November 2009

[Born Rich] Episode 6-10 Thoughts

Born Rich Episode 1-6

Message from K: Hey guys~ sorry for the slow blog entries for Born Rich! I have been really REALLY busy and haven’t had much time to watch it (hence my inability to share my thoughts with everyone >< gomensai!)  I will continue to be on this busy mode until the Christmas break~You guys are probably way ahead of me now so please don’t spoil it for me 🙂 I also heard the ratings haven’t been doing so well in HK…do I still have my Born Rich supporters since my Episode1-5 thoughts ? Or have you guys  moved across to Beyond already? ^^ I haven’t touched Beyond yet so I’m not sure! I heard from chibi that the ‘love’ aspects in Beyond is a little lacking though; and I’m happy to say- Born Rich is enriched with lots of love triangles and chemistry between the characters- so GO Born Rich!


These five episodes have been quite exciting, especially episode 7 and episode 10! They had a lot of Anita, Gallen and Joe focus!

Gallen manages to successfully gain Nancy ‘s sympathy and trust when they fatefully end up finding Nancy’s husband’s burial! To be honest, it really does seem like it was fated. Out of all possibilities and searches; one trip with Nancy has successfully helped him win over the identity of ‘Yatming’.  (What was Gallen’s actual initial plan taking her to the mountains anyway?)  Nancy brings him back to Hong Kong and decides to accept him as part of her family. She also wants to make him the best he could be and she loves him a lot. It’s truly amazing that Gallen was able to win her heart..this is the object of her husband and another woman who he was having an affair with, yet she defends for him so much like her own son. Gallen not only wins the support of Nancy (who has grudges against Joe), but also Kenix’s father who has grudges against Ray. This will definitely help Gallen climb up the ladder a lot more easier.

The inevitable happened in episode 7 when Anita and Gallen finally

got together where they kissed passionately on New Years Eve! That scene was really sweet and he gave her the watch he had promised~ it was also cute when they were both looking around slightly embarrassed before Gallen found the chance to kiss her XD
Anita and Gallen in Born Rich

I was really happy to see the two holding hands walking along the street afterwards. They look so compatible! It was quite sad to see that their relationship had just started, yet ended on the same night. This was when the two left their own ways to attend their family gathering  where Gallen and Anita were forced to learn they are brother and sister!! Aww…it was so sad seeing how hurt both of them were and how Anita refused to accept the ‘truth’.  Everything that Anita threw out were words of confusion,  anger of being cheated, and was genuinely heartbroken. Only Gallen, Joe and Jamie (who knew about their relationship) understood why Anita has such a reaction…

During their father’s funeral- Anita was forced to accept the ‘fact’. As Gallen told “his story” , Anita was feeling sorry for him and could no longer hate him anymore. Later on in the same episode, Anita decided to try “accept ” him and call him ” 2nd brother”.

Anita and Gallen in Born Rich

That left a sad feeling behind as the episode also concluded. When that ended, I didn’t find episode 8 that interesting because it focused on Gallen trying to gain power and Nancy’s character being quite unreasonable and pushy wanting Gallen to be on the Board. However from episode 9, I felt the story picks up again as we see more of their love triangle!

The love triangle is quite intriguing to watch because this is where we can see characters getting jealous which reflects how much they love the other and its interesting to see whose side Anita is taking.

When Gallen came to help out Anita, Joe saw  Gallen attempting to hold onto her while Anita asked him to let go of her. He immediately ran over and pushed Gallen away because thought Gallen was harassing her.

Joe and Gallen do not like each other. The fundamental basis is because they are love rivals. Seeing how much Anita still cared about Gallen, Joe  gets pretty  jealous and keeps going against him. He didn’t like how Anita continues defending him and the fact he saw Gallen ‘going-up-the-ladder’ in the banking industry simply because of his family relationship; when he (Joe) worked so hard to get where he was today. He doesn’t believe Gallen should have that special treatment.

