May 2008

[Catch Me Now] Episode 1-5

I’m actually quite enjoying this series at the moment. The whole idea about the detective and thief is quite fun to watch. I wouldn’t say I loved every moment of it though because there were parts I didn’t find that interesting, for example watching the cop team or Idy Chan’s character and storyline. Joe’s side of the story, whilst develops a background for his story doesn’t interest me as much as the action.

The thing that is drawing me to the series is definitely when there’s action- when the thieves are stealing he “black” things off the real bad guys to help the poor. The Police do not know the thieves are really..like Robin hood ^^;

I also feel that some ways the detective and thief thing reminds me of Death Note =)

The Thieves

 Damien Lau as Jack Ko (aka Master Mind)

He is the leader of the Thief gang. Very clever who has the minds of both the cops and the thieves. I really like his character because he looks and acts very cool XD He is calm and handles situations really well, possessing qualities of a true leader. I don’t find his sense of justice twisted at all (It’s different to Kira) and he really is a nice guy. He owns a restaurant “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Johnson Lee as BT (aka Hacker). Damien’s younger cousin. Excellent with hacking into systems, he ranks in top 50 in the world. I really like his character! He’s really funny, uses occasional English and has a sense of humour. Playful~ even his first appearance was running and talking through a video XD He arrives late and starts kissing the guys on the cheeks as an apology lol I also liked how he looked up to Idy’s character as a motherly figure and calls her “GuGu”(a reference to her role in Return of Condor Heroes) He also has a thing for “Mimi” (Anime character) and collects figurines.

Eric Lee as Hao Lo ( aka Mad Racer). His character is likable here too. Even though he tends to be given bad-boy roles, because he has that look, he plays a nice guys here. His driving skills are pro and he role is driving/transportation. His usual occupation is a taxi driver.—

Koni Lui as Long Leg Crab (aka Shooter). Excellent aiming and shooting skill, she uses her beauty to her advantage. She works in the entertainment industry and hopes to become ‘big’ someday.This is the first time I’ve seen her in a TVB. She is the 2nd runner up at the Miss Hong Kong 2006 pageant.

Ai Wai as Keyman (aka Demolition Man). He can break through locks ^^ and I believe he can make bombs (haven’t enticed if he has used it yet). His usual occupation is construction. Very easy going guy and seems to understand the leader the most.

The Thief team at their hideout celebrating their success. (Episode 1)

I really like this group as a team =) They work so well together and teamwork is really the key to their successes; each of them drawing on their own talents and skills in every situation. Of course, they are lead by a very strong leader =) They are all ambitious kind-hearted people with a sense of justice. They share a lot of chemistry through good times, bad times and fun times. I will root for this team!!

The Police

Joe Ma as Gong Yeung. A very determined inspector/cop who believes there is only Black and White in this world, no gray. He is a very good, righteous police and known also to be very good at solving cases. He is determined to capture the Thieves, the ones involved in bank robbery 5 years ago where his master was killed..—

Aimee Chan as NaNa as a CID.I don’t like her character much because she can get annoying. She plays the dumb-ish sort of police and exaggerates a lot. I don’t think she is fit for a police role. Depicted as lively and an ambitious police, she hasn’t proven herselfuseful to the team yet ^^;

This is Aimee’s first TVB Series (she is Miss Hong Kong 2006).

Dickson Lee as Yau Dai Hoi ( CID). Don’t like him lol I hate seeing him on screen lol He has some sort of attitude problem and thinks he’s so good. You can tell he’ll be a character that will look up to Joe eventually though.Can see why I don’t like the police team that much..? ^^;

Other Bits and Pieces…

Idy Chan as Bao Yung Yung

Idy plays a married women who has a son. Her husband cheats on her for another women and the two end up having a divorce. As a regular customer to Damien’s restaurant, Damien seems to look out for her and eventually takes her in when she didn’t know where to go. Later, with the help of Fala, she gets herself a job at the bank.

I’m not liking Idy’s character much, her character is too clumsy (sometimes embarrassing) and her croaky voice is annoying to listen to. Her family matters weren’t that interesting to watch either. It makes me wonder if Daimen has a thing for her or he is just being the nice guy. At times I think he doesn’t, yet at times I think he does. For example, the first time they appeared together, he looks out for her. He tries to find ways to cheer her up. Other times he looks shy and doesn’t seem to want any misunderstandings between them. Perhaps it was a sign and he wanted to deny or hide it. He isn’t young either, perhaps he didn’t have much experience in this area..?

