    • chibi says:

      lol, Have to agree there…Charmaine’s crying face does look a bit awkward ^^;; The more emotion in the cry, the more weird o__o

      And you’re right, Edwin barely did much..guess that’s why Susan has so much power, she pretty much tells him what to do. I couldn’t bring myself to hate him, cause Edwin looks so funny ^^;; and he is pretty simple minded and immature.

      He was quite amusing to watch.

      Thanks for commenting ^_^

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    OMG Kwok Lun forged the will meaning his handwriting wouldnt have matching edwin’s handwriting… if killing himn was that easy then he could of died ages ago… but i guess being the emperor u didnt have to write much so the couldnt have told the handwriting apart but still… doesnt it mean that moses wont be playing dumb now???

  • KTVB says:

    haha there’s something about this series that keeps me watching. I’m so tired after hours of watching TVB, but I feel I want to watch “just one more”! to find out what will happen XD

    I must say I did enjoy the Kevin and Charmaine scenes in this episode. I don’t particularly like this couple but they’re still cute together and share that bit of romance- gotta have some romance happening in the series right? lol I feel sorry for Kevin’s rejection though; but it hurts Charmaine more that she had to say those things to him…

    And what excitement for Moses’ chance of finally becoming the emperor! XD I can’t wait to see the next scene when he’ll reveal his true self and shock the world XD

    And yes, i think Edwin died too suddenly and easily..though back in those days, it’s pretty easy to kill people off like that

    • chibi says:

      hahah yesh, KTVB… you’re on a BTROC marathon!!! Watching so many episodes in one day 😛 You’re going to beat me in finishing this drama before I do! XD

      And yes, i think Edwin died too suddenly and easily..though back in those days, it’s pretty easy to kill people off like that
      But still..he IS the KING. HE should be the hardest person to kill…technically, anyway XD

  • tan yin ee says:

    i like wong kui fei

  • tan yin ee says:

    i like chairmaine and selena li and her hair decorating

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