Anita and Joe in Born Rich

Ray challenges Joe to train Gallen and Joe takes this opportunity to drag down Gallen and having a bit of his revenge. He makes things hard for him but justifies is he is simply training him strictly. Considering Gallen’s educational background- the tasks Joe gives him are a challenge. I can feel that Gallen picks up things quite quickly, and will exceed Joe soon..though Joe is known to be really hardworking and capable, considering he became the Chief Operational Officer in a mere 5 years! Gallen can also feel Joe’s feelings towards Anita which bothers him. Gallen wants to be better than him and in a way, prove that to Anita.

Anita kept defending Gallen and supporting him. On the second task given to Gallen, she made a bet with Joe that Gallen will be able to do it- the loser will have to be a servant for the other for one day. Anita went back to help Gallen and to give him the encouragement to continue.

Anita and Gallen in Born Rich

Working on it over the whole night; they were able complete the research/task!!

Anita and Gallen in Born Rich

At the end, Joe loses as Gallen was able to correctly pick up the fraud in the business!

Anita and Gallen in Born Rich

Anita: You followed me?
Joe: Before you came back to the company, I was already here waiting for you. You worked all night- here, I bought you a sandwich.
Anita: Thanks.
Joe: I really didn’t want myself to predict correctly; because I didn’t want you to come back to help him.
Anita: He is my second brother, what’s wrong with helping him?
Joe: Do you really only treat him as your second brother?
Anita: Can you mind your own business? I don’t need you to care about my stuff.
*Anita trips over the speed bump and Joe runs over to see if she’s ok.*
Joe: Are you ok?
Anita: Just go away!
Joe: Listen to me! Don’t fall back into the hole.
Anita: What are you trying to say?
Joe: I saw everything that happened between you two on New Years Eve. You two were lovers, but then after you found out he was your brother, you couldn’t accept the fact. You were very emotional.
Anita: Yes- we had a past, but I’ve already put that down.
Joe: You haven’t! You can’t tell what kind of feelings you have towards him.
Anita: That’s enough! Stop talking nonsense.
Joe: Stop lying to yourself. Why do you keep insisting he is your second brother? It’s because you’re finding excuses to continue to love him. ((I find this really true!!)
*Anita slaps Joe across the face*
Anita: You shut up! Who are you to make judgments of my feelings?
Joe: I am the only one who has the rights to love you. I truly love you- I don’t want to see you continue to drown in this kind of dangerous-messed-up relationship. I have decided to pursue you.


The confession came to quite a shock for Anita ^^; The two actually  got together by the end of Episode 10. There were a few reasons for Anita’s decision: Jamie’s advice and words when Anita told her what had just happened; the fate of Joe finding the hidden sunglasses in all the sand possible at the beach; and mostly, she was touched by Joe’s genuine confession (overhearing his conversation with Jamie). I was touched too XD

Jamie: I also know about her relationship with Yatming (Gallen)
Joe: She told you?
Jamie: She tells me everything.
Joe: That’s good, as least there’s someone she could talk to. I hope you could convince her. It doesn’t matter if she accepts me or not. I don’t want her to sink in some forbidden relationship and making herself unhappy.
Jamie: You really care about her.
Joe: Liking her, I won’t mind being her temporary lover. If she’s in a new relationship, that should help her get over it easier. And then, when the expiry date comes and she doesn’t find anymore use of me and then dumps me- I don’t mind.
Jamie: You really don’t care her being with you and then dumping you? With your standards and personality, it’s really hard to imagine.
Joe: It’s really silly isn’t it? But sometimes love is like that. I just want her to be fine- to be happy, then no matter what I do it doesn’t matter.

In the last scene when Gallen asked Anita out to dinner..it really makes me wonder. What is  Gallen is trying to do? He sets up everything like a romantic dinner yet he knows he can never be with her. As he is fixing his tie in the window reflection, he looks down and sees Anita and Joe share a kiss….

