November 2009

[Born Rich] Gallen & Anita Scene 2

Episode 4– Their second Encounter- a promise?

At a shopping centre back in Hong Kong, Gallen sees Anita from afar.

While Anita is walking around, she bumps into a big bunch of helium balloon which were blocking her path. Moving the balloons aside…

Anita: It’s you..?
Gallen: Surprise, isn’t it?

Born Rich TVB Gallen and Anita
Anita: I was startled because I was scared. What are you doing at Hong Kong?
Gallen: Hong Kong is a shopping heaven, of course I’m shopping here.
Anita: Shopping? Buying balloons so you can kidnap little kids?
Gallen: You don’t look like a kid no matter how I look it.
Anita: So you want to kidnap me again? Do you think I’ll be that dumb again?
Gallen releases the helium balloons and the two watch them fly away.
Gallen: I think I’ve explained it quite well last time, I had no other choice..To show my apologises, I’ve given you a present without your consent *points to her bag*
Anita finds a box inside her bag.
Anita: When did you put it in there? This is no different  from stealing. *Gallen shrugs*

Anita: You wouldn’t be so nice to buy me back my diamond watch would you?
Anita opens the box to find it is empty.
Anita: What are you playing this time?

Born Rich TVB Gallen and Anita

Gallen: Even though I don’t have money now and it is just an empty box, but it represents my promise to you. When I have money/become rich, I’ll buy the exact the same watch back for you.
Anita: Your promise to me?
Gallen: Time…time can prove everything. I believe I can fulfill my promise really soon, believe me.
Anita turns and takes a few steps away:  You’d think I still talk about trust with people like you? I’d die even if I even believe 10% of it.

Anita turns back around to find Gallen has disappeared..

9 Responses to “[Born Rich] Gallen & Anita Scene 2”

  • KTVB says:

    I love this scene!

    From the helium balloons, to placing the box into her handbag and then disappearing without a word or trace ..Gallen really know how to make things exciting for her! XD

    It would have stuffed up if Gallen really did give her the watch. To me, that would be really suspicious…It was really smart of Gallen to save it for later even though he had already bought it.

    I thought the whole promise part was so sweet <3 He admits that he may not be rich, but her promise to her was genuine.It also creates a bond between then two; of him owing her <3

  • fiona says:

    ohhhh…sound very nice… maybe Gallen says that his promise is just the watch…but to me…it seems like a promise in thier bond…hopefully! lol

  • turtle88 says:

    this was such a good scene. i like watching the scenes with them the most 🙂 their relationship develops so interestingly ever since the beginning…

  • delfin says:

    wow! synopsis of whole scene.cool! yeah, luv this scene…pretty romantic!

  • tada101 says:

    he has much more feelings developed with anita than anita has with topman 🙂

  • pinky says:

    they have great chemistry together =)

  • Tvbdfan says:

    Yeah, I didn’t like Topman’s role. And I actually hoped he gave up his position and started dating Anita.

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