Yay, we’re up to the 15th episode synopsis of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] – that’s half way through! Hope you’ve all been enjoying the summaries/reviews so far, and thanks to everyone who has been following! The story sure has gone far, with Tavia getting closer and closer to Moses, and Selena finally making her appearance 🙂 Looks like more drama, conflict (and bitchiness) coming up!

Mary suggests to Moses he should consider marriage and starting a family. She doesn’t mind the girl’s status, as long as she’s good natured and has a big heart. Charmaine instantly comes to his mind, and he promptly goes off to find her. The two meet under the tree where they first encountered as children. Just as he was about to propose to her, Charmaine notices a servant watching nearby, who used to serve Susan. As she gets close to Moses, she unveils a knife and attempts to kill him! Luckily Kevin warned him from afar and the two face-off. She is eventually detained and taken away. Charmaine injures her hand among the confusion, and Kevin attends to her holding onto her hands. This surprises and saddens Moses…realising that the two have feelings for each other. He later overhears the two confessing their love to each other and becomes heart-broken. He decides to postpone the marriage selection to a later date. aww..

Moses sees Charmaine and Kevin

Tavia tells Charmaine she has a love interest, and Mary enters the room knowing she was referring to Moses. Mary has taken a like in Tavia and encourages her to give it a try. When Moses sees Charmaine and brings up his dilemma of marriage, she asks him to consider Tavia. Oh, what a stab in the heart! Having the girl you love pushing you to someone else is quite an awful  feeling. Is Charmaine really this dense, not able see Mose’s feelings for her? Knowing that’s how Charmaine feels, Moses decides to accept Tavia to make Charmaine happy. Is it just me, or does Tavia and Moses not have any chemistry?? I’m not convinced Tavia is in love with Moses…seems like she’s only in it for the power. It’s totally in Tavia’s nature to do that, but I feel awkward watching them o_o.. Moses is only with her because of Charmaine, so it’s hard to imagine some real sparks between them. Everything feels unnatural.. (starting to remind me of Moses and Tavia from Moonlight Resonance). I find it a bit hard to watch the two right now 😡 Hopefully this feeling will change as the story progresses (though I have my doubts!)

Charmaine tells Moses to consider Tavia

Meanwhile, Kwok Lun continues causing problems, torturing and killing other Palace officials without consulting Moses! He claims he investigated the attack by Susan’s servant and reveals that all these people were behind it. They all have intentions of ridding Moses so he punished them accordingly. However, they were all officials Moses considered righteous so it was obvious Kwok Lun made up the evidence to cause havoc. Moses is extremely stressed and doesn’t know what he should do. Luckily, after an encounter with Charmaine’s father, he and Kevin realises they need to take a step back. Feed Kwok Lun some power to keep him content, and wait for the right opportunity to fight back. Moses deliberately acts like a bludger, and tells Kwok Lun he means a lot to him, hoping he can continue to help him out with palace matters.

Moses and Kevin dealing with Kwok Lun

Kwok Lun is very pleased and doesn’t hesitate to get involved (maybe..too involved XD). He even decides to stick his nose into Moses’s marriage arrangements! He uses this chance to nominate Selena, the daughter of the General Kwok Keung and Yi Kei (also his god-daughter). Going as planned, Moses agrees to his suggestion but also states he wants to take one more as his concubine. He decides he wants Tavia, which makes her extremely happy. However, Kwok Lun objects, degrading Tavia by bringing up her background. Her parents are unknown, and she was a servant to Charmaine who was also a servant. Being a servant of a servant without a history, family background means the lowest of all people. Not reaching a compromise, Moses says he’ll reconsider Tavia, but also postpone the whole selection to a later date! hah! Guess that also means the same for Selena..

Upset Tavia

Moses having some fun with Tavia

Tavia is back in her room, hurt and angry by Kwok Lun’s insults. Suddenly Yoyo comes in and starts sucking up to Tavia big time. Tavia is already looking extremely evil with vengeance in her eyes. Yoyo offers to do everything for her and Tavia happily accepts it.. GREAT. We have another bitch who will probably feed Tavia with negative thoughts. Yoyo has always been an annoying one, and now she’s back..

Selena arrives at the Palace and hears that she’ll be a candidate for the Emperor. She finds out about Tavia, and instantly grows hatred towards her, looking down upon her pitiful status. Upon meeting Mary for the first time, she makes Tavia look dumb in front of everyone, indicating she’s not very educated with no class. Oh come on, give her a break.. Elsewhere when the two girls are alone, she reveals her extremely vain side, telling Tavia to get a reality check. Nasty!

