This drama sure is heading uphill! Each episode seem to be getting better and better! In Episode 17 of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience], we have a few very exciting scenes to look forward to. I’ve decided to focus this entry  mostly on Tavia and Selena, so hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Kara can’t hold still, always trying to find ways to climb up the ladder. She tries to suck-up to Selena but wasn’t actually clever enough to fulfill her needs, lol. Hopeless. Hor Wai is unimpressed by how simple minded she is as her plans are often not thought through properly. She warns her time and again to stop doing little things; and to concentrate on getting along with Susanna/Michelle/Charmaine until the opportunity arises. Of course, she never listens and upon seeing Susanna and Kwok Keung engage in a conversation, she decides to set her up!

Selena prepared some gifts for her parents, one for her mother and two for her father, including a box. Upon hearing Susanna created them, she angrily pushes the box off the table, revealing a love letter inside! Not hard to figure out who put it in there, aye? XD

Yi Kei marches into the House of Proceedings and boldly slaps Susanna across the face! She angrily starts yelling and screaming how she is trying to seduce her husband. After denying the accusations, Yi Kei reveals the hand-written love-note and verbally abuses her as a sad, desperate lady. Selena strongly backs up her mother, saying the evidence is sufficient and there’s nothing else to say. The handwriting on the letter however, was not Susanna’s. There’s also no mention of a name on the note. Hor Wai instantly recognises the handwriting to be Kara’s and discreetly glares at her.

Yi Kei slaps Susanna

Michelle starts questioning how she found the letter in the first place, and explains the finished product goes through many people before it reaches Selena. Why would she place a letter in such an obvious location for her to spot? Charmaine adds that the letter states the two will have a secret meeting tonight, but everyone knows that Kwok Keung is out of the Palace! yay, go girl! This is so amusing, as every bit they point out makes Kara look really dumb XD Surely she should have done her research first? This leaves them without sufficient evidence and they leave (not before insulting them more though, lol) I thought this scene was really exciting! It was also nice to see Michelle backing Susanna up, and concerned for her 🙂

Hor Wai looks at the love-note

Hor Wai and Kara speak privately in a room, where she angrily tells her off for not listening to her; creating such a mess. Her plan completely backfires against her now as Selena and Yi Kei have a grudge against the whole House of Proceedings. The more Hor Wai yells at her, the more I wonder.. does Kara have a grudge against Hor Wai as well? She continually disses how dumb she is, surely she will remember this. I wonder if Kara will back stab her sometime in the future?

Meanwhile, Tavia wants to impress Moses by preparing performances for him. However she is soon left disappointed when a messenger informs her Moses is occupied with Kwok Lun and Selena, and will not be seeing her. I find Tavia to be quite the lady; she is able to remain in a calm and peaceful manner, not letting out her anger on the servants. Tavia sure feels different to other concubines in this aspect and is quite an interesting watch. I wonder how long this can last?

Tavia and Selena

Tavia applies make-up powder on to make her look pale and sick (though still beautiful) to make Moses worry and see her. However, her plan failed as Selena saw through it and walks in instead. The two engage in a conversation where they both speak politely to each other, pretending to be “friends”. However, every word Selena speaks is extremely sarcastic which fuels a lot of resentment inside. Tavia sure isn’t going to let her win! What follows is a series out events where Tavia pretends to really like Selena, spending the time creating an embroidery piece for her, and always speaking good words. This act is played in front of Mary, who is convinced Tavia has good intentions and thinks of Selena before herself.

Tavia looking good in front of Mary

Tavia presents her gifts to Selena with a smile, but Selena is ungrateful, dropping hurtful comments in the process. Selena is extremely rude towards her, making derogatory remarks about her being a servant. Tavia is extremely infuriated, pushed to her limits and turns around angrily to slap her! Seriously I would feel like bitch slapping her silly too! Who does she think she is? Why is it that Selena can slap her anytime she wants (and get away with it) while Tavia has to bare it? Selena is in shock and attempts to attack back, but is blocked and is slapped a second time. Selena runs away in tears like a “little princess” to tell her godfather Kwok Lun. What a cry-baby! If she can’t handle it, why act all high and mighty, looking down on others? At the end of the day, it’s only because of her connections and status she’s so vain.. she doesn’t seem very “smart” in terms of scheming.

Tavia slaps Selena

Kwok Lun brings Moses and Mary to give justice to Selena, but they were all in for a surprise! Tavia and Yoyo (servant) were both visibly injured, with blood leaking from Tavia’s mouth. Ahah, it’s a similar tactic she used on June earlier in the series. Tavia who is in tears gets on her knee and begs for forgiveness. She admits she did slap Selena, but it was because she slapped her first and it was self-defense. Selena denies it happening but Mary coldly brushes her off, only wanting to hear Tavia’s explanation. Yoyo reveals the nasty comments Selena made, and says Selena slaps her after she started crying. Kwok Lun interferes, and says that’s only their side of the story and that there were other witnesses present. The other servant denies any truth in their words and states what really happened. Tavia acts innocently blamed and reveals that servant has received many goods from Selena, so her words are untruthful. How intense! Mary trusts Tavia, knowing how much effort she put in to make Selena happy. Moses decides to punish both of them to copy out lines, and lets the case rest.

