December 2011

[Bottled Passion] Themesong Lyrics

Bottled Passion

Bottled Passion Themesong- Teresa Cheung

“Dawn Blossoms Picked at Dusk

朝花夕拾 《我的如意狼君》 主題曲 – 張德蘭

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seung tau dik sum fa jaang bat hoi fooi dik tin dang nei wooi loi
傷 透 的 芯 花 睜 不 開   灰 的 天 等 你 回 來
yat tin yat tin ying bat ying goi si yik jung ting nei si oi
一 天 一 天 應 不 應 該   思 憶 中 聽 你 示 愛
fong gan chiu fa yat sik gaan hoi diu wai yat hak jiu jik loi
彷 似 朝 花 一 息 間 開   凋 萎 一 刻 照 夕 來
chat hak dik tin yat si sing gwong bei seung jung gam do bei oi
漆 黑 的 天 一 絲 星 光   悲 傷 中 感 到 被 愛
wooi tau kei mong gin nei joi bo gan yue to yan
回 頭 期 望 見 你 在 步 近   如 途 人
ngoh so baak chi juen san jaam joi man
我 數 百 次 轉 身 站 在 問
wai hoh waan mong joi gin wai hoh waan yiu dang
為 何 還 望 再 見   為 何 還 要 等
wooi tau nang mong gin nei joi bo gan yue  hang yan
回 頭 能 望 見 你 在 步 近   如 行 人
nei ngoh gaak sai hoh seung jui moot han
你 我 隔 世 可 相 聚 沒 恨
lei lei hap hap choh gwoh ying waan yiu dang
離 離 合 合 錯 過   仍 還 要 等
kei hau yeuk seung gin hoh ying chut seng  sin
其 後 若 相 見   可 認 出 聲 線
ching yeuk si bat bin oi moot yuen moot liu
情 若 是 不 變   愛 沒 完 沒 了

English Translation

Translated by K-TVB.net

Hurt flowers won’t open, gray skies waiting for you to return
Reminiscing your love/confessions day by day (Should I be?)
Like a flower which suddenly opens, then withering in the evening
A star-light through the dark sky, in the sorrow can feel love
Looking back hoping you’re a step away like a passer-by
I countlessly turn thinking/questioning
‘Why still hope to see again, why still wait?’

Looking back can see you a step away, like walking together
You and I separated by the world, reunited without hatred
Meeting and parting missing out, still have to wait
Hoping if we can meet again, can recognise each other
If feelings haven’t changed, love endlessly

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12 Responses to “[Bottled Passion] Themesong Lyrics”

  • KTVB says:

    A simple English translation but you can get the main meaning behind the song XD

    I’m so in love with the themesong because of the series! I think the lyrics are quite romantic and is about love story between “Milk lolly” (which I think is Niki) and Raymond Wong’s character.

    Can’t wait to watch more of this!!

    • rachel says:

      *sorry for a second comment hahah

      do you think ‘milk lolly’ is niki too?!?! 😀

      i feel like it has to be just because…it’s tvb and everything hahah but it’s so mysterious right now!…i’m really looking forward to how the story unfolds and how they reunite! 😀 hehe

  • rachel says:

    yay! thanks for translating and putting this up! i really like the theme song and this was one of those few songs that i didn’t know what the lyrics meant hahahah 😀 thanks!

  • Jen says:

    how do you download the song?
    every time i try downloading something on here…it always takes me to another site to listen to the song….i don’t to download it onto my computer 🙁

  • Tim says:

    Nice song! Thanks for sharing it…

  • Sarah says:

    I want the piano version of it!
    It was awesome!
    Do you have the piano music sheet of this song?
    Mind giving the link to me? <3

  • Li says:

    Publish the piano music sheet please! :DD

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