Susanna talks to Tavia privately by the well. She comforts her, telling her she knows who works hard, and the pain people go through. She will definitely give opportunities to those who put their heart into their work. However, it turns out Susanna somehow knew Tavia was the one who backstabbed June! Tavia is shocked by this knowledge but keeps her composure. Did Charmaine tell? (I kind of doubt it, but it’s probably the first thing Tavia thought). She assures Susanna Charmaine is her best friend, and will never do anything  to hurt her. It feels like Susanna only spoke to her because she was worried about Charmaine, moreso than here to comfort her.

Tavia and Susanna confront Beyond the Realm of Conscience

The confrontation is followed by a slightly eerie scene, with Tavia filled with jealousy and bitterness in her eyes. She helps Charmaine dress up in her new outfit and tries really hard to smile and be happy for her. However, once Charmaine leaves the room, tears pour out of her eyes uncontrollably. She looks around at the large room which could have been hers. She forces herself to smile, wiping away her tears while telling herself Charmaine is her best friend and she is suppose to be happy for her. aww..I feel sorry for her.. 🙁

Tavia cries Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Moses is alone in the forest practicing martial arts Kevin has been teaching him. He suddenly hears a voice crying for help and looks around to see Charmaine! Her foot was caught in a trap, and a very concerned Moses comes to her aid. He talks to her in a very serious manner (being his true self), and Charmaine starts finding it odd.. He frees her from the trap, and while bandaging her leg, he suddenly realises he forgot he was supposed to be “dumb”! He concentrated so hard in saving her that nothing else was in his mind. Charmaine smiles cheekily, indicating she’s found out the truth. He continues to be his serious self and carries her on his back. sweet…

Moses and Charmaine Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Moses carrying Charmaine

Walking midway, Kevin sees the two and Moses puts her down, explaining the situation (back as his childish self). Kevin is extremely worried and promptly picks Charmaine up. wwoooahh.. I must say this is probably the most intense scene as far as a love triangle goes xD As he takes her away, Moses looks on, realising Kevin’s feelings for her. Charmaine also happily wraps her arms around him. This scene alone demonstrates how Charmaine really feels towards the two. Moses feels defeated, but smiles without any hard feelings.

Kevin carrying Charmaine

I actually find it funny that even after the events of episode 6 (which I thought was a key turning point), Michelle and Susanna seem to be back at square one. They bicker and argue all over again, fueled by Michelle’s jealously that Charmaine is now working for Susanna in the Jewellery proceedings. I guess while it’s absolutely normal and realistic for her to feel that way, it seems like there’s no mention of the event that brought them closer. Did it even happen at all? lol…Girls will be girls I guess~ always easily jealous of each other and not very forgiving. (Oh, incase you’re wondering, I’m a female so I’m not being sexist XD) Susanna is still probably the less evil out of the two. Michelle keeps causing problems, deliberately trying to hurt Susanna and Charmaine’s close relationship. Susanna stays strong though and trusts Charmaine very much.

Meanwhile, Moses discovers that Mary has been physically and verbally abused by Susan! Susan brought up the past, insisting it was because of Mary, a low-level servant seducing the Emperor that she was not crowned the Queen. Moses angrily leaves the room to confront Susan.

Moses confronts Susan for beating Mary

Moses starts scolding at her (still in a childish manner) for beating his mother. He warns her that if she beats her again, he’ll be unforgiving! At this moment, he lifts up his sleeves indicating he wants to hit her, but they discover it’s full of red spots!! Measles? Some kind of disease? Susan is horrified and quickly sends him out. They believe it’s a contagious and deadly disease. Both Mary and Moses are contained in the Palace to prevent the disease spreading around. Despite its risks, Charmaine disguises herself as a guard to see him.

Moses with spots

Moses informs her that he’s not really infected and it was all an act. He hopes this way they can be sent out of the Palace and his Mother can live some peaceful days. As long as they’re in the Palace, she will always suffer. Moses is touched Charmaine came to see them, regardless of the risks and fears of contracting the disease. Although saddened knowing he will eventually leave, she wishes the best for them.

This plan doesn’t go as smoothly as it appears. Susan prepares an antidote that could possibly cure the disease- a very strong pill that previous Emperors have taken who was diagnosed with it. However, it’s a dangerous medication and not everyone’s body can handle it. If it has any reactions, the person would be poisoned to death!  Susan always has evil ideas up her sleeves, doesn’t she? XD The “medication” is brought to Moses and Mary, who was warned about its side affects. Susan demands the servant see them consume it before she’s allowed to leave. What will they do? =O

Hope you enjoyed reading this summary. What did you think of episode 8? Share your thoughts by commenting below :)!

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21 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 8”

  • kinki says:

    We can truly feel for Tavia’s struggle trying to maintain to be a good person and a good sister to Charmaine when she was alone in Charmaine’s new bedroom. I really felt pity for her…!! =(

    How Tavia continues to tell herself not to be jealous and to feel happy for her good sister Charmaine while she CRIES (*heartbreak*). That scene really touched me (well, i guess it means that Tavia’s acting (esp. cry scenes) are getting better which is something good/happy to know) 🙂

    Hahaha…it’s funny how you mentioned “Michelle and Susanna seem to be back at square one”. Well, I guess we all know their fight will resume sooner or later..and ta-da~ here it is! It started all over again. Dun they love to conflict? lol~

    • chibi says:

      haha yeh, but I didn’t think it would be this soon!

      lol..At least there was peace and quiet for one episode..(episode 7 they were still okay)

      And yeah, I really like Tavia’s crying scenes actually..really emotional, and great acting on her part 😀

      Thanks for reading ^_^!

