In episode 20, we are first made to believe Selena is pregnant, but shortly after a quick examination it was just a false alarm. Tavia turned from being worried to relieved. Selena; excitement to disappointment. Suddenly, Tavia momentarily loses conscious. She was actually the one pregnant! I was a bit unsure about this at first, but watching on confirmed it is indeed the case. (You can’t blame me for thinking this, it really did look suspicious XD Plus in many drama characters fake pregnancies ^^;)

Tavia finds out she's pregnant

Tavia finds out she’s pregnant

Maybe its the long gap between watching the episodes, I now kind of just feel sorry for Selena. She seems quite helpless. (Did I just forget about that awkward and forced scene which annoyed the crap outta me?) Suddenly Tavia seems to be more of the predator and Selena is the victim. I guess once the power switches from Selena to Tavia, Tavia automatically appears superior (losing our sympathy). I guess the same thing would have happened to Tavia if Selena really was pregnant. As a result, Selena becomes very jealous as both Mary and Moses tend to Tavia a lot, giving her special privileges while she feels ignored.

Tavia’s happiness doesn’t last though. Just as Tavia and Yoyo are dreaming of her being the Queen one day, she trips over a painting which rolled onto the floor by accident, knocking her stomach into the chair! Blood leaks from her and the baby is immediately killed. o_o Did anyone else find it awfully abrupt? Tavia is absolutely devastated upon learning the truth and blackmails the Palace Doctor to cover up the incident. He warns her it can only be covered up for a maximum of 10 days. Although very heartbroken about the loss of her baby, she doesn’t waste any time to get back at Selena. Pretending she is still pregnant, she takes advantage of the situation and makes Selena give Yoyo (a servant) a massage. Was this even necessary? sure made her amused for a while..

Tavia loses her baby

Tavia loses her baby

An upset Selena confides to Yi Kei about the incident which prompts her to think of ways to help Selena  fall pregnant. However, Yi Kei brings back a voodoo doll to curse Tavia! Warning her mother this is totally taboo, Yi Kei quickly burns it to avoid anyone finding out she had the intention. The situation doesn’t go unnoticed and Tavia soon finds the remains of the voodoo doll ashes. She mistakenly thought Yi Kei and Selena really did use the voodoo doll, causing the death of her baby! Tavia angrily vows to take revenge and uses Charmaine as a chess piece in her scheme. She deliberately goes to pray at a temple with Charmaine, letting her know she placed her “Time of Birth” slip under the incense burner. She set up the situation so it looked like Yi Kei and Selena stole her “Time of Birth” slip which allows them to curse her with a voodoo.

Yi Kei thought of cursing Tavia's baby

Yi Kei plans to curse Tavia to lose her baby

With Mary presence, Tavia pretends to be painfully tormented- saying she feels needles piercing her body. She soon starts to bleed and her baby is “dead”. Mary and Moses are furious and are determined to find out the one behind it. Mary recalls Yi Kei and Selena mentioning they would be at the temple at that same day at a certain hour (shortly after they leave). This makes it possible for them to take the slip (which was missing) and to use it. After a thorough search, they don’t find anything in Selena’s room, but a voodoo doll is discovered in Yi Kei’s room!

Yi Kei is accused of using the voodoo doll resulting the baby’s death. She admits she did have thoughts, but did not act upon them. Does this tactic ring any bells? This is very similar to the method Tavia used against June earlier in the story. Not wanting to drag Selena into this mess, she does not have any eye-witness to support her claims. To make matters worse, Yi Kei rudely points out that she is Kwok Keung’s wife, and Kwok Lun’s cousin. If Moses dares to do anything to her, they will not let him get away. Yi Kei gets locked up nevertheless and is reportedly sentenced to her death in 10 days. Selena hopes Kwok Keung and Kwok Lun can make it back in time to save her.

Everyone finds out Tavia lost her baby

Tavia pretends to lose her baby, caused by Yi Kei

Selena desperately tries to speak to Moses about the truth, but he is not willing to see her. Helplessly, she seeks Charmaine for help but even she doesn’t have the power to do anything about it. However, she informs her that Moses always goes to visit his turtle at a specific day, despite wind or rain. Selena is very hopeful for the opportunity.

The day has arrived, and Moses is preparing lollies to bring to the Turtle. Suddenly Tavia interrupts him, expressing her sorrow and grief over their baby’s death. She hopes they can write a letter to their unborn to express their love for him. Moses agrees and heads back into the room with Tavia. Tavia subtly grins to herself.