Anita and Joe  in Born Rich


My predictions

I’m guessing Gallen would start pursuing Sharon to make Anita jealous and Anita will have a hard time getting over Gallen. Joe will be with Anita to help her through. XD


Onto Ray, Kenix and Jamie…

Kenix and Ray in Born Rich

In one scene, Kenix gets drunk and kisses Ray. Memories of them in the past start rushing through her mind. This is when she realises she still loves him a lot and their love from 12 years ago is still as strong.  There’s this very seductive song that plays which kinda gives me the chills  “Oh come oh come ..Emmanuel..I’m waiting for your hypnotising spell…”  I think it really suits Kenix’s scenes really well.

Kenix and Ray in Born Rich

Towards the later episode ( 10ish? ) Kenix is starting to scare me. From my previous post prediction, I thought she was filled with hatred when she found out Ray had used her 12 years ago; yet the way I see it is- she is still continuing to love him. Her love and obsession is giving her illusions (yet it seems so clear in her mind what she is doing). As she writes in her blog though ; it makes it seem like she truly is happy simply secretly loving him from afar and having her own fantasy. Something tells me that’s not healthy, but the underlying concept is: As long as the person she loves is happy; she’ll be happy. She doesn’t want to come between their relationship, yet she is sharing the love.

To me that doesn’t really make sense…who in the world would follow a couple who is celebrating their  13th anniversary year together..so she can create her own fantasy world…that is so WEIRD. very..weird…Kenix and Ray in Born Rich

Jamie is letting her guards down because she thought Kenix was going to get married to ‘Mathew’ and because Kenix was helping her mend her relationship with Nancy.

I wonder what will trigger Kenix’s next change…

And finally, a cute quote from our dear Kenneth:  “Simple man do simple things” XD I wonder when he’s relationship with Sharon will develop- I’m imagining some sort of love triangle between Gallen, Sharon and Kenneth based on the opening themevideo!

36 Responses to “[Born Rich] Episode 6-10 Thoughts”

  • csfan says:

    Of course, Im still here! Waiting for your recaps! heheh Yeah i loved ep 6-10 of BR… Im up to 21 but of course I wont spoil it for you..

    I have to say that I loved the Anita/Gallen scenes.. it was quite heartbreaking to see their ‘dating’ relationship end in the same night 🙁 It was also sad when Yat Sum first time called him “Yi Gor” and then him saying “dont call me that. Call me Yatming” followed by “It sounds more ‘ying'”.. It just shows how he does not want her to call him 2nd brother, the look on his face when he’s staring as she walks off says it all….

    I think that you would surprisingly enjoy Gallen-Sharon scenes as I did in the upcoming episodes.. I was laughing when they interacted in particular scenes in the upcoming episodes.. Yes, to answer your question, there will be a triangle of sharon-gallen-kenneth but it wasn’t what I originally expected it to be though…

    On to Connie-Angie-Marcus.. I totally love Connie.. She’s strong willed, smart, poised and calm.. what’s not to like her? Sometimes I get really frustrated when her MIL blames stuff on Connie lol

    Hehehe I think you’ll be very interested in Connie-Angie scenes in the upcoming eps.. If you thought Angie was weird in these eps, you would find her weirder… I meant crazier in the upcoming episodes lol

    Don’t you find that every time that song “Oh come Emmanuel” with lyrics such as “Im waiting for our hypnotizing spell….” is quite freaky because you know its an Angie scene and you don’t know what she’s got up her sleeve *shivers*

    Heheh yeah im quite disappointed about BR ratings … i believe it deserves so much more.. the storyline is interesting, the performance are solid and the chemistry between co-stars are great 🙂 No, I haven’t in any way moved my interest to Beyond.. I have been following Beyond but find the pairings in there ‘lacking’… From the get go, I’ve supported Mo-Cha characters but tvb has gone otherwise :S

    Anyways, hope to see more recaps of BR 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Hey csfan ^^

