November 2009

[Born Rich] Gallen & Anita Scene 1

As many of you may already know, I adore the Anita and Gallen pairing in Born Rich <3 .I loved their  chemistry from their first encounter and I wanted to see more of them. Their few, yet every encounter always had a romantic element in it  ^^ I don’t know how this couple will turn out in the later episodes but as of now, I’m pretty happy with what I see XD

To cut this short and sweet, I’ll be doing some mini recaps of some of their scenes together.

Feel free to discuss the scene! (no other spoilers please 🙂 )

Episode 2

Gallen & Anita in Born Rich

Gallen was forced to work with some bad guys in order to save his brother Kenneth (as they owed them a lot of money). Seeing that Anita wore a very expensive watch, Gallen pretended to be a tour guide at Sabah and drove her away to some isolated hill side where the bad guys came to rob her money!

However, when the men saw how beautiful Anita was; they decided not only to take her money, but  to take her too!

When Gallen realises their intentions, he starts freaking out and tries to convince them otherwise (but fails). After saving Kenneth, Gallen rushes back to save her.

Gallen & Anita in Born Rich
When the bad guys leave the house Anita is captured in, Gallen sneaks and breaks in. While untying her, Anita wakes ups and starts yelling at him, as she believed he was part of the whole scheme. She didn’t believe him when he tried to explain that he was here to save her. Gallen tried to cover her mouth from making all the noise but she bites his hands instead XD

The bad guys overhear the noise and comes back!

Gallen & Anita in Born Rich

Episode 3

Holding onto each other’s hands, the two run for their lives!!

Half way through the chase, Anita falls over and Gallen protects her from a slash of a blade!

Gallen & Anita in Born Rich
Finally when they ran to safety…

Anita: If it weren’t for you, I’d be like this?? You almost got me raped and my money robbed! I’m going to call the cops to arrest you! *starts searching through her pockets*

Anita: You made me lose my phone too!

*starts slapping and thumping Gallen*

Anita: Don’t think I’ll let you off just like this!! I will definitely  come back and take my revenge!!

*Anita then notices blood on her arm*
Gallen & Anita in Born Rich

Anita: Ahh!! I’m bleeding!!

*Gallen takes a closer look and starts wiping it off*

Anita: Oh..it isn’t mine..

*Gallen starts walking away*

Gallen: I’m going..

Gallen & Anita in Born Rich

Anita cries out and points to his back: You’re hurt!!

Gallen has difficulty maintaining his balance and falls over.

Anita: Are you ok??

Gallen: Sorry, I don’t have anything I can return to you. Just take it as I am returning this cut  you. I owe people money. My brother got kidnapped, I had no choice but to trick you. But I never knew they were going to kidnap you too…

Anita: You’re a conman, why do I have to trust you?

Gallen: Who wants to if they didn’t have to? I’m really really sorry. I really am. You may think I am a bad person, but at least I’m a bad person with some conscience, if not, I wouldn’t come back to save you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me.

Gallen gets back up and attempts to walk away

Anita: Wait, where are you going? You are bleeding a lot!

Unable to stand up, he falls and hugs onto Anita for support

Anita: Do you have a phone..I’ll call the police..?

Gallen & Anita in Born Rich

Gallen: Don’t call the cops..give me a chance/path to continue, my brother is waiting for me

Anita: I’m not saying to call the police to arrest you, I mean to call the ambulance. Or how about this- You wait here, I’ll go get a car!

Anita puts him down and starts to head off.

Gallen: Eh. *Anita turns around*

Gallen:Thank you.

– – —

By the time Anita returns with a taxi, he is no where to be seen.

13 Responses to “[Born Rich] Gallen & Anita Scene 1”

  • V2go says:

    Love every mintues of anita and gallen.

  • fiona says:

    lol…sounds very sweet, but didn’t watch it yet…but looking forward to it!<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • kinki says:

    Although i am not watching this series, it seems from the screen captures Gallen & Anita looks great together! They both can be funny and they look cute together! =)

    • KTVB says:

      hehe yea, esp the scene above~ they appear kinda cute/funny and it’s all part of their personality. I loved how Anita kept yelling at him and having all sorts of reactions while Gallen hardly responded lol (probably because he was hurt)

  • csfan says:

    I totally adore Gallen/Anita scenes but yeah their scenes kind of lessen in the upcoming episodes.. but got to say they have good chemistry…

    Im sure you’d find their triangle (with Joe) really interesting and intriguing 😀

  • joyce20176 says:

    Great screencaps thanks!
    Love this couple, so cuteeee :). Hope to see more of them though.
    I also like Joe and Anita.

    • An Pham says:

      i love there sence together!!!! it’s really…ughh cnt explaine but im really liking born rich so far….maybe even more than beyond the realm of conscience…..dnt tell chibi..heheh…but yeah i just finish episode 3 too….cnt wait for me to come out

  • tada101 says:

    i love gallen and anita’s chemistry in this series, event though gallen is a con-artist, he has much more feelings and past with anita more than with topman, thus i hope to see more of gallen and anita as a couple throughout the series!!! =)

  • Nicole says:

    just started watching BR & i love this pairing already! well, i actually knew i would like them from the previews, but this scene is so good! i like the music that plays in the background (the theme song music) – makes this scene feel like the start of an epic love story. <3

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