Selena and Tavia

What are your thoughts on Episode 15? Did Selena give you a good first impression? What do you think of Tavia and Moses at this stage? Any chemistry? Drop a comment and let us know! 😀

Please refrain from posting any story spoilers beyond episode 15. Thanks.

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24 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 15”

  • An Pham says:

    yayay finally selana finally revelieve herself. that took forever. i hope after this there will be some really good fight and scheme going on. hey if anybody reading has a myspace than add me. please. it’s at http://www.myspace.com/anpham13094 .

  • kinki says:

    Yay, an update! 😀

    First of all, feel so sad for Moses. I am still not feeling for Charmaine & Kevin. Seeing Moses heart breaks makes me dislike Kevin more and more.(I guess that won’t really change cos I’m just biased towards him).

    At this point(ep 15), I HATE Selena! Although Tavia’s turning (or revealing she is) bad now, Selena is soooo mean herself. Can’t wait to see Tavia bring her down! 🙂

    As to the relationship between Moses and Tavia, I dun feel their sparks neither. I see them as ‘friends’ at this stage. However, I still found them enjoyable to watch. Cos it’s Moses & Tavia! lol~

  • Rowena says:

    Mannn, I’m still hoping for CharxMoses to work out =( And gosh, if I had the Emperor liking ME I’d accept it in an instant! LOL Screw Kevin! haha kidding….

    Selena’s character was very childish in this ep.

    And yeah I agree that there’s a lack of sparks b/t Moses and Tavia, I don’t think the flow of the series allowed/showed Tavia growing more affection for Moses, but rather admiration instead (because he was of a high status).

    thanks Chibi for the update! hope your having fun in HK!

  • jane says:

    I enjoyed this episode.

    Finally Selena comes into the story and is already that spoiled bitch to Tavia…but we can see Tavia plotting already.

    It was kinda sad that Moses liked Charmaine but she doesn’t like him back but Charmaine and Kevin belongs together in this drama and they have their subtle moments. Since they are both trying to be good friends and supportive of Moses…Moses understands, as it shows him flashing back in the beginning of this episode of how Kevin was always there to help him and save him while Charmaine is always nice to everyone!!

    When Moses overhears Kevin and Charmaine talking about being supportive to Moses because he trusts them and they can’t just run away from the palace because they love eachother as supporting Moses as the King in this critical stage of his reign is more important to the country…Moses knows that they are the only ones he can really trust.

    I too don’t feel Tavia and Moses have any chemistry as I see her only admiring him because of his status and power. Maybe there will be some feelings later on when she becomes his concubine but I always feel that Tavia just wants power because of the way she’s been treated as a servant. I feel she just wants power to protect herself and also get revenge on everyone who has done her wrong and that Moses as the King is just one of her ponds!!

  • Mel says:

    I haven’t got a chance to watch this series yet and only know it’s detail from your summary…so glad to see another update. ^_^

    I heard that selena isn’t actually an evil character….someone who just talk her mind. suppose she’s grown up in thos status lifestyle and from young and have filled her head that they have higher status and are better then other people. stupid way of thinking really…

    anyway i’m just note liking yoyo at all..more so then selena…she just fake and feed bad advice to tavia and could even backstap her. eek…disguisted at the character.

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for following Mel ^_^

      And yes, I hate Yoyo, lol! Extremely annoying to look at and her voice is horrible.. XD Her mind is so twisted..moreso than Tavia at this stage O__o

  • Janie says:

    hmmm selena looks cute with the hairstyle.

    for tavia, i really think that she loves moses after knowing that he’s not really mentally retarded. however, probably because of her villain role, i kinda doubt her love towards moses and think that she wants the power instead. so idk.

  • Nicole says:

    i don’t feel the sparks between movia as well (compared to them in MR, which i loved), but i think it works in this context. she’s obviously into him for the power, & i’m not even sure why he married her…i wouldn’t say they have a “love” relationship at all. that’s a pity cos i think Tavia/Moses have pretty good chemistry in real life!

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    well well selena has made her apperance… and she acts like one of the bitches. It was funny when Moses postponed the Concubine selections cose it would mean that if he couldnt have Tavia then kwok lun wouldnt have Selena as Concubine… the rejection on Tavia was unfair just becausae she didnt know who her parents were

  • melody says:

    like you, i don’t feel the chemistry between moses and tavia. and i think it’s mainly because moses does not love tavia, and tavia, i think she likes moses but she is more interested in the power she’ll have. and selena is such a bitch in her first appearance, BUT i have to say, she is one PRETTY BITCH in those clothes. and yoyo…she’s hopeless. she’s just this annoying fly that never seems to disappear

  • Marcus says:

    Uhmmm maybe Susan asked her maid to kill moses or she is just as evil as susan lol….and why does Selena look down on tavia geez shouldn’t she know she should have NOT done that lol

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