      I agree! It felt hard for Anita to call him “Yi Gor” and how he didn’t want Anita to call him that.. 🙁

      oo looking forward to seeing Gallen and Sharon then ^^ She should really dump that Tiger guy- always using her and pushing blames to her- what kind of man is that??

      lol, Nancy always seems to blame EVERYTHING on Connie (poor thing) I will be looking forward to when/if she will finally “like” Connie and stick to her side. I like Connie; but I like Anita more ^^ And I love the bond they share =)

      About Angie, shall be looking forward to the weirdness! lol Now that Connie knows Angie has broken up with Matthew, I hope this will be more alert. Judging from Connie’s intelligence though, I’m sure she will. I have a feeling that Angie is going to wear that blue dress Marcus picked out…for what kind of occasion- somehow I fear lol (And I’m imagining that ‘Oh Come Emmanuel’ song will be playing too XD)

      Well I’m glad to hear you really like the series!! As long as we like the series I guess that’s all that matters. Similar thing happened with Dicey Business & The Master of Taichi- was really disappointed with its low ratings because they were my favourite series! HK people just don’t know how to appreciate a good series XD

  • saomongmo says:

    thanks for your amazing reviews!! 🙂 hehe. makes me love the series even more…but yeh..i thought i’d be more captivated by Beyond the Realm of Conscience than by Born Rich. I’m currently on ep 15 of Born Rich and 16 of Beyond and I can say for sure that Born Rich sure beats the hell out of Beyond. The storyline in Beyond no doubt was extremely captivating the first few episodes, but the conflicts in it are very “childish” in many ways. They are not very strong conflicts…those that arise between the various departments within the kingdom. On the other hand, we see nonstop action/conflict that makes sense in Born Rich. And this is why it’s so much more interesting!! I cant wait until more episodes come out. I’m dying to see what happens next in Born Rich. Angie is really creeping me out. Ugh, she’s such a selfish person. Jeezusss…

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks for reading/commenting saomongmo!

      As of Episode 10.. I can’t really consider her as ‘selfish’ just yet lol Not sure what will happen later though..

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    omg…yay you posted!!! I’m still here!!! hahaha

    im on episode 21 now…so exciting…so much has happened and changed.

    i know…angie just creeps me out…she’s like a stalker…and hallucinating like mad… and her jealousy just bothers me…when things become obvious though..it gets even better…the dialogue is carefully written…neither of them willing to bend down…neither of them want to lose. BUT I’m on TEAM CONNIE!!! i really like jamie chik….its amazing..lols its my first time seeing her in a drama..and i just adore her..maybe cause i realy like connie

    im so back and forth for who anita ends up with…sometimes i want her with joe because they are so cute together…so sweet and such.while gallen and anita do have feelings for each other…its the eye emotions..lols

    Yat Ming…is such a good swindler though…it angers me. lols. he’s all sweet infront of Miu Ma…and i actually was hoping her genuine care for him as a son would actually influence him to be good…but too much things happen that just pushes him to the wrong path…and like recently…he just angers me like mad..he’s evil!!! p.s originally Yat Ming and Sa Bo Jai were going to fake a discovery of some sort…but by chance a villager did come by who knew of the death.

    and…i love Sa Bo Jai!!! he’s sooo cute.. i love kenneth in here…so adorkable!!

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Lavender_Bluez!! XD

      Glad to hear the story continues to get more exciting!!

      yes..stalker is the word. The couple don’t even have their privacy lol ooo the “battle” between Connie and Angie sounds so exciting!! I love it when Marcus defends Connie and shows her lots and lots of love. I know his heart will change but at this point, I’m still wishing and hoping he won’t lol especially how he made all those promises to her on their anniversary.

      Gallen and Anita..they love each other yet are forced to bury their feelings. I love the eye thing too!! XD (Reminds me of Vincent Zhao and Melissa Ng in Taichi and Sheren and Wayne in Rosy Business)~ so much chemistry just from the way they look at each other lol

      p.s I actually thought that could have been Gallen/Kenneth’s plan lol But from Gallen’s reaction (with the ‘huh? who’s that reaction), it was clear he did not have it planned.

