In episode 11 of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] the plot starts getting a bit heavy, and new characters are introduced! I thought this episode was a little dry, as it’s in a transitional stage with Moses becoming the Emperor. One part of me thinks it’s great Moses is the Emperor, but another side of me is a bit concerned… Things probably aren’t as good as it may first appear to be.

Susan interrupts Moses from claiming the thrown. She bluntly points out how ridiculous it is for Moses, a mentally challenged 10 year old to be the ruler. Susan challenges them all, standing strong to her objection, even leaving Kwok Lun and the General in loss for words. The table suddenly turns when Moses finally speaks up, shocking everyone with his intelligent words! He speaks in a very calm and mature manner, leaving everyone completely speechless! haha! It was priceless watching everyone dumbfounded. Gotta say this was the highlight of the episode. It renders Susan’s claim irrelevant and Moses successfully becomes the Emperor. (By the way, does anyone else think the eye liner is totally unnecessary and unappealing? :S)

Moses becomes Emperor

Afterward, Moses thanks Kwok Lun (The Head of Army) for helping him, offering him tea as a sign of his gratitude. Kwok Lun ungratefully sets it aside, showing no respect for him. Kwok Lun makes it clear that he was the one who made him who is today, and is essentially under his control. Moses doesn’t dare to object to any of his desires… uh-oh! This isn’t looking good for him..

Moses as Emperor with Kevin and Charmaine

Moses takes this opportunity to thank both Kevin and Charmaine for supporting him all this time. They are the only two people he trusts and hopes Kevin is willing to assist him as his body guard. He acknowledges there are challenging and tough times ahead. Although initially concerned by his capability, Kevin agrees to do everything he can to help him 🙂 Moses also hopes Charmaine will treat him like she always has, as her good friend. (Now that Moses is the Emperor, I wonder if he’ll take Charmaine as his concubine? )

Meanwhile, the General 萬劍鋒 (played by Kwok Keung) notices Susanna heading towards his direction while walking around the Palace. When their eyes meet, a sense of uneasiness and sadness is seen in her eyes. They seem to be an acquaintance, who have not seen each other for 20 years. When asked how he’s been, Kwok Keung gets on his high horse and boasts about his successful fulfilling life, with a high status and a lovely wife and daughter. (:O I think Selena might be his daughter!) He looks down at Susanna, who has achieved much less, indicating he has proved her very wrong. Michelle and Hor Wai watch from afar and reveal Kwok Keung is her ex-lover. They could have been a married couple now if it wasn’t for an incident which occurred 20 years ago…

Susanna and her ex-lover Kwok Keung

Susan discovers Susanna and Charmaine has been helping Mary and Moses all along! To release her anger, she scolds at Susanna for creating an appalling hair piece for her, followed by questioning her loyalty. Seeing as Charmaine steps in to help Susanna with a few good words, she orders the two to slap each other’s face until it bleeds. Luckily, the times have changed and Mary is now in power 😀 She makes a grand entrance, and for the first time, Mary isn’t afraid to talk back at her. She shows Susan whose the real boss, sitting on the thrown and ordering her to leave. What an awesome scene! It’s a real pleasure seeing Mary finally back in control of her life 🙂 Feel great for her! I have to admit though, the whole Susanna being biased towards Charmaine business is getting on my nerves a bit :{ Remember that time when Susanna was ordered to hit Tavia’s mouth? She was beating her really hard.. I thought she would at least try not to smack so harshly. Look at this scene, when Susan asked them to slap each other, they just touch each others face- wouldn’t even call it a slap. Or did they know Susan was being unreasonable and that Mary was going to save the day? That’s the impression they left me, anyways. I kind of knew Charmaine would be able to escape punishment, too many people love her >.>

Susanna and Charmaine punished

Michelle is extremely jealous Susanna has Mary and the General on her side (which isn’t actually the case regarding the General). She comes up with yet another scheme to make her life miserable. Seriously, this lady needs a life… always so bitter about other people’s happiness. What is wrong with her? Is anyone else getting a bit bored by this? XD

She starts to suck up to the General’s wife 孫家碧 (played by Lam Yi Kei), and leaks to her about Susanna being Kwok Keung’s ex-lover. She warns her that the two have recently reconnected with one another, which wasn’r really the case.  He only seems to show bitterness towards her. Who knows how much more she made up and exaggerated? This makes Yi Kei extremely prejudice and judgmental towards Susanna. Uh-oh, revenge time!

