October 2009

[Born Rich] Episode 1-5 Thoughts

I finally picked up the first 5 episodes of “Born Rich” and ended up watching them all in one go-  I’m loving it!! The series contains both dramatic and light-hearted funny  scenes. (It gives me the same feeling as Dicey Business ^^) I love all the characters so far and can’t wait to see their story unfold.

The story is fast paced and dynamic, with each character, relationships and plot developing nicely.  These episodes are like a forecast for what’s to come!  I especially loved the first episode when the characters are introduced and it really develops the backdrop for the entire story.

Episode 1 was both really sad and touching, watching the Cheuk family coming to accept the loss of their father and letting go. It has been over a year and a half since the Cheuk’s male head in the family went missing after going to “Saaba”.

Mixing in with that, the family faces a crisis at the Bank ( their family business)  when a manager mistakenly signs off the wrong batch of safe deposit boxes to get destroyed- including their missing father’s ones. Ray Lui, who plays the filial son desperately tries to retrieve it back. It was also really sad when his mother (Nancy Sit) mistakes him for being a bad son for stopping the search operation and the fact Ray’s wife (Jamie Chik) was in the mood to prepare a party at home! They all miss him so much, yet Nancy thinks she’s the only one who actually still cares. It turns out that it was actually Ray’s birthday that day, so his wife wanted to prepare a party for him to cheer him up and to bring the family together. His mother has forgotten..and even Ray himself  has forgotten =( I’m glad that misunderstanding was resolved and the mother and son made up with each other.

As the episode is about to conclude, Joe Ma (a close family friend/Chief operational Officer at their bank) manages to retrieve Ray’s father’s Safe Box back as a  birthday present.  To Ray, it would have made him so so happy… who would have known that what lies inside the box was one of their father’s biggest secrets! –  the fact he has been having an affair and having another son whom he has been trying to search for!

Ray Lui as Marcus/Cheuk Yat Yuen (One dollar)

Born Rich - Ray Lui

Ray Lui is a really filial son and values family- you can understand why in this aspect he really wants to find his half brother back. He wants to fulfill his father’s wishes which he never got to, which was also the reason he went missing at Saaba. I really like Ray’s character so far, especially that filial heart and dedication. One of the downsides I feel is that he  doesn’t see it as much of a big deal about his father having an affair, foreshadowing his affair with Kenix! I think it’d be interesting to watch how all that will turn out!

Gallen Lo as Sha Fu-Loi / Cheuk Yat Ming

Born Rich - Gallen Lo

Gallen is awesomeness!! I absolutely enjoy his performance so far XD Because of his poor background and being an orphan, he and his brother (Kenneth Ma) make a living being con artist. Even though he’ s a con-artist, he still has a good heart and will not do anything that will “harm” other people. He is so funny to watch and it’s entertaining to see his acting skills in play in the series.  By chance, he  stumbles upon the opportunity to take on Ray’s step brother identity! Seeing that this was his perfect opportunity to make a load of money, the two plot to make this happen…

I really miss watching Gallen’s appearance. Love his role! I also love his chemistry with his Anita <3 Will do more posts on them in the future!

Anita Yuen as Rene/ Cheuk Yat Sum(One Heart)

Born Rich - Anita Yuen

I love watching Anita! She’s so pretty in this series! I love her look and her personality. Some of the things she says are quite straight forward which is entertaining too. Anita plays Ray’s sister and Nancy’s daughter. She has good chemistry and relationship with most (if not all) the characters in the series. She can be quite dopey and funny, yet can also get quite serious, direct, and harsh on words with her strong-headed and daring personality.  I love watching Gallen and Anita together XD They’re so romantic lol It’s like typical-ish, but refreshing at the same time. Maybe it’s the new pairing hehe I look forward to their every encounter. I think Anita has fallen for Gallen because he gives off that ‘mysterious’ feeling to her and she enjoys that kind of excitement in her life. At the same time, Joe Ma is also in her life and they have a bickering type of relationship with each other. Anita appears very compatible with both guys~so I’m looking forward to seeing more of this love triangle ^^

However, a conflict appears to be arising. With Gallen pretending to be Ray’s step brother- that would make Gallen and Anita biological brother and sister! =X  Anita also despises the idea of Ray bringing back their step brother and refuses to acknowledged him. How will Gallen and Anita react when they find out about their ‘relationship’? Gallen will be forced to choose between love and money…I personally hope she doesn’t find out soon, so at least they can spend more time together as a couple..