      LOL a-DORK-able XD did u make that word up? 😛

      • Lavendar_Bluez says:

        haha yes i made that word up…lol cause its dorky cute…LOLS…

        i know…i really like marcus and connie together..so like too me their scenes are sweet..but i find angie and marcus revolting..their love/kissing scenes…. im okay with them just normal chatting..haha…

        i know…thats what i love about veterans [i classify the 90s to be veterans too LOL]…they express so much w/o speaking…

        ooo i know..thats why he was like “huh?” like he had something else planned or even someone else but was surprised there was a strange village man there..lols

        i cant wait till you watch even more…like so much happens…at one moment i dislike a character because they just make life difficult but the next moment i can grow to love that character back…and dislike another…its like..there’s a balance…no real good person is actually identified…everyone’s kind of bad in their own way..LOLs

  • thuonggiieex3 says:

    aww. since the beginning when joe stood in front of anita’s car…i wanted them to end up together! :O

    but i know for sure she’ll be with Gallen.
    oh wells. i’ll just enjoy the moments anita has with joe. his confession really moved me. :[

    • KTVB says:

      oo, so you’re a Joe supporter hehe.

      Can’t be too sure about Anita ending up with either. I just hope she can find her happiness..and not have the three end up unhappily.

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I love Kenneth!! He’s so cute. Even though he’s a con-artist with Gallen, he never hurts anyone intentionally and knows when to stop! Ohh, he’s so cute!!!

  • lovespicy says:

    I also like Gallen to be with Anita, partly bcoz it’s refreshing to see a new pairing and on top of that these very experienced artistes are hard to be caught on screen again. I think most of us know that Gallen will rape Anita later and Anita will go back to Gallen after that. If I’m not wrong, towards the end, Anita will be killed by Gallen. It will definitely be very interesting to watch especially the second half of this serie. I agree that HK viewers’ taste are very different from the overseas’ viewers. I notice they like those families drama that bickers, quarrels and schemes a lot bcoz those really reflect their actual life. Perhaps the HK viewers are disappointed that BR is not like MR or HOG. I hope most of us don’t judge a serie by looking at the HK ratings.

    • KTVB says:

      awww..I didn’t know that >< You spoiled it for me 🙁 I don't usually read spoilers (I try to find out as least as I could about the series before watching it...) You're right though~it's really hard seeing these top-notch actors paired up together!

    • asdfghjkl says:

      urg , i didnt know that , but thanks though , let me be prepared for it ? LOL ! in a way a bad thing & good thing at the same time , but wow , thats over what i expected it to happen , or it never came to my mind anything like this would even happen . well , the themesong showed alot of stuff , like the explosion of the building & the bomb & Ray’s hold a knife or bomb , lol i forgot , but something like that . anyways , im excited for the next part .

  • csfan says:

    Aww… you got spoiled 🙁 Yeah i actually heard about those spoilers but seriously I cannot imagine how that would fit into the drama… As I told you, Im up to ep 21 and I seriously do not know what is going to happen next.. Its hard to anticipate what’s coming next heheh Thats why BR is such an interesting and captivating series… For Beyond, you just know that good would prevail in the end hahaha

    Personally, I find the overseas and HK citizens tastes are very different heheh As lovespicy has pointed out, I feel HK ppl like watching families bickering around /backstabbing etc and I feel that they complained too much.. even on irrelevant details lol

    Im wondering whether the low ratings are due to HK citizens finding that the cast is old relative to cast of Beyond.. To me, I’d choose BR cast over anytime just because it is so hard to see ex-veterans acting together.. Also, you know that they have solid performances no doubt 🙂

    Hehhe I totally do not like YatMing atm but kinda want him to be with Yat sum because the way he looks at her 😛 You can feel that he wants her but I guess he has to stick with the consequences since he chose ‘money’ or ‘lover.’ I have to commend Gallen’s acting as Yat Ming, even his hand gestures say something.. Look at the way he holds his cigar, its like the way “Heung Ha” people hold their cigars (btw thumb and forefinger), indicating that he’s from poor background !! Or maybe I’m reading too much into his acting hahaha



    Anyways, hoping to see you post more recaps so we can comment on the upcoming eps…

    • lovespicy says:

      My apologies to KTVB for the spoilers. I thought most of us know that bcoz it’s often spoken in the promotion and also in Ray’s and Gallen’s role introduction clips.

