Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Last night I finished watching the final episode for Catch Ne Now and I have to say I was quite impressed with the episode. The episode kept its action and suspense throughout and I was sitting on the edge of my seat!

Damien (Jack) decided to lure out Evergreen once and for all by asking his lawyer friend who networked with various people, to nominate and give an award to him for his contributions to charity/society. After long hiding, Evergreen decided to accept the challenge to appear for the award and use this opportunity to get rid of Jack …

Joe’s duty was to stop Evergreen and Damien from killing each other and when Fala knew, she didn’t want Joe involved in the case because she was worried he may get killed in the process. Fala ends up lying to Joe that she was pregnant, giving him additional burden in hope he would let go of his duties and spend more time with her; for her and their baby.

On the other hand, Idy tried to convince Damien not to seek revenge but she knew he wouldn’t…He arranged for her and her son to move over to New Zealand first and that he’ll join her shortly, but she said she would stay by his side and travel to New Zealand with him. Knowing he would be in danger, Idy tells Damien that she wants to marry him.

[A talk between Damien and Keyman]

Keyman: She openly said she wants to get married, what are you going to do?
Jack: Sometimes I think she’s really clever. She gave me a very difficult problem.
Keyman: She knows you’re a man who values and is responsible in a relationship. For her to suggest, is hoping you’ll have something to worry about, so you can put down your revenge.
Jack: If I put down revenge, you think I can face BT?
Keyman: But if you don’t marry her, you’ll hurt her.
Jack: If I get married with her, if something happens to me, I would ”ruin” her.
Keyman: Hard choice between love and friendship is like this. But before you make a decision, I’ll tell you something. When my wife found out I was a thief and I needed to take risks, the first thing she did..
Jack: Was wanting to marry you?
Keyman: *nods* Her way of saying it was, if something did happen to me, at least we did become a married couple, better than not having that fate and regretting it.
Jack: Sometimes I do feel that love is so significant.
Keyman: For “Ah-so” (sister-in-law) to do that is really hard. She feels that this type of request is a method or whatever, even at this time she is willing to marry you, there’s only one reason and that’s because she truly loves you.
Jack: Ever since something happened to my first girlfriend, I already decided to be single…but I don’t know why, I don’t know why, or when, I developed feelings for Yung Yung (Idy).
Keyman: If you could understand, you wouldn’t be so troubled.

After much consideration, Damien proposes to Idy =)

Damien: Marry me. I want to grow old with you.

Idy: Are you serious? *Damien nods* Then you’re proposing to me?Aren’t you going to take revenge for Ben? You’re willing to give up for me?
Damien: I thought for a long time. I don’t want you to be unhappy. I feel that I should give you a title. Ben’s issue, I have decided to let Joe handle it. I finished saying what I wanted..are you still willing to marry me?
Idy: *nods* I waited this long, just for this day to come. =)

Damien and Idy get married.

Damien lies, saying he would put down his revenge for BT and go to New Zealand to start their new life together..

Idy: What do you think we’d be like when we get older?
Damien: Like other grannies and grandpa’s, sitting by the wharf, dating and watching the sunset.
Idy: So romantic.. I never imagined myself to have such happiness.

Just before the plane lifts off, Damien leaves the plane. ..

He gets stopped by Joe and taken back to the police station and tried to keep him there until the end of the award ceremony.

Damien ends up getting his lawyer friend to talk to the head and bail him out because they could be sued for misusing their power for confining him (for no practical reason). After that, Joe receives a call from Fala who realises she really has his baby. She calls him to go find her (somewhere far away), saying something has happened. Worried for his wife, Joe leaves to find her. When Fala started telling him she was really pregnant, Joe didn’t believe her as Sharon had already told him the pregnancy test previously did not belong to her. In midst of anger and desperation to get back to the crime scene, he pushes Fala out of his way who falls, then finally realises she was telling the truth.

As they wait for the rescuers to come, Joe wants to make Fala lose her worries and starts asking whether they wanted it to be a boy or a girl..when Fala asked Joe what kind of child he would like him/her to grow up into, Joe replied:

“He doesn’t have to be rich, or smart. I just want him to be a righteous person who is responsible in society ”

It was then Fala has realised she shouldn’t stop Joe from being the righteous man he wants to be and tells him to go back to his duty as a police and that she’ll be ok ^^ The people arrive and the baby was confirmed to be ok =)

Damien meets up with his team and together (with help with Madracer), they put fake dummies into the car and automated it, so when Evergreen and his men activates the bomb, the car explodes and they think the whole team has been killed.

At the scene, the thief team successfully enters the awards ceremony and during a magic show on stage where they invited Evergreen to be part other performance, they successfully capture him. Joe realises what has happened and chases after them. Long Leg Crab and Keyman were holding off Joe while Damien escapes with Evergreen as hostage. Unfortunately, Evergreen’s men were already surrounding the car park lot and Damien loses grip of him. The police also arrive creating a shooting scene. At the end, Damien and Evergreen were at each other alone themselves and shot numerous times almost by their faces!

Damien: Jill Gwan Ho, you killed Ben, you won’t get away from it! You know I won’t let you off it!
Evergreen: You have a big life, I’ve killed you several times and you still survived. Not only your cousin, I’ve also killed Alex. Whoever gets in my way will get killed!
Damien: Kill me and you won’t get away with it!
Evergreen: You are the one who is holding my hostage, killing you is only defense. If I kill someone, it’s only protecting myself. I, Jill Gwan Ho have so much money, even if I do kill you, I have so much money I will find the top lawyer to help me get out of it! That’s how unfair this world is! The law protects rich people! You poor person! Ko-Jit, you can’t defeat me!
*Damien starts smiling and looks down at Evergreen’s pocket* What are you smiling at? You crazy? *Evergreen looks down at his pocket*
Damien: Everything that you have just said has been broadcasted through this wireless microphone! Not only at the charity event, but the audience from all over Hong Kong has jsut heard what you just said! Do you think there’s justice?