  • An Pham says:

    hahah i totally agree with kinki on tavia acting. i think she improves sooo sooo much…all her sence are very exciting, especially her crying sence and she has so much energy in her eyes now….like i just cnt stop looking at them. like her eyes for me almost tell the whole story. i actually think that her acting is better than charmaine, who has been in the industry for over 30 years. (write if you think differently) or maybe it’s the fact that charmaine didnt have any good sence yet……ohhh my favortie part of this series is when we found out that mary hon was horribly punish by grand empress. OMG so many bruises and mark. it was so painful looking.. it was almost everywhere. especially the one on the ear and arm………i love mary hon. it’s a treat when ever i see her in a series.

    • An Pham says:

      i meant my favorite part of this episode…not series…oh…..i just wanna said thanx for writigng this review so fast. i didnt expect this one to be out in another 2 days

    • csfan says:

      hehe you mean charmaine who has been in the industry for more than 10 years yeah?

      About the triangle, Im rooting for Mo-Cha 😀 I know that will never happen (its tvb, duh!) No offense to fans, I find Charvin ultimately boring I feel their storyline is just too bland and sssooo uninteresting comapred to Mo-Cha.. I dont feel their chemistry… Just my thoughts!

      • eidetical says:

        I’m rooting for Mo-Cha too! I don’t know why, but I felt that their relationship had the more “fated” sense than Charvin (the times they kept meeting each other, or saving each other), plus they’d already met as kids. But yes, it’s TVB so it’ll end up Charvin… Which is really getting boring, I must say.

        • chibi says:

          You’re right about the “fate” part.. they’ve helped each other overcome obstacles time and time again.

          Surely that says something!

          I actually wonder why Charmaine doesn’t love him in return? o_o

      • chibi says:

        I can’t help but root for Mo-Cha too! They’re so much fun to watch.. Opposites attract, and I feel that Charmaine and Kevin’s personality is too similar. We have two sensible characters who seem to continually compliment each other (have you noticed they can’t stop doing that? XD)

        But yeh.. I wonder what we’ll think when Moses becomes serious 24/7 too..hmm..

    • chibi says:

      hmm yeah, I don’t think Charmaine’s scenes are as demanding yet.. hopefully we’ll see something more impressive from her in the coming episodes 🙂

      And yeah..Mary scenes are always pretty exciting to watch!

  • Rowena says:

    Go Tavia!

    Her character just gets more and more interesting. I’m glad to know that she isn’t “cruel” to start off with, its just the circumstances she comes across, that fuels the darker side of her character.

    Like you Chibi, I think kevinxchar r/ship lacks in excitement. I suppose they do have that ‘love at first sight’ thing going on, but meh that’s sooo cliche~ LOL jokes~

    Oh my gosh, as you know I’m slightly ahead in watching the series and I must say, when you (eventually) get to ep 14…you will be SHOCKED! So many twists and various characters turning new (but bad) leaves!

    • chibi says:

      haha, that sounds exciting. Can’t wait till I get up to there 🙂

      And yeah… Charmaine x Kevin’s relationship doesn’t seem very exciting- but maybe it’s because back in the ancient times, excitement wasn’t a priority? LOL.

  • jane says:

    I love Tavia’s expressions…especially in the eyes!! I don’t mind Charvin…they have that Love At First Sight thing going on and back in the ancient days, I don’t think people were that expressive when they liked each other…they just kind of kept it between the couples themselves and are reserved about it but you can tell they like eachother type thing…

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    Did Tavia want to or was she ordered to or did Charmaine tell her to help her dress in her new outfit?? helping charmaine dress is like rubbing in her face.
    Its like “ha! u went through al that and u didnt even get the position”… i dunno if u guys got that but anyways pity Tavia so much

    • chibi says:

      Oh no, Tavia did so willingly 🙂 She offered to help her, and Charmaine has been feeling guilty about Tavia missing out. She even asked Susanna if she could give her position to Tavia instead but she insists she’s got talent.

  • TVB Fan says:

    More developments in Mo-Cha relationship than Charvin’s… Charvin’s seems boring..

  • KTVB says:

    Great episode and summaries 😀

    I felt sorry for Tavia- she knows Charmaine is her good sister and she knows she should be happy for her; but she couldn’t help the tears pour out of her eyes. Very emotional indeed!

    I love watching the Moses and Charmaine scenes and glad Charmaine can finally see the real Moses XD I can see why Moses likes Charmaine so much. Really is so touching to see her disguise as a male servant to see him; even when everyone in the Kingdom are afraid of them. Then again, it isn’t the first time Charmaine has shown this quality (e.g giving medicine to the Japanese guy when he was having a massive headache etc)

    Poor Mary!!!

    • chibi says:

      Thanks :D!

      I love watching the Moses and Charmaine scenes and glad Charmaine can finally see the real Moses XD

      Yesh, we’re really loving the Moses/Charmaine chemistry!! Charvin is still quite boring at this point…

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