August 2014

[Black Heart White Soul] Polls

Now half way through the series..which is your favourite character and pairings? 😀

[Black Heart White Soul] Which is your favourite pairing?

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TVB Black Heart White Soul

[Black Heart White Soul] Who is your Favourite Character?

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2 Responses to “[Black Heart White Soul] Polls”

  • KTVB says:

    I initially voted for May as my favourite character. It was a hard chose between her and Matt but as the story progressed, I started liking Marco! I think Marco definitely makes it as my favourite character in the series XD He’s so charming- what a cool villain lol I love how he has all these good connections and seems to me as someone who really values friendship. Although at the end he betray ‘Fire’ (Matt Yeung), he tried really hard to defend for him and even went Fire went back to find him, he kinda let Fire escape. I also love watching his love triangle with Scarlet and Denise. He seems to have a soft spot for Denise (I initially thought they were dating) and seems like such a sweet boyfriend to Scarlet- I thought it was so romantic how he wrote and sang a song for Scarlet ^^

    Matt also comes off very two-faced and dangerous..even his so love for May seems like a lie. He’s just so manipulative it’s scary. I wonder if he didn’t get disabled would he still be a greedy two face *sigh*

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