I thought this part was so awesome !! 😀 Damien managed to lure Evergreen into admitting all the bad things he has done, and uncovered his true ugly self to everyone , with his words being broadcasted~ Jack so smart!!

Joe arrives with Idy and Evergreen ‘s father who tries to persuade them to put their guns down. The other police arrive and they were surrounded. The two are slowly convinced by their loved ones to give in, however, Evergreen decided it was too late and attempts to shoot Damien! Evergreen’s father saw and attempted to block/protect Damien and Damien himself attempted to move Evergreen’s father out of the way but it was too late. Evergreen’s father gets shot by his own son, Joe shoots Evergreen, and through the chaos, another police shoots Damien …Jack/Damien ends up getting killed…

[1 Year later] the rest of the narration is told by Idy..

*She decided to stay in Hong Kong to continue to help run his business and constantly move between Hong Kong and visiting her son in New Zealand.
*Long leg Crab, Madracer and Keyman have started a new life in NewZealand, and are unable to return to Hong Kong.
*Before Evergreen died, he donated his organ to his father, so his father survived. Evergreen’s father decided to give in to the police by admitting the crime he did 25 years ago when he killed Damien’s parents in the fire.
*Sharon continues to run BT’s business and it has become very successful.
*In the final scene, Idy is watching the sunset ..

Damien is by her side and tells her that he’ll always be there looking over her…


Alternate ending:

In the gun scene, Jack doesn’t die because Evergreen is shot by Joe before he gets the chance to shoot. Instead of dying, Jack gets arrested and goes to jail.

(Idy gives the same final speech to Damien as the original before he dies/before he gets arrested) In the final scene where Idy is watching the sunset, Jack appears (released from jail) and the two hug each other.

Watch the Alternate ending online here 

Thoughts on the Endings. (The part where the alternate ending continues..)

I actually prefer the original ending over the alternate. Or maybe its the fact I’ve seen the original and then the alternate and can see how Idy uses the same speech for Damien when he was dying or going to jail~ it sounds a bit like a joke. It doesn’t seem that appropriate for her to be saying the same thing to someone who is dying or going to jail. I guess I can’t really take the fact Jack has to go to jail =( I don’t want Jack to go to jail because I believe he shouldn’t, I still feel its unfair he has to go to jail…if someone was to go to jail it should be Evergreen. In that respect, I would rather like Jack die, the consequence of being a thief is the dangerous situation and risk he had to take, rather than being imprisoned. Does anyone get what I mean or am I just rambling on? :P) Yes, I understand he is a thief, good one or bad and should be punished, its just a preference thing I guess for Jack’s case. it’s cooler for him to die in action than..yeh..lol My thoughts anyway.

The main difference I guess is Idy at the end. In the original she looks sad watching the sunset alone, while in the alternate she is happy because Damien is by her side. Which ending do you prefer?

Which ending do you like better?

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21 Responses to “[Catch Me Now] Episode 20- Finale & Alternate Ending”

  • chibi says:

    I prefer the original ending.. the alternate ending seems kind of anti-climatic as Evergreen just gets shot by Joe..isn’t that a bit easy? Then Jack goes to jail..but for how long, and what for? :/ I’m glad the other team members escaped, but it would have been nice to see some footage with them in it than show a photoshopped postcard ^^;

    I liked everything building towards the final showdown, but there’s a bit too much foreshadow of Jack being killed. For eg, in the plane with Jack says he needs to go to the toilet, he kisses Idy and holds her hand- I mean..isn’t it fishy something is going on there?

    BT’s death seemed a lot more tragic since it was unexpected, but here we were kind of already expecting Jack to get killed (esp knowing there’s an alternate ending) The alternate ending seems like a typical tvb ending..

    I liked how Evergreen donated one of his organs to save his dad- but has anyone noticed they used the same sequence in the alternate ending when his dad was in hospital, but he was never shot in the first place?

    Nevertheless, this was one of the better TVB drama this year =)

  • kinki says:

    I think the same speech that Idy (told in both of the endings) suits more with the alternative ending (where Jack goes to jail). I mean it makes more sense to say that she’ll wait for him when he goes to jail, rather than he dies.

    I’d like the alternative ending better mostly becoz i prefer a ‘happier’ ending. I just can’t see how Yung Yung (Idy) could take everything so light (losing his husband again the second-time around) and letting go of her precious son whom she loves so much.

    Seeing Jack died (shot by that stupid cop) was acceptable, but debatable. It’s all due to the fact that TVB just wanna stress how ‘bad’ guys should have ‘bad’ endings to prevent the criticism of encouraging thieves & related issues. I guess that is why they changed the original Chinese name of the series.

  • Endlessjoy says:

    I like the alternate ending better. I understand how it seems cooler that a thief like him dies like this, but it doesn’t make sense. With the original ending, it doesn’t make sense where Evergreen can turn up the gun and shot faster than Joe who has his gun already pointed at him. How Evergreen’s father can run faster than Joe’s bullet and reaction.

    Also, I feel that yes, it’s cooler if Damien dies, but he doesn’t deserