Title: Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宫心计

Cast: Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼), Tavia Yeung (杨怡), Moses Chan (陈豪), Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖), Michelle Yim (米雪), Susanna Kwan (关菊英), Selena Li (李诗韵), Mary Hon (韩马利)

Episodes: 33

Release date: 19 October 2009 ( HK)

Producer: Mui Siu Ching

Scriptwriter: Kar Wai Nam & Choi Ting Ting

Themsongs: Susanna Kwan | Charmaine Sheh (Sub) | Sub Instrumental

TVB Beyond the Realm of Conscience


Imperial Household Bureau is responsible for managing and directing all household services to the Emperor and the Imperial family in Tong Dynasty. It is comprised of four departments, namely Jewels, Attire, Food and Furnishings. LAU SAM HO (Charmaine Sheh) and YIU KAM LING (Tavia Yeung) are introduced into the bureau in their tender age and brought up in the disciplines of the palace. The two girls are diligent. YUEN TSUI WAN (Susanna Kwan), Head of the Jewels, and CHUNG SUET HA (Michelle Yim), Head of the Attire, are both very fond of HO for she is a kind-hearted young girl. Soon, they start fighting for the fellowship of HO.

HO always remembers her mother’s words left to her before she passed away, that she was told, ‘Doing good deeds, Speaking good words, Showing goodwill’. She lives her life of being gracious and kind-hearted in the palace. On the other hand, LING believes her survival in palace is achieved through cruel and calculating tactics. She cheats and schemes her way to the top and finally becomes the concubine. Though she realizes that HO has fallen in love with the chess master KO HIN YEUNG (Kevin Cheng), her jealousy still arouses by HO’s attraction to the Emperor LEE YI (Moses Chan). Fearing that she is losing power, she ruthlessly makes up a false allegation against HO for murdering the Empress (Mary Hon) and condemns her to death. No matter how clever she is to scheme, things do not go the way she planned. By using a strong comparison of the two distinctive characters, HO and LING, the message of the drama is that “benevolence” is the only way to gain final victory.

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Comments: Yay!! I can’t wait til this series get released :D

唐朝掌管后宮內务的最高权力中心–尚宮局,統领四房,分別为司珍房(首饰)、司制房(服饰)、司膳房(膳食)及司 设房(陈设)。刘三好(佘诗曼)与姚金铃(杨怡)自幼入宮当学婢,二人聪颖机伶,尤以三好品性纯良,得司珍阮翠云(关菊英)及司制钟雪霞(米雪)喜爱,爭 取收归门下,三好遂成二人爭斗祸心。 三好一直紧守亡母遗训-「做好事、说好话、存好心」,以善行仁心遊走於宮中这个爾虞我诈的地方;反而情同姐妹的金 铃,利慾薰心,为求成妃,不择手段。纵使三好钟情棋博士高显揚(郑嘉颖),但金铃知道皇帝李怡(陈豪)最爱是三好,妒意驟生,为保皇妃之位,竟诬告三好击 杀太后(韓马利),要置三好於死地。但计谋再深,总有算错的时候;手段再強,亦有疏忽的地方;本剧透过三好与金铃迥异的人生,帶出只有凭「行善积德」,才 是处世待人「至強无敌」之道。

Synopsis Credits to : Astro on Demand

34 Responses to “[New Series]: Beyond the Realm of Conscience”

  • wenni says:

    is it replacing the 7 or 8 30 time slot in austrslia?

  • starocean01 says:


  • TVB_4eva says:

    looking forward for this the wholee yearrr ;D

  • Kelvin says:

    I heard that it’s replacing the early slot.

  • grub says:

    wow seems like a good plot :)

    tavia’s facial expression is scary, very different to her usual roles where she is usually the victim or the innocent character. other than that susanna kwan’s hairstyle is kinda funny heehee

    and is that christine ng i see in the back?

  • jkcarter says:

    YAY! another charvin drama/series!! GO CHARVIN!! lol

  • faithict says:

    really looking forward for this series…

  • rachel says:

    omg! i can’t wait for this series!!! even though i just started college and probably shouldn’t be watching dramas all the time, i can resist, i’m really looking forward to seeing tavia as the villain and the overall production!!!! super excited!

  • 'Muff says:

    Can’t wait~~
    Sounds very appealing :D

    Tavia looks very good and fits-into-role already :D

    And yay, Charvin.

  • kinki says:

    really can’t wait for this one
    the cast’s awesome!!

    …Tavia, Charmaine, Moses, Kevin, Christine, Michelle, and lots more…all thumbs up!! =)

  • Littlenhu says:

    Does any body know when the Vietnamese version gonna come out????

  • MoonzRawr says:

    CAN’t wait for this to come out
    in NZ!

  • curly_fries says:

    i’m really looking forward to seeing tavia play a calculating villain. i’ve never seen her play one (her first role, i hear?) and i’m really anticipating how she’d perform.

  • Lisa N says:

    Well the vietnamese is up to You’re Hired, so the next series will be The Stew of Life. I can tell you, Beyond will be released after Stew. Because it has to be dubbed. We will always get it a couple of weeks later. So I’m guessin’ we’ll get to watch it in mid November. I live in Australia btw.

    • Littlenhu says:

      Really?? Cause Chamber of Bliss didnt come out for the vietnamese version yet. so idk.

      • Lisa N says:

        I follow the TVB Series 2009 on wikipedia…

        Well I know here in Australia, we get two series at the same time. Currently watching You’re Hired & D.I.E. Again.
        I know after You’re Hired, it will be Stew of life and then BEYOND will be released.

        As for D.I.E. Again, after that finishes, then In The Chamber of Bliss will come out, then Born Rich after that..

        I’ve been following that schedule and that’s how I know what series will be coming out next etc..

        • Littlenhu says:

          i follow wikipedia too, but the dates are kinda off. So do u know when the vietnamese version will be release in the US for BEYOND???

  • jojo says:

    aw man, mid-november?? thats so long >.< everyone will already be watching this..
    I heard that Beyond the Realm of Conscience is like the hk version of korean drama Jewel in the Palace, and alot of people say that Jewel is really good. So i hope that this series can match up and if not be better! ^^

  • Lisa N says:

    The dates on wikipedia is only for Hong Kong, in US or Australia, the vietnamese release dates of the TV series will of course be a bit later..because it has to be dubbed

  • LINDAH says:


  • Lisa N says:

    In the Chamber of Bliss just came out for Viet ppl, so Beyond willl be after that and I’m still guessin’ it’s mid- NOv.

    • Lisa N says:

      I mean’t Born Rich after Chamber.
      The Stew of life in viet has just come out with 6 eps. so Beyond will be out after this series completes.

  • chibi says:

    Ah looks so good :D I can’t wait to see it!!

    Tavia looks scarily evol..XD

  • lily says:

    OMG! Where is Christine in the cast? Is she like a back up or did she back out of the series?

  • 08lovedrama says:

    Beyond is out with englush subtitles. so i think in a few days or so, the vietnamese dub version will come out. :)

  • HKdramaFAN says:

    Taviaaa Was awesome her role was awesomee.
    So did Salena Li and Charmine. I also liked Tavia’s Concubine Head piece. Wat can i say?? This movie is awesome.

  • An Pham says:

    hahaha i find it soo funny that even though tavia did so much bad thing in the serie, ppls still want her to live at the end. i think the biggest reason for this is for the lack of human quality of charmaine character!!! lol i fine it soo funny don’t u??? “NO, i still like her”

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