Susanna and Yi Kei

Being Kwok Lun’s cousin, he arranged for the House of Proceedings to serve her, much to the dislike of the ladies. She uses this opportunity to cause a scene and degrade Susanna’s character and lack of skill. (Oh my, we have another bitch in the Palace!!) Susanna is extremely hurt, thinking Kwok Keung was the one who told her about their past. After confronting him about this, he coldly brushes her off, saying he’s not going to let a worthless person come between his loving relationship with his wife. He is filled with bitter and anger over the past, saying she deserves every suffering she gets. She was the one who chose this path, instead of leaving the Palace with him when she had the opportunity. She sent him a rejection letter, leaving him heartbroken with nothing. Susanna holds back her tears, nods in agreement and leaves. aww.. I wonder when their relationship will mend?

Susanna was in love with him and wanted to leave with him, but because of Michelle’s plotting, she was unable to and the opportunity was lost. Not wanting him to wait for her (possibly forever), she wrote him a letter claiming she’d rather stay in the Palace because of power and status. Poor Susanna.. she tries to be happy for him, knowing he has gained so much now because she set him free.

What are your thoughts on Episode 11? Which was your favourite scene? Did you enjoy Susanna’s backstory with Kwok Keung? Let us know by commenting below!

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28 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 11”

  • kinki says:

    I didn’t think Susanna was biased when she didn’t hit Charmaine hard. I just thought she didn’t hit her hard because she doesn’t want to be hit hard herself (not that Charmaine’s gotta hit her back hard), lol~ I guess it’s more because they both know they didn’t do anything wrong and Susan’s being unfair.

    My favourite scene of this eps would have to be Susan’s interrupting the meeting and Moses revealing himself to be ‘normal’.

    Susanna and KK’s storyline is interesting, but I personally think Susanna looks older than KK (ie they dun look very compatible)! hehe~ But the line’s still good overall. And I found the General’s wife a bit annoying (maybe that’s her charater too) but she talks funny. lol~

    P.S. Your :O guess is correct! 😀

    • thuonggiieex3 says:

      i know. poor susanna. i hope he finds out the truth someday. :]

    • chibi says:

      yeh, that sounds about right, as to why Charmaine and Susanna didn’t slap each other hard- but I thought in the Palace, there really is no such thing as ‘justice’- who ever has more authority gets to say anything, and servants must obey. Since when can servants say ‘no’? O__o The seemed pretty brave this time actually standing up for themselves compared to usual..

      And yesh, Susanna does look older than KK (she has more wrinkles), lol but age is irrelevant when it comes to love! XD

      Yi Kei was quite bitchy but she’s fun to watch at the same time. 🙂

  • thuonggiieex3 says:

    i feel unfair for tavia.
    really…i don’t blame her at all when she turns evil. i might even support her.
    it’s so sad how no one besides moses really stands up for her while everyone seems to just help charmaine out. :[

    • chibi says:

      yeah, I feel for her a lot.. makes me so glad I didn’t grow up during that period, I reckon I’d probably turn out the same as Tavia, pushed to the limits!!

      • thzdth says:

        Maybe it’s her bad karma for not owning up to the truth of Krystal’s death? :-/ somehow I see Krystal’s death as a foreshadow to everything, which maybe the reason why Tavia is always not as lucky as Charmaine… Tavia confessing her misdeeds to Sam-ho’s mother upon her deathbed was eerily parallel to her ‘confessions’ to Selena before she killed Selena. Same goes for most of the people she killed. I guess she can only be honest to dying people.