Tavia grins

Was this all intentional? O_O Will Selena miss the opportunity to see Moses?  Can’t wait to watch the next episode!

What are your thoughts on Episode 20? Do you think it’s wrong of Tavia to set up Yi Kei, if she genuinely thought Yi Kei “killed” her baby? If Yi Kei never brought in a voodoo doll to begin with, do you think Tavia would be evil enough to place blame on them anyway?
Do you want Yi Kei to die, and for Tavia to succeed…? Drop a comment and let us know!

Please refrain from posting character/story spoilers beyond episode 20. Thank You

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30 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 20”

  • kinki says:

    Yes! I found how Tavia lost her baby ‘awfully abrupt’! It was as if they were in a hurry to get things And also, at this stage,I think Tavia is evil enough to place blame on Selena & her mom anyway! Yi Kei’s initial voodoo doll plan just helped facilitate Tavia’s evil plan.

    Dunno if it’s because I’ve always love watching Tavia as an actress, that I actually enjoyed seeing her being evil 😛 I was literally silently cheering her on watching her turns bad. :cheers: So seeing she plots on Yi Kei was ‘enjoyable’ for me to watch (since I’d found Yi Kei quite annoying all along). I think I got poisoned by Tavia’s character, lol~ 😛

    • TVBSG says:

      yes, I agree with you kinki, and throughout the development of Tavia’s evilness, her eyes are always freaking me out! shows that she’s good though, as an actress.

    • chibi says:

      lol, I admire your honesty… Let’s see if I can brainwash you back into Charmaine-goodism.. LOL (j/k)

      It’s great that you’re enjoying the series ^^ Thanks for your input and thoughts!

  • Fiona says:

    tsktsk…evil Tavia…BUT I STILL LOVE YOU SO MUCHTavia!!! <3<3<3 but her evil exxpressions just sometimes freak me out…YIKES!
    still…support Michelle…<3<3<3<3<3 🙂 LOL

  • 'Muff says:

    Ahh, I binged on so many episodes lately, reading this episode summary brings me back to episode 20 😀
    So much happens in the space of a couple of episodes. D8

    I felt so sorry for Tavia when she lost her baby D: She was all happy and pleased and then… that happened. I actually wanted her accusation of Yi Kei to be successful – her character was so annoying throughout. And also because I was worried that if they found out Tavia lost her baby she’d be sent to the Cold Palace because of ‘failure’. Not that Moses or Mary’d do that, but… imagine an ordinary concubine with any other Emperor. *shudder*

    Or if not have her be sent to the ‘Cold Palace’, treat her differently and awkwardly. D:

    Don’t know if it’s weird of me, but at that stage I still refused to believe Tavia was all that evil. Just… scheming protectively of herself? Hmm. =| (But at later episodes I had to stop giving her excuses. :()

    Besides, Tavia actually thought the voodoo doll was used on her. So yeah.

    Otherwise… if there was never the whole voodoo doll thing, I was expecting Tavia to somehow set up a scene where Selena would ‘accidentally’ make Tavia slip and fall and hit her stomach, thus ‘killing’ the baby.

    (And I don’t think Tavia did that intentionally, thinking Selena would actually look for Moses that day, but she was just trying to take up all of Moses’ time so that in case Selena DID try to look for Moses *which she does* he’d be occupied.)

    • chibi says:

      lol..yeah.. I’m quite behind everyone else ^-^; I’ll get to the end eventually though 🙂

      I had a similar feeling to you actually..I know Tavia was kinda evil, but I hoped she would succeed mainly because we don’t want her to fall.. (not yet- anyway, lol) It’s Tavia! Let’s believe there’s some kind of goodness inside (I kinda doubt that XD)

  • jane says:

    I knew she was gonna lose the baby when that roll of the artwork fell on the floor and the camera focused on it!!

    At first I thought she would set up Selena but Charmaine would be there to help Selena therefore building on her dislike for Charmaine for taking another person’s side instead of her “sister” Tavia’s. What a change in character. Also the blackmailing if the doctor just to preserve her position and power is just shows how she is slowing changing and going crazy.

    I felt bad for Tavia losing the baby but I felt even worse for Selena!! She’s spoiled but she does have a nice side and is genuinely looking out for Moses when she stopped her mother from using the voodoo doll and also when she said that even though it’s Tavia’s kid, it’s also Moses’s kid.

    Yi Kei is annoying but not sure of she deserves to die. I guess from Tavia Mary and Moses’s point of view she does b/c they think she actually tried to kill their baby but from the viewer’s perspective she didn’t actually go through with it therefore didn’t deserve to die but punished.