Joe’s Family

Fala plays Joe’s wife and Sharon plays his sister. Fala reminds me so much of her previous roles, espeically A Journey Called Life despite not having the same personality. She looks the same and her acting is quite normal. She loves her husband a lot and works at a bank. I wonder if her character will play more of a role in the series later on..?Sharon is a security guard who also has a sense of justice. (I can see why since their father was also a police) She has a thing for anime figurines too!


Sharon and Johnson become acquainted with each other. (Episode 3)

When the Police Meets the Thief..

Joe moves to live in the same city as Damien. They become acquainted with each other. (Episode 2)

Identity revealed?

Joe and Damien indirectly imply to each other that they know of each other’s identity. (Episode 3)

Joe was trying to looking through Damien’s PDA to see if he was linked to 2 of the thief team members they already identified (Long Leg Crab and Mad Racer) , Damien appears behind him.

Damien: Gong-sir, have you found what you wanted to find yet?
Joe: Can’t find it.
Damien: What are you trying to look for?
Joe: I’m looking for evidence of your criminal doings

So far the story is quite decent, there’s bits of humor here and there between the characters, but the action has still got to be the highlight! I hope the story will get better and better ^^

14 Responses to “[Catch Me Now] Episode 1-5”

  • chibi says:

    Catch Me Now is pretty interesting so far and I love the “bad” guys. I love your summary and screencaptures for the characters ^^ Hope the bad guys get more screentime.. the cops are rather dull…

  • nich says:

    I love, love, love this series to bits. Just finished episode 12, things are slowing down a bit, but I hope it’ll pick up again soon.

    I too, enjoy the great bond Damian shares with his team-mates, and don’t really like Idy’s clumsiness and hoarse voice, but after 12 episodes, I’m kinda immune to her… lol

  • Rin says:

    Ehh… I don’t really like characters that just see things as black and white (like Joe’s character) and no gray at all… they’re stubborn.
    Also the characters for the thief team seem more interesting than all police and stuff ^^

    Hmm… does it like Sharon and Johnson will get together in this series? Like a good and bad falling in love with each other 😛 I can see that.

  • aaaa says:

    i totally agree with everything u say on ur review of the characters!
    nice pics, and damien is very hot! can u post more of his pictures and eric lee’s too! thks a lot!

  • Nanna says:

    omg yes this series is so awesome! especially the thieves, i can see why you compare it to death note, somehow this series reminds me of an anime/manga story … thats just like cool 😀

    and yes yes… idy’s voice its so freaking annoying x_X i think she’s overrated because of return of the condor heroes.. don’t like her at all… should have been replaced by… michelle yim or something

  • Wendy says:

    woww!! thanks SO MUCH for putting up all the screenshots! 😀 the show is awesome, ESPECIALLY BT! <3

  • ktee says:

    is it me or the characters on the thief side remind me of american movie the italian job? though it sounds interesting.

  • Jo says:

    I saw the first episode and didn’t like Idy’s character much, but she has grown on me.

    Damien’s character says something to her on the lines of: “When I first met you, I thought you were really dumb. Getting to know you, I don’t think you’re dumb at all. You’re very kind, you have no ulterior motives. Looking at any situation, you are very fair, and very optimistic. So being with you is very comfortable; the heart is at peace”. That’s sort of how I feel about the character – so stupid at first, but is such a good person.

    Likewise, Idy has grown on me too – she’s not incredibly attractive, but she is kind of cute. And her acting gets better; she’s gradually shaking off the rust after not having acted in a long time.

    I like your recap of the characters =) I’m going for the robbers all the way too 😉

  • think says:

    I love the gang too. they like work so perfectly well together. 😀

    I don’t like IDy’s character much too.. i find her a bit annoying at times.. too nosy in some way. haha.

    what do you think about fala and joe’s relationship? i love them together for some reason .

  • damien's fan says:

    love it! plz feature more of damien’s pic! he is so handsome!!!!!

  • Pikachu N Hamtaro Luver says:

    omg damien looks pretty nice here for his age anyways BT is soo friggin funni lol

  • Ky says:

    I love this drama is very interesting, it a bit like death note!!!! but damien is better than kira heheheh, he is more kind. i love BT character, his sense of humor….

    I think nana is a bit like matsuda character from death note, but i like more matsuda heehee

  • ktee says:

    I love BT hehe! hes funny and pretty attractive. =]

  • e-tw (: says:

    My favourite TVB series of all time – love the action! This is probably one of the only times I root for the thief team rather than the cops! I love their chemistry and how they work as a team. At first I didn’t like Idy’s character alot, but as the episodes go on I find that Idy is really suitable for the role.

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