  • An Pham says:

    i like this episode alot. my favorite sences were when susan inttrupt the meeting and when mary show who’s boss……you might not want to hear this but i’m actually kinda dissapointed in the series so far. maybe because there’s so much hybe before the series even started. but actually i think the story is good but the director suck at directing and the transition between sence arent that good either. like for instint you know how mary use to always be abuse and all wel at least give her a sence where she’s going to dress up as the new empress with all the leweries and grand clothing at least. you know. to show her statues……they should have let the person who did moonlight resonance or rosy buisness be the director. but i absolutly love all the background music though….and ohhhhh omg. i’m on episode 20 rite now. but i finish episode 19 last night and i just have to said AMAZING. i just totally got a new favorite verteran. HOR CHIANG WAI(or w.e. her name is)..i mean i always like her and thought she was a good actor but that episode deffinetly seal the deal for me. her acting was just phenomenal, maybe even a notch up on susan…’s was just priceless. i just kept rewinding to watch her redo her sence……..damn that lady can cry…and i dnt just mean cry but crying with bugger going down your noise. that’s how good it is…ughh i hope that news is going to praise her on that sence. ps: i think this is a pretty long comment so. ENJOY. like how much i ENJOY reading your post.

    • chibi says:

      wow, you’re disappointed?? O__O Why’s that though? I thought the drama just gets better and better- it’s totally meeting my expectation (so far, anyway :))

      I do agree some parts weren’t directed properly, such as making random cuts (e.g in Episode 8, we are cut to Moses being in the forest, and that split second Charmaine is caught in a trap.. but we only saw her talking with Tavia not that long ago- so we have an awkward continuity)

      And….no comment about episode 20 since that’s way too ahead of this blog post.. ^^;; I’ll know what you mean when I get up to there, lol.

      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment 😀

      • An Pham says:

        idk maybe it’s because i was waiting impatiencely for this series to come out everyday after the sales presentation was shown and i would nonstop seraching it on google trying to find the storyline and different facts. so when the event happen im just kinda like “okie”. (wrong mistake). but i realy praise all the acting(well most of it). and the custom are very grand and goregous and the hair(even the grand empress susan) but i though the series were lacking much background. like sence after sence you could see the same background. and they kept showing the same building for all the concubine and king, empress. you might have notice this too. they should have definitly film this over in mainland. cuz they havve all the beautiful senceary and temple. but i am definitly still watching this series to see how it will end

  • Rowena says:

    Yay! Chibi you updated! Manyyyyy thanks~

    Ohh that was one of my fav scenes when Moses stood up and spoke properly! Oh wait, that and the scene where Mary interrrupts Susan and shows her who’s boss now. LOL. And yeah, whats with the emperor’s wearing that make-up? Even Kwok Lun wears it.

    I agree with you about Michelle. She really annoys me in this series. We know that she’s not completely evil-minded or anything, but she needs to just take a chill-pill. LOL. Oh question! Just confirming, Susanna and Michelle are blood-sisters in the series?

    I thought Susanna’s and Kwok Keung’s love story was sad but understandable, like its not too far-fetched or polished. I can understand and sympathise Susanna’s and Kwok Keung’s side of the story.

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for reading :D!

      Glad I’m not the only one who finds the eye-liner a bit of a turn off :S I hope they notice that and tone it down a bit..

      Yes, Michelle really has some issues.. “RELAX!” I keep thinking XD And nope..! They are not blood related sisters, they used to be “good sisters” which is the same as saying “Best friends”. Plus, they have different surnames ^^;;

      Good to know someone else is enjoying Susanna’s story with Kwok Keung 🙂 I really like it so far..

      • Rowena says:

        Ohhhh, I didn’t really understand Michelle’s and Susanna’s relationship cause my canto is really limited. LOL. thanks for clarifying that! So…whats the reason of their falling out? Was Michelle, and still is, jealous of Susanna because she HAD the opportunity to leave the palace? Or was there another reason which I failed to catch upon?