Tavia being slapped

In the large scale of the story, Moses asks Kevin to investigate Kwok Lun, as it’s possible he has a lot of hidden treasures somewhere. Kevin sneaks into a secret basement from his room and discovers lots of gold! However, as he tries to leave, he is noticed by Kwok Lun’s guards, who injure him during the flee! He also dropped a piece of accessory on the ground which Kwok Lun recognises as Kevins! Uh-oh! Knowing Kevin works for Moses, his awareness has heightened and is beginning to suspect Moses…

The next day during an official meeting, Kwok Lun brings up an intruder has entered his room last night, revealing he believes it is Kevin because of the item he dropped. Suddenly Kevin walks in with his father’s hands tied together. He claims he found him suspicious last night, loitering around Kwok Lun’s room so he has arrested him. His father begs for mercy, saying he was only there because he heard rumors that Kwok Lun has hidden a valuable Japanese Chess asset. Being nosy, he went to have a look. Kwok Lun insists he can prove who the intruder is by seeing if there’s a mark left from the injury. He tightly grips onto Kevin’s shoulder! AHH! What suspense!! How will he pass this obstacle?

Kevin vs Kwok Lun

Hope you enjoyed this synopsis! What did you think of Episode 17? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? How do you feel towards Tavia- do you think her slapping and scheming was justifiable? Did Selena deserve what she got? Do you even like Selena? Drop a comment and let us know 😀

(Of course, please refrain from posting spoilers beyond episode 17 in the comments section. Thank you)

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23 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 17”

  • sandalls says:

    this was one of my favourite episodes!!! I was rooting for Tavia!!! her character is awesome and comes in so many layers!! her development is good but unfortunately she did not have the screentime to show it off…

    • chibi says:

      heheh yea, this was quite an exciting episode!

      • thzdth says:

        Yay! Priceless! My 2nd fave scene in this series! 😀 Tavia may be devious but Selena was such a bitch. Anyone in Tavia’s shoes would have done that too (unless it’s Susan vs Mary. Mary’s too simple and timid and protective of her son).

  • kinki says:

    Boy, that slapping scene was sooooo great to watch!! Really enjoyed that scene!!! 😛 Tavia’s last shot when Selena looked back at her before she left was AWESOME: Tavia’s face turned from innocent to an evil smile!

    Just a side note, I think the concubines’s ‘fa tin’..the flower symbol they have on their face..looks way better on the forehead. I think Tavia’s one’s not as pretty when it’s located beside her left eye.

  • Janie says:

    yeah, i like selena, but her character in beyond really bothers me. i think she totally deserves the slap from tavia.

    but looking at how fake tavia can act also bothers me too, hehe.

  • jane says:

    I loved this episode!! Tavia is plotting harder and harder…Selena is good too!!

    Also my shoulders/back hurts for Kevin! LOL

  • fiona says:

    GRRRRRR to tavia being all dat evil and trying to act like really nice in front of moses and mary. and grrrr to slapping selena!! LOL

  • kammi says:

    i think Tavia’s ‘fa tin’ whatever its called.. it shows more of the expression on the eyes as i notice the close up always where flowerish thing side!~ when shes up to something/payback!~ omg anyone notice how Selena’s mother when she starts talking her head is like those bobblie things!~ lol!~ SO funny.. hehe.. omg Selena totally deserves both slaps 4 being a spoilish brat!~ o kevin omg!~ his smart to turn the blame onto his dad!~ hope they are going to be ok *suspense/ouch* btw had to comment as its my favi episode atm!~ thanks chibi 4 updating this epi love the summary n screen caps!~ ^^

  • lavender says:

    my first comment! I’ve been following these summaries for awhile but now I’m catching up. Just have to say – I originally followed because I’m a Charmaine/Moses fan but Tavia has now caught my interest. It’s the best role I’ve seen from her and now I may be converted into a Tavia fan. Why is it I always like actors better after they’ve done “evil” roles? XD Anyway Tavia is what made this episode – you’ve gotta admit she is clever on turning the tables. But why is she taking Yoyo as a personal maid does she trust her after how bitchy she was in the past, Tavia isn’t the type to forget grudges.

    • chibi says:

      yay! Thanks for making your first comment lavender! I appreciate that :D!

      It’s good to know these days that people can appreciate evil roles instead of hating them (and consequently the actual actor o_O)

  • fiona says:

    OMG…It’s so annoying that Moses thinks that Selena actually slapped Tavia, and it seems like he doesn’t even care about her anymore…I’m so serious. Can’t Moses see that Selena has changed? She’s not even like the stubbourn person she was when she first entered the palace!! Gosh…feel so sorry for Selena! 😥

    • chibi says:

      I don’t know.. If I was Moses I’d fall for it too, lol.

      • thzdth says:

        Selena is so stupid… Mary was a maid herself before becoming Empress, which is why she cares for Tavia alot as they have similar lowly background. And Moses is very clearly aware of his mother’s past as well. No wonder both mother and son side with Tavia on this one (but he hasto punish both to appease Kwok Lun). If Selena’s sensitive to that, she would be more careful when dealing with Tavia.

  • Marcus says:

    Oh god I hated how Selena mum slapped Susanna cross the face she just because of what kara did jeez lol
    and also can Tavia think another tactic instead of using same tactics (but tavia is good at doing it lol)

  • ANGLE4 says:

    Tavia is extremely tricky and pretty too! sooo interesting

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