Born Rich - Anita Yuen and Jamie Chik

Joe Ma as Topman

Born Rich - Anita Yuen & Joe Ma

Joe is quite an interesting character and can be quite charming too.  He and Anita bicker a lot and the two constantly tease and challenges each other. They’ve known each other for years and have always been friendly rivals with each other. Joe gives off the impression a lot of woman fall for him although he’s just playing around with them. Joe also flirts with Anita which does not impress her lol I get the impression that Joe actually secretly has feelings for her, although he acts like he doesn’t. He can be quite  sensitive towards Anita’s feelings and feels bad (hurt?) when he makes her upset and tries to cheer her up because he doesn’t really mean to play overboard with her. What a sweet guy XD

Born Rich - Joe Ma

Judging from the opening sequence,  it looks like Joe will be quite hurt..

Jamie Chik as Connie/ Ho Tseuk Nin

Jamie plays Ray’s wife of 12 years and two kids.  She gives off a lovely wife- and motherly feeling. Coming from a rich family background, Jamie does not give off any of that ‘classy’ attitude. She values family and wants to make things good with her mother-in-law Nancy, although Nancy doesn’t seem to like her much and misunderstands her because of their difference in background and values (Nancy was not from a rich background). Jamie makes attempts to though. She also defends for her husband and is caring wife.

Born Rich - Jamie Chik

It was sad to find out that Jamie was holding onto ‘sadness’ for all these years married. On her wedding day, Kenix’s father went to tell Jamie that her husband-to-be did not love her and that he was seeing Kenix while she was away. Jamie was so upset to find out Ray was being unfaithful towards her, but she loved him and didn’t want to let him go even if he did cheat on her. As a result, Jamie lied to Kenix’ father, saying she already knew, and that Ray was only using Kenix to make her jealous, so they could get back together!

All these years, Ray and Nancy did not know Jamie had already knew and tried to keep it from her  while Jamie pretended she didn’t know in order to keep her family together, but all these years she was upset her husband was not honest with her…Now that Kenix has returned to Hong Kong , Jamie starts having insecurities …Poor thing : ( I really pity her!! She should have more faith in her husband though- he still picked her in the end. I can understand why she was still bothered though..I’m glad the couple were finally able to confess to each other the truth..

Nancy Sit as Sheung Hoi Mei

It has been a while since I’ve seen Nancy back on screen 🙂  [although that probably applies to every other character in this series, which I love ^^] Nancy’s character is quite funny to watch at times. Coming from a dancing background (and uneducated?), you’d often find her dressing up and dancing around like back in those days.   She and her husband worked really hard to get to where they are now as they were both from a poor background. She can be quite childish at times even for her age, complaining and whinging like a little kid when she can’t get her way, especially around her other old friends.  Nancy can become so stubborn and unreasonable at other times and can get quite scary when she over-reacts.

Born Rich - Nancy Sit

I do feel sorry for her character though. She loves her husband a lot and after this loss and thinking she’s had a perfect 40 year relationship with him, the memories are shattered when she find out he has been having an affair all along and even has a son! She stands firmly of not giving in any part of her husband’s will to her stepson.  She demands Gallen to have a DNA test!

Will Gallen be able to convince her otherwise..?

Kenix Kwok as Angie/ Tung Ling Chi

Kenix plays a wealthy Lawyer and is close with the Cheuk family through her father. Friends since young, the family were always really close. 12 years ago before Ray and Jamie got married, the couple had some arguments and Jamie left for England. During this time away, Kenix and Ray started a secret relationship and Ray cheated on Jamie! However when Jamie returned and Ray had to face the decision of getting married, he could not leave Jamie and as a result the heartbroken Kenix left for England for 10 years. Finally upon returning to Hong Kong, she said she has put the sad past behind her and has moved on. However, when she learns  from her father that Ray did not truly love her and only used her to make up with Jamie, Kenix becomes enraged.

Born Rich - Kenix Kwok

I have a feeling Kenix is going to plot her  revenge on Ray and Jamie..>< it’s quite scary really because Kenix starts acting like she’s fine with everything…It feels kind of sad when misunderstandings like this arise because Ray did love her during that time, but Jamie’s “lie” got passed to her >< and she doesn’t learn the truth…

I also feel that Ray and Kenix still have feelings for each other after all these years… how will all this turn out?