  • fiona says:

    ehhh…I guess it’s not really Michelle, rite? It’s the scriptwriters who made her character like this…I actually find Michelle ok laaaaaaa:D

    • chibi says:

      Oh, yeah we actually mean her character and not the actor when referring to her 🙂

      • fiona says:

        lol… 😀 just making it clear that it’s NOT actually Michelle’s fault…I know, I get kinda picky at these things!lol

        • chibi says:

          haha I guess! I’ve just been referring to the actor’s names in the posts when referring to the character, so I did the same in comments to avoid confusion 🙂 Where I’m referring to the actual actor, I will make note of it to avoid confusion. 🙂

  • kelly says:

    susanna role is so pitiful but later she will be happy and when she hit charmaine she doesn’t want to hurt her talented student who she treated as her daughter hmm i wonder when she reunited with KK and her son in the drama? and susanna acting and singing is very wonderful

    • chibi says:

      I really appreciate your comments and sharing your thoughts but.. can everyone please refrain from dropping *spoiler* questions?

      I only wish discussions in these posts to be related to the corresponding episode (and what we’ve watched so far).. It can really ruin the experience for those who haven’t watched it yet, including myself 🙁

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    so much running away in the palace if u wanted to get married u wouldnt have got there in the first place (no to be mean) except for charmaine and tavia becose they were forced there… BTW the eyeliner on moses wats the point of that???

    • chibi says:

      hm? Not quite sure who you were referring to here: “so much running away in the palace if u wanted to get married u wouldnt have got there in the first place “?

      As for the unappealing eyeliner…probably to make him look better?? haha, kinda..backfires though.

  • camie says:

    well this drama is getting interesting and i like susanna role how she is being nice and all that and she sure is a great actress no offense it seem like her role is getting better and better in every episodes. hey this u made this website yourself cuz it a wonderful sites thanks

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for your compliment 🙂 I do not actually run this site, I’m just a guest blogger helping out K (KTVB) while she’s busy with her studies 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying this site though!

      Susanna’s acting is pretty good here (I don’t know why anyone would find that offensive ^^;;)

  • KTVB says:

    I agree in that this episode was a little dry (YES! It means I stop watching more BTRC episodes for today XD)

    Favourite scene would still have to he when moses reveals his true self!! I loved the looks on Susan and Kwok Lun’s faces!!! XD Simply awesome!

    i don’t think Moses will take Charmaine as his concubine because he knows she and Kevin have feelings for each other and wants her to be happy. Sometimes I wish he could be selfish for once and keep Charmaine by his side lol

    Susanna’s backstory’s pretty interesting! I hope to see they mend their relationship and become friends again. I always find these stories a tragic. i hope he will eventually find out the truth!

    • chibi says:

      Favourite scene would still have to he when moses reveals his true self!! I loved the looks on Susan and Kwok Lun’s faces!!! XD Simply awesome!

      YES! Best scene hands down :D!!

      i don’t think Moses will take Charmaine as his concubine because he knows she and Kevin have feelings for each other and wants her to be happy. Sometimes I wish he could be selfish for once and keep Charmaine by his side lol
      What I simply cannot comprehend or understand is… how can Charmaine NOT have any feelings for Moses?? I would choose Moses over Kevin any day XD XD Moses is too nice, he needs to be aggressive for once and be a real man. Come on, you’re the King! XD

      Susanna’s backstory’s pretty interesting! I hope to see they mend their relationship and become friends again. I always find these stories a tragic. i hope he will eventually find out the truth!

      Some pretty good scenes of them to come ^.^

  • Summer says:

    that general man wife is a bitch. Susanna didn’t even offended her and Susanna don’t have the intention to get back Kwok Keung. Y must general man wife say something ugly infront of other people?

  • Summer says:

    susanna tries to be happy for kwok keung. maybe when she see kwok keung, he will remind her of the past where they had happy and sad memories….

  • thzdth says:

    Yes! This is my fave scene! The dumbstruck look on everyone’s face when Moses reveals his true intelligent self is priceless! Classic TVB moment.

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