      As for the strong BR cast, it’s very hard to get them together again. So this gives you every reason to watch BR. As for Moses-Tavia-Kevin-Charmaine pairings, you’ll see them again and again in the next series. You won’t miss them and I can tell you, don’t be surprised to see them again in Beyond 2 (a sequel). TVB is very fond of making a sequel for those high rating series.

  • gee says:

    HAHAH born rich is sooo funnny!
    very goood storylines i have to admit!

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    Kenix’s character seems scary and creepy i dont think shes been taking her medication lately lololololol

  • hrm says:

    have been following btroc for awhile and it’s really good. just wondering if anyone could tell if this series is any good? o-o

  • sukibus says:

    I don’t find Kenix’s character creepy at all. So fighting and waiting for your one true love is stalker behaviour? I really like her character, the fact that she hasn’t forgotten ray all this time and her determination to win him back. I mean shes willing to be bit on the side. Does anyone know that quote she keeps using by that edith woman?

    I agree that born rich is better than beyond the realm of conscience. Tavia makes me cringes every time shes acting evil. She isn’t really that believable as a villain. I quite like selena li as some of her scenes were quite touching. I’m quite sick of tvb using the same cast for every drama now though

    • KTVB says:

      I think the stalker behaviour is the fact she’d follow and stalk him everywhere while he was having some intimate moments with his wife..the kissing etc

      It’s scary when you think of what love can do to someone..

  • bellicose says:

    Hey no worries. u still have my support! I have not moved over to BTROC’s Side. Though i cannot deny that BTROC’s plot is getting more and more exciting. I am still on Born Rich’s Side. It’s great to see that you have updated your post on Born Rich. Been waiting so long for it. Understand that you have been really busy & i’ll look forward to your updates! LOVE ur screencaps! =D

    • KTVB says:

      Hey bellicose ^^ Thanks for staying with us XD I will definitely get back to it during the xmas break but yeh..just been so busy and so stressed out ><

  • a.w says:

    I really dissapointed to hear that the rating is not too good in Hong Kong… Anyway, it really good shows! I hope Anita and Joe will be together later even the wedding was cancelled…

  • vuongphi says:

    thank you KTVB for the great episode synopsis. like many of you guys, i love this series. it is so nice to see so many veteran actors and actresses together. it has been so long since TVB made such an awesome series. i really miss the 90’s. i love ray, jamie, gallen, anita, joe and kenneth. they are all so great with their roles, especially gallen, kenix and anita. i am currently stuck at episode 14. how come english subs take forever???

    the love triangles are so intriguing and believable. i am definitely on connie’s team but i do feel the pain and obsession from kenix. i blame ray for her obsession b/c of his indecisiveness. as for anita, joe and gallen, i think joe fits more with anita although her chemisty with gallen is greater. anita’s strong personality goes well with joe. i have not started on Beyond yet but i would pick BR over beyond any day based on the cast alone. TVB need to make more series like this instead of the family shows with people yelling and screaming at each other.

  • asdfghjkl says:

    @ KTVB : As for your question , I’ll answer it first .

    “What was Gallen’s actual initial plan taking her to the mountains anyway?”

    – Since he has the mansion that Ray/Ray’s Dad gave him , in one of the cabinets were Ray’s dad watch was , he took it & than he turns around & called Nancy & said that her husband was in his dream & told him
    that if he or Nancy goes to that mountain , & finds that watch than they’ll find him , so Gallen went & hide the watch somewhere in the mountain to prove to Nancy that the dream is true , but instead of finding the watch , they actually really found him . LOL , i thought that was fate or some , actually helping him out & everything .