Like Anita, I think Kenix also looks really pretty in this series 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of her!

Kenneth Ma as Sha Po-loi

Kenneth is so adorable in this series XD He acts like a little kid and I love his brotherly bond with Gallen XD It’s so funny how he has to constantly stick on a moustache hehe and you often find him as a happy boy. Looking forward to seeing more of him!

Born Rich - Kenneth Ma

I really hope that more people will give this series a go (maybe even after Beyond the Realm of Conscience if you only have time for one of them XD)! Judging from the first 5 episodes, this series looks promising! Can’t wait t watch more!!

48 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 1-5 Thoughts”

  • weesa says:

    Awesome post! Just realised how long it takes to do a post like this! Can’t wait till I’ll have time and get my hands on these series! Muahaha! Keep up the good work 😀

  • Danny says:

    I also really enjoyed watching the first five episodes. Its been a long time that I haven’t seen Jamie Chik acting.

  • Kelvin says:

    Sound pleasing. By the way which grand production do you think will be better.

    • KTVB says:

      I think BTRC is/will be more popular, but secretly (or maybe not so secretly)I hope Born Rich will win my heart XD

      • Lavendar_Bluez says:

        high five! lols… woot woot!
        but both im sure are great in their own ways…i’ve yet to start on Beyond..im thinking after i complete BR..lol

  • omg…i practically teared up with enjoyment reading this..heheh…

    WOOT WOOT!!! YAYA A Born Rich-Lover to be buddies with LOL!!
    I love Born Rich too…enjoyed episode 6 today too!! haha…are you watching it daily..or weekly? (like as in 5 episodes in one shot?)

    lol..i love the cast too…. haha..Joe & Anita are hilarious…their bickering is pretty funny. actually i find i like the females more in the drama… i really like jamie chik’s smartness..like the way she reacted to the think Lau Siu Ming said to her on her wedding day was really well.. (the music added to the effect…)
    this series has really good timing of music i find
    anita in general..i like her…her chemistry with every character is just great,,, Nancy Sit..she’s funny…and after watching epidose 06 i actually feel bad for her too…she’s not as matriarch as i thought she’d be…kenix kwok..wow i miss her…she’s soo pretty too (but thin..o.0)…im just really scared of seeing her vixen side…depends on how they develop it..cause we can tell she’s very tacticful…

    I love Gallen Lo too…a bit funny..but im looking forward to the reason for turning evil =] hehe..and like everyone else…i love his relationship with kenneth ma (he’s soo cute!!)

    i love how descent paced the series is going…im looking forward to its build up though…TEEHEEEE

    goash..i like spammed your comments page…LOLS

    • KTVB says:

      Woohoo!! *Hi 5 Lavendar_Bluez * XD I love finding others who share the same love and passion for TVB series as I do XD

      I’m going to watch it in batches of 5 episodes (very tempted to watch one a day but I really really have to study >< So I'm trying to hold myself lol) I like the females more in the series too! Helps more that I love both Anita and Kenix and they both look so pretty here as well. Jamie's character does quite impress me too (like you said about her smartness) She's not just a housewife; but also quite sophisticated I would imagine (esp with her background) Kenix herself is quite competitive too which will makes it interesting to watch their rivalry! So far I'm still rooting for Jamie and Ray together though, and hope their marriage will hold strong! I hope Gallen's 'reason' for turning evil is not merely out of greed..=(

      • Lavendar_Bluez says:

        ahhaha i know!! it’s lots of fun to get excited over scenes with!! LOLS

        awws…i cant control it..once i start on something i like..i have to follow w/ it..that’s why im resisting my temptation to start beyony the realm of conscience..lols.,,im afraid ill never have time to do my hmwk LOL

        yes! woot team JaRay! lols… that and cause i dont want angie to ruin kenix’s image for me..haha… but i know it will..i was watching tvb commercial and angie is freaky!! it’s almost evil.

        hehe its not for greed….but i dont want to spoil it for you unless you want to.