    • chibi says:

      I knew she was gonna lose the baby when that roll of the artwork fell on the floor and the camera focused on it!!

      The hints are really obvious in this drama, aren’t they? XD

  • Grace says:

    Honestly, I think Tavia deserved it, for being so obnoxious about “Oh I will be Queen and all that” What makes it worst is the minute she lost she she began to start blaming others for the lost of her baby. There was that one scene where she said “B/c I lost my baby, I will make you lose your mother to see how it felt” Indicating Selena, what was that all about?!?! It was her own fault and no body elses. I really felt like she had no motive to be evil!

    • chibi says:

      hmm.. but Tavia really thought Yi Kei and Selena were behind the whole voodoo thing (and back then, they really believed in this superstitious stuff)

      I don’t think she started blaming others right away~ only after she discovered the voodoo (which was quite soon after, aye?)

  • Shirley says:

    OMG i feel so sad for selena… tavia is so mean but later it gets even worse but i won’t ruin it for you’s kuz its really exciting. i can’t believe that tavia placed all the blame onto Yi Kei . keep up the good work tavia !! i’ll always be supporting you !! 🙂

  • *~xueling~* says:

    I didn’t feel bad for tavia losing the baby (call me evil :P), because all the pity immediately evaporated when she put the blame on yikei and selena.
    yikei was annoying, but I didn’t think she deserves to die, especially since she didn’t use the voodoo doll, and seriously, even if i were to use a voodoo doll, it means nothing. (but i think this kind of had to happen, oh well). and i do believe that she would have put the blame on selena or yikei anyway even if the voodoo doll thing did not happen. Knowing that they did not use it in the end, makes it worse because one shouldn’t be punished with death for merely intention alone. selena is spoilt, but she does have her good side (think the rabbits, *falls over laughing*)
    so i thought that tavia did have it coming, and she deserved losing the baby every bit–even though i didn’t like yikei at all (with her bullying susanna and all that.

  • Fiona says:

    …yah…I really hated yi kei’s character…and all the HEAD BOBBING!!LOL…but I still cried when she died!…i mean, i felt sry for selean! I wouldn’t want my own mom to die like that*God Forbid* but still…and now, i just feel that Tavia is like over reacting. like with her losing her baby and all…remember when she was so nice in the beginning and everything? now she’s like blaming other people that they made her lose her baby…when she was the one who did it!!! like cmon tavia. you know better than to do that. I really don’t understand why she’s hating the seunggong and everything…it’s not like they did anything bad to her!

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    well if selena and Yi kei did get the voodoo doll out and tavia didnt find out about it but still lost her baby then Tavia still would have blamed it on someone else most likely Selena anyways. As much as i love Tavia using Charmaine in her plan was just wrong… =)

  • engsamnang says:

    Tavia sometimes lied on the special charactor that the producer created it so intelligent. She sometimes the innocent and her evilness some forward that she evil isn’t no reason. She suffering in several situation which lead her to blame anyone both wrong and right. She then stuck, let no good at behind either she maybe want to be goodie but must had the evil plan one by one to get the top as she drunk of hatred. Her charactor is so special. Love Tavia acting, move out with eye and word so good. So interesting this episode. wait for another. I just finished the whole series, watch from 1-15 and youtube delect the rest. and i started the story with the final three. So good Beyond

  • sherry says:

    Actually Tavia knew that selena and her mom didnt kill her baby since she lost her baby 10 days ago adn only find her buring it now -_-.. shes just making it seem like it was there fault to make herself feel better.. great performance by Tavia!

  • tvbholic says:

    i dun like how tavia schemed against selena and mum. but i dun like yikei any better. how she picked on susanna really pissed the crap outta me.. maybe her voice contibuted to the irritating-ness. heh! but yes i found selena irritating in the episode with the rabbit and statue but here, selena is sooooo pitiful..

    think selena changed after tavia successfully turned the table on her in the episode before. cos selena will be pretty much likeable from here on.

  • rachel says:

    i think i must be too biased and too much of a tavia-supporter, i don’t hate her one bit! lol usually i hate anybody who’s evil, but i always find myself rooting for tavia, hoping she’ll win hahah. in the beginning when selena thought she was pregnant, i secretly hoped she wasn’t, and was so happy when they found out it was actually tavia who was pregnant, i think no matter how evil tavia will become, i’ll still be on her side lol hahahah

  • Elaine says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for posting this!! It made whole lot clearer after watching the show in chinese. I kinda understand half and half! Kinda felt sad that Tavia lost her baby.

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