    As for the thoughts : I though the chemistry between Gallen , Anita , & Joe was quite interesting , I felt bad for Gallen & Anita relationship . & for Anita & Joe , their a cute couple , but somehow i prefer her with Gallen , maybe because they just always have that eye thing like ya said . I loved it .It shows how much they really still care for each other & all . I feel bad for Gallen sometimes because how he loves her , but he can’t be with her , but he chose it so yeah . But i really like the part where Joe talked with Jamie , it shows how he really cares for her no matter what .

    For Ray , Jamie , & Kenix : YES ! I think Kenix is somehow creepy , but she’s just doing all this for her love one , but i think its wayyyy to much . I like how Jamie & always keeping an eye on Kenix & they thing between them . I think Kenix has some problem ? Maybe because she loves Ray so much & she can’t have him , thats she way too imaginative ( is that the right word ? LOL ). I agree the the English song , it totally fits the scene with Kenix & them .

    OMG YES ! I think HK viewers have weird? opinions , they just focus on the yelling & screaming like some of you guys said . Like BR is like one of the best business like series since like A Threshold Of An Era ? with Gallen , Roger , Sunny , & etc . I also agree with some series which should had way higher ratings , but they didn’t ?

    • KTVB says:

      Hi asdfghjkl ~~ ohh!! That makes sense!!! I didn’t really notice the whole watch thing (forgot the scene where he stole it from the mansion XD) No wonder he was like ‘hmm where is it?’ LOL

      Thanks for that ^^

  • bellicose says:

    haha. am back! it’s great to see so many Born Rich Supporters here and sharing our thoughts and views of this drama. I agree with you ppl that the hk viewers doesn’t really know how to differentiate what’s a good drama and what’s not. The ratings for Born Rich is a little disappointing but it’s cool to see that many of you guys also enjoy watching Born Rich like i do.

    Am starting to enjoy the love triangle between Joe, Gallen & Anita. It’s getting more & more exciting. I shall not reveal much about it so as not to provide any spoilers to KTVB. I understand how it feels to know ahead. It totally spoils your mood. So i will just say that you can expect many more good scenes of Joe,Gallen & Anita! Bet you’ll LOVE it!

    For Ray, Jamie & Kenix, I’ve been following this love triangle closely cause i think Ray’s SOO HOT! I sympathizes Jamie’s situation as she has to constantly face threat from Kenix that she’ll one day snatch Ray away from her. Really like Ray & Jamie’s pairing more than Ray & Kenix’s one. Am also on Team Connie’s side! =D

  • cole wong says:

    “Oh come oh come ..Emmanuel..I’m waiting for your hypnotising spell…”
    is this the title of the song?

  • chibi says:

    hahah nice summary :DDD I think this may even be better than watching all the episodes since you always pick out the best and most interesting bits ^^ (Great Screen captures too btw!)

    I have no idea what Gallen is trying to do..well, I kinda do, but it’s pretty dumb, hahaa. He still loves Anita and can’t accept the reality that she can love someone other than him. Ignoring the fact they’re “siblings” he probably sees her like an ‘ex’ who has moved on but he hasn’t. Oh Gallen Gallen..you can’t have a cake and eat it too! The dialogue between Joe and Jamie was sweet and from the looks of it Anita is happy 🙂 (Though probably touched more than being in-love) I dunno, from what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like Anita is passionate about Joe as much as Gallen but I guess it’s only the beginning stages.

    I wonder what happens next in their love triangle…?

    On the other hand, wow, Kenix is a mad lady @_@ I can’t believe she’s so delusional XDD But I guess this unhealthy obsession is just in her head and she’s not actually there breaking them apart (yet)..and everyone has their fantasy.

    Exciting! eeeeheheee

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