Wow, the story is getting more intense! In episode 16 of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], Tavia and Selena start battling it out! A very exciting episode with plenty of drama 🙂 The focus starts to shift more on Tavia and Selena which is quite refreshing. The Proceeding Palace Household (with the exception of Susanna and Charmaine) do not appear in this episode at all. Good- I think we could all use a little break from them! Well, let’s get started 🙂

The episode starts off with Susanna headings towards Yi Kei’s domain, when Kwok Keung accidentally bumps into her. She temporarily loses balance and he holds onto her, which his wife happens to witness. At this moment, you can see Kwok Keung has a great deal of concern in his eyes… but the two refrain from doing or saying anything personal-they simply nod and leave. Yi Kei is very jealous seeing the two interact, and again takes it out on her by making derogatory remarks. She harasses her and rubs in how lovey-dovey she is with Kwok Keung. Anyone feeling the need to proclaim love to the world is plain insecure. Susanna finds the taunt very hurtful and even sheds a few tears when back in her room. She has no intention of getting Kwok Keung back, but Yi Kei is unwilling to back off. Poor Susanna, she’s treated like a low-level servant despite her achievements..

Susanna and Yi Kei

Charmaine approaches Kwok Keung about the situation, hoping he is willing to stop Yi Kei from harassing Susanna. As he continues to be bitter about the past, Charmaine reveals to him Susanna’s side of the story. He becomes overwhelmed by the truth and feels guilty and regretful. He wastes no time and confronts Susanna in a very sorrowful manner.

When the two finally talk, they reach an understanding of the past and the two leave with their minds at ease. It’s as though a heavy burden has been lifted off them. Kwok Keung wishes to make it up to her, but Susanna says she only wishes for his happiness. He already has a wife and daughter; he should value what he has today. I really enjoy watching these two, there’s so much emotion in their eyes. This may sound a bit weird, but I felt they had a lot more chemistry than Char/Kev..anyone agree? Kwok Keung shows a great deal of anguish when he realises he has mistaken her all these years. So many words still left unsaid. On a slightly random note, did anyone find Susanna’s voice in this scene very odd? She sounds extremely soft and I guess you would sound a bit different talking to your (ex)lover.

Susanna and Kwok Keung

Meanwhile, Moses continues on with his plan which is starting to bear fruits. From acting lazy and carefree, Kwok Lun has been feeling less wary and in control of power. Moses has been giving him what he has wanted which is starting to backfire. He barges in to see Moses early in the morning and insists he comes out to the official meetings. He has skipped them for several days on end and Palace officials are concerned about his well being. Much like a babysitter, Kwok Lun tells him off for being irresponsible and lazy, only caring about having fun. He’s frustrated people are beginning to find him suspicious, being put in charge of every matter without the Emperor’s presence. I found this really amusing! I wonder how Kwok Lun feels, thinking Moses really is a lazy bludger? Moses of course continues to look clueless and dismisses him.

As Charmaine talks to Tavia (who has no plans going back to work), she is taken away as Kwok Lun wants to see her. This worries Charmaine as Tavia doesn’t return for over an hour and goes to find Moses. Moses and Kwok Lun just happen to be discussing about Tavia. He expresses his concern of Tavia’s bad influence on him, making him only care about play and not work. He disses Tavia’s lack of status and suddenly..out-of the blue– says he’s taken her as his “step daughter”. Huh? Because of their new relationship, Tavia now has a background and status, readily available to be his concubine.. O__O What? Did I misunderstand something? Doesn’t this completely contradict what he just said? What is he planning this time? Tavia is released and everyone is overjoyed that Tavia is finally accepted. Did Kwok Lun go through all this just so Selena can get married, too? This is very suspicious! Why did he have to take Tavia away? I wonder if he told her something we don’t know about O_O!

Tavia and Kwok Lun

Tavia and Charmaine are in a room chatting, where Tavia reveals how happy she is, coming so far in her life. She was deprived of a family since childhood, grew up being a servant and now is finally a concubine! Tavia reiterates she will always be Charmaine’s good “sister” and will do anything for her. If anyone picks on her, let her know and she’ll back her up. Charmaine replies back with “What if you pick on me? Will you punish yourself?” I thought this was a really sweet scene, but that line really has to be a foreshadow! Charmaine was only saying it as a joke, but the audience knows it will eventually become a reality :{ Although we see hints of Tavia envying Charmaine time and again throughout the episodes so far, this scene shows it’s irrelevant. Getting down to the bare basics, she still has her conscience and remembers what Krystal has told her.

Tavia and Charmaine

Elsewhere, Selena is extremely pissed off learning that Tavia will also be a concubine- the same rank as her. She is determined to rip Tavia apart and show her the real difference between their class…Looks like it’s time for the two to compete!

Tavia and Selena, separately in their own rooms are being groomed for the Emperor! Gotta say wow, they both look really pretty. They sit on their beds awaiting for Moses to make love to them. I thought it was really funny seeing Selena being handed with a .. “How to make love guide book” of some sort! Her facial expression was priceless! XD XD

Moses is in his room reading, delaying bedtime as much as possible. His servant persistently asks him if he’d like to go to bed (at Selena’s) but he say’s he’s not tired. He sits there thinking of Charmaine, the one women he truly loves, and ends up staying at Mary’s place. Tavia and Selena were left sitting anxiously in their rooms all night, thinking Moses was staying with the other.

