TVB Gallen Lo- Born Rich

TVB Born Rich Lyrics

On the Verge of Eternity (Themesong to Born Rich)- Gallen Lo (CD Version)

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Chasing, Rushing, Pushing, Bumping into
Considers everyone and everything, ideal is burnt out
Real,  fake, fallen before, hurt before
Love’s sparks have given me wish and hope

Dark sky, bright sky, clear sky, gray sky
Once accompanied together, secretly yearned for
Pity that this night, fireworks have stopped, no way of looking up to it
*On the verge of believing in  Eternity
Only fallen short one step, desire for illusion turns into star light
Who with whom  lives in  love, who with whom buries love
Where are the heavens?

If I am scared, it will be because of disappointment
The rest I have no vain
All the consequences are completely cut away
Heart/ blood (efforts) all leaked away

Erase the fear, tear away the rarity
Only when you forget love,  can you swim to shore
In my life, can’t forge out the cause and effect
Truth and false like floating clouds, the sky is also watching

Repeat *

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Comments: When I first heard this song, it gave me a similar feeling to Hacken Lee’s Dicey Business themesong. I loved it! It has a grand production feel to it and at the same time, it gave off a sad feeling…I really pitied the character…

Gallen  sung the song in the persona of his character, his choice between the woman he loves and power/money. Having lived his life through lying, we somehow feel sorry for him… yet we can feel happy for him and see the genuine side of him when he expresses  “Love’s sparks have given me wish and hope” when he meets Anita. The two accompanied each other and  started a relationship which they both secretly yearned for.

However, this is cut short as he describes the “fireworks have stopped”- the temporary happiness is gone . I think this  resembles the New Years Eve scene where they kissed under the Christmas tree lights; and then later when Anita returns there after she finds out the ‘truth’,  all the lights are off.

The song also leaks out that he almost gets to where he wants to, but his illusion or dream is shattered where he will experience his downfall. It sounds like he will give up everything (including his love) and put all his hopes into it.. isn’t he scared he’ll have regrets? Just disappointment?

The song concludes with his confusion of what is real , what is fake, and what was destined to be.

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