        • KTVB says:

          oh no spoilers please LOL ^^

          Yea, I’m scared Angie will ruin Kenix’s image for me too XD But if it’s going to be a breakthrough performance I’m looking forward to it ^^

  • pyko says:

    hi K 🙂
    haven’t watched the series, but it definitely looks interesting!!!

    love the screen captures too – they look awesome.

    ps…randomly…you’re on wikipedia!!! (Born Rich – wikipedia)

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks pyko ^^

      Yup!A committee member on Wikipedia approached me, saying my blog is the only TVB fan Blog officially allowed referenced on Wikipedia =)

  • turtle88 says:

    I love watching Anita and Gallen’s acting and their on-screen relationship as well. Anita is very pretty in this series 🙂 I also like Kenneth’s character too. So cute 😛 I’m liking the series so far and even a bit more than BROC… I think…

    • KTVB says:

      Anita and Gallen’s relationship feels like it is fated ^^ Gallen adds to it by ‘disappearing’ all the time lol The manage to bump into each other when they don’t even have each others number lol

  • s3cyw says:

    I’m watching this show now too, and it’s awesome!

    Love the chemistry between Anita and Gallen, so cute!

  • sehseh says:

    It’s an amusing experience for me to watch Born Rich because I’m a Sabahan myself. My fav character for the first 5 episode is Joe & Gallen (how ironic, since they’re going to be rivals later).

    I can’t help but cringe at Nancy Sit’s scenes though….

    • KTVB says:

      ooo really? That must be interesting! I actually don’t know where Saba is lol Malaysia?

      I ‘try” not to cringe at her scenes ^^;

      • Lavendar_Bluez says:

        lol im commenting everywhere..dont mind me

        it’s Sabah right? why do some of them say “Sha Bah?” lols

        i think i stopped cringing in episode 5…i dont get why the director made her do all those stunts…o.0 but they let her off ep. 5 and onwards…thank you… she’s normal now.

        • sehseh says:

          Sabah is one of the states in Malaysia. It’s the 2nd largest state and located in East Malaysia.

          Gallen and Kenneth are trying too hard to pronounce Sabah correctly (well their characters supposedly grew up here), but at least it’s more accurate than HK counterpart.

          Because Sabah in Chinese is Sah Bah (Sah word is written as ‘sands’ in Chinese).

          Sabah is pronounced low pitched, but HK-ers pronounce it high.

  • tvbfever says:

    i like your recap but one error, ray lui is searching for his half-brother and not stepbrother, they have blood relationship through the dad.

    • KTVB says:

      Whoops! Thanks for that ^^ For a moment I thought they were the same thing, until I realised Step brother is when they’re completely not blood- related.

  • bellicose says:

    Hey nice screen captures you have there. Really liked the kissing scenes of Ray & Jamie. By the way, Born Rich Rocks! It’s absolutely interesting. The casts & storyline is superb!! Love both Gallen & Ray’s acting skills. They are so experienced. I wonder how the story will unfold though. I’ve heard Ray plots to take revenge on Gallen when he found out Gallen is not really his half-brother and taken what was supposed to be all his like his status in the bank. It seems like it going to get more and more exciting. Besides, i also wonder how will Ray & Kenix’s relationship develop. This is my first time watching Ray and i think he’s a superb actor!Really experienced and pro! hope i didn’t flood ur comment page. Just sharing my thoughts with people who like Born Rich as much as i do. hope to see more of ur Born Rich comments and screen captures! =)

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks bellicose ^^ Love to read other fellow Born Rich follower comments too!

      I love how the cast are all experienced actors and different from the usual~

      • bellicose says:

        Haha. Yeah. It’s cool to find people who like TVB dramas like i do. Most of my friends of my age isn’t into Hong Kong Dramas so i can’t share my thoughts and feelings of a particular drama with them cos they wouldn’t even understand a single word i’m saying. It’s great to know u guys here whom i can share my thoughts of Born Rich with!!! Looking forward for you comments for Episodes 6 to 10 so we can discuss the scenes together!!! =D

      • bellicose says:

        Oh i forgot to add something. Haha. I also love the cast! It’s quite refreshing to see Ray & Jamie cos they have not been acting TVB series for the past 20 years. Ray looks good for his age man~ he sure knows how to take care of his complexion. Haha.

  • Lisa N says:

    Oh man! I won’t get to watch this series til mid November. I can’t wait to watch it. It looks good just by the pics, I didn’t want to spoil it for myself so didn’t read the episode recaps.

    • KTVB says:

      If I was a good girl, I wouldn’t be able to watch this series until mid December (my exam finishes then), but I couldn’t help myself, was too tempted >< Now I can't exactly stop.. But yeh! Do hope you'll share your thoughts when you get to watch it for yourself! 🙂 Ah..love all this excitement!