Selena, Moses and Tavia

The next morning, when the two ladies meet, Tavia greets her with a smile but is slapped across the face! Selena thought Moses stayed at Tavia’s place all night because she had used dirty tricks- what an airhead! Being the “little princess” that she is, when she’s angry she yells, she slaps.. it sure makes her rather transparent. Tavia on the other hand holds in her anger and plays along to annoy her. Contrary to what Selena believes, I don’t think Selena can really compete with Tavia. Tavia can put on an act and can be much more deceiving.

This is proven in the following scene when Mary offers them each a jewellery piece. Tavia pretends to be very modest, and lets Selena pick first. However, Tavia already has one in mind that she knows is far superior than the other because Charmaine made it. Using psychology, she manipulates Selena into thinking the one Tavia has her eyes on was the other piece. Selena deliberately takes the “better” one for herself thinking its the one Tavia wanted. Looks like Tavia’s plan succeeded, without Selena suspicious at all!

Selena slaps Tavia

What are your thoughts on Episode 16? Do you think Tavia did the right thing pretending Moses really stayed at her place? Charmaine tells Tavia they should be good friends, do you think this is realistic? And what about Yi Kei? Do you think her jealousy is justifiable? Leave a comment and share your thoughts! 🙂

Please refrain from posting any story spoilers beyond episode 16. Thanks.

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15 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 16”

  • kinki says:

    1st 🙂
    It takes take to write…so 😀

  • kinki says:

    Yeah, I agree with you Chibi. I think Charmaine & Kevin has the least chemistry. I dunno why, cos they ARE supposed to be all sweet and in love with each other but I just dun feel it. Even Susanna & KK have more chemistry than they do.

    I think Kwok Lun let Tavia becomes Moses’ concubine because he wants his goddaughter Selena to become his concubine. Cos he knew Moses intentionally postponed the assignment of concubines because he wouldn’t let him rank Tavia as one.

    I think Tavia did the right thing. She was gonna say “Hi”, and the next second, *SLAP*! Selena was SO MEAN, the first thing she did in the morning was to slap Tavia. She did that because of her jealously and stupidity. If I were Tavia, I would be furious too!

    Just a side note, did anyone go to BTROC’s official website (TVB) to watch the NGs scenes. Highly recommend them, they are sooo funny to watch!

    • An Pham says:

      oh i totally forgot to mention about the sence with tavia and kwok lun below. well i totally disagree. i think that he accepted tavia to become is god dauhter or w.e. because he’s gonna use her as a pond. it’s kind menetion in the begin. where it was mention tavia was siding with kwok lun

    • chibi says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts ^_^!

      Just a side note, did anyone go to BTROC’s official website (TVB) to watch the NGs scenes. Highly recommend them, they are sooo funny to watch!

      I will eventually get to it sometime 😀 Maybe after I’ve finished the series.

  • An Pham says:


    now back to the post. i dnt think selena li character is really a bad character. i just think that she’s kinda like susan tse. i mean if you knew that you were going to compete with a low class person and ur both make as the same rank. i would be pretty mad too…..i love susana and that other guy sence. you really can see alot in there eyes. it tells the whole story. but that’s what u have to exspect from a talented vetern. and i agree tavia is very manipulated. she’s indeed very smart. i feel in some way im kind of like this too. but i dnt feel as it’s a bad thing. well im not going into detail about it. but as aways great posst. and hey when are you going to be back……

    if you have myspace then add me:

    omg the episode im watchi rite now is very intense

    • chibi says:

      hmm.. she can be annoyed that she’s at the same level as a low class person, but that doesn’t excuse the fact it makes her shallow and vain :/

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    The psychology trick that Tavia used i think its hinting something that tavia’s gonna do something soon, i dont think selena gonna win against Tavia…

  • C says:

    Kwok Lun didn’t take tavia as his stepdaughter, he found some old general/court official who had no kids to take her as his stepdaguther

  • Jenny says:

    Hey there, I just found your site randomly and I really love reading your reviews especially for Beyond. Even though I shouldn’t since it’s spoiling it but I can’t seem to stop lols!

    Anyways, I can’t wait to see this episode. I’m really excited to see Selena, she just keeps improving every time I see her. I’m a little disappointed she got the bitchy sort of role, hopefully her character will grow on me.

    • chibi says:

      Hi Jenny!
      Thanks for reading my entries for Beyond and dropping a comment! I’m very glad you’re enjoying them, and I hope even though it somewhat spoils it for you, you’ll still find some enjoyment when you watch it!

      I think Selena does start growing on you… hehee.

  • Summer says:

    finally Susanna and Kwok Keung mend up le. they become friedns again. but i can still see that the both of them still love each other. tell you guys something, do u think that Susanna is more prettier then the Lam Yi Kei? who agree wif me, pls reply

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