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Gosh, why are Gallen and Anita so addicting in a way?? I’m always hoping that the next scene will be about them. They are a great couple! Too bad they are both already married. It’s really hard to choose which grand production is better since I’m watching BTROC as well. They’re both of very high standards. I hope the storyline won’t fall apart as both of these plots unfold!!

    • KTVB says:

      Watching two series which are quite different is always refreshing. Modern v Ancient. Female leads v Male Leads.

      It’s also quite interesting that all the leads in Born Rich are married =)

  • mandy says:

    I love this series very much…. specially because of Anita Yuen n Gallen… Their are so cute together… Anita is very pretty !

  • englsih song says:

    does anyone have a clue what the english song is in the middle of chapter 6 when kenix and ray kissed.
    please help me… i’ve tried everywhere.

  • joyce_20176 says:

    Great screencap and review. Thanks for sharing.
    This series is so good, loving Anita and Gallen. They are so cute together, I just want to see every scene has them in it lolz…
    Both Anita and Kenix are really pretty!
    Cant wait for more episodes!!!

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks ^^ Me too~~ lol, every encounter is just so sweet. Shall post up screenies of their scenes specifically some day (when I find the time ><)

  • csfan says:

    OMG!! Love your screencaps and thoughts on BR!! Finally someone who is cheering on for BR over BTROC… Personally i liked BR than BTROC.. something about BR that appeals to me more.. haha maybe its because of Galen/Anita, Ray, Jamie, Nancy and of course Kenix hahah I’ve watched up to ep 9 and loving it.. I think you would definitely enjoy ep 7, its centrered around Anita/Gallen… really adore these two and i actually dont mind Joe and Anita as well

    Anita is so pretty!! 🙂 imo, she’s like pretty than some of the fadans these days… Jamie looks good for her age.. first time seeing her and Ray and boy, they sure can act :p Ray looks damn young at his age.. He’s older than gallen but sometimes i think otherwise hehehe gallen’s character is so funny.. hehe but i am distracted by his beard.. hopefully he’ll get rid of it soon… he looks more dashing without XD

    Looking forward to read your caps/thoughts!

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks csfan =D I spent quite a bit of time on it!!

      hehe well I’m a little bias and have always been anticipating BR more. I’m sure BTROC will really good too; but that series will have to wait until I’m done with BR hehe

      Anita & Kenix are both so pretty!! I wish more actresses these days were at that kinda level hehe

    • bellicose says:

      haha. OMG!!! Another Born Rich Fan!!

  • wai wai wai says:

    this movie are so good .
    I can’t wait for the next episode

  • fiona says:

    lol…i just kkinda look forward to this drama because of Anita… she was very cute after her comeback in Love Exchange, and I’m willing to see more of her…amd Kenix too… always thought she is very pretty…this drama sounds very interesting, along with Beyond The Realm Of Conscience…hhmmmmm… hard choice to make…which one should i watch first?(i don’t like watching twp dramas at the same time: it kinda gets me confused…lol)

  • calvin says:

    hai there,i was finding for a song in that movie.Can you guys help me with it? It’s a english song i think.Normally it appears when love part.thanks

  • Hana~ ;D says:

    This is a really really interesting drama!
    it’s pretty good,but as usual, tvb disappoints me with the ending XD
    but uh,i really LOVED Anita and Joe’s appearance (parking lot scene)
    that was my favorite scene in the whole drama!
    and i was actually really interested in Anita, Joe and Gallen’s love triangle,
    i usually don’t like watching the relationship parts,
    but this time i was really excited to see how the story would go for those 3,

    ^^;; sorry sorry for rambling on and on,
    i just really want to say that XD

  • chibi says:

    Niiccceeeely written 😀 *thumbs up*
    You summarised everything really well! I agree with you with almost everything though I probably don’t feel as strongly about Gallen and Anita like you have XD I think I’m already already preferring Joe XD

    I feel most sorry for Jamie’s character, but I can’t help but think it’s probably her fault for continuing with the marriage knowing what happened. Surely, she loves Marcus, but is he faithful? Will he be? Looks like its inevidatble that Marcus will start having his eyes n Kenix some time again in the future =/

  • khim says:

    thx for writing the synopsis for this serial. i njoyed reading them.

    jus wan to tell u that it’s “sabah” (not “saaba”), a state in east malaysia. (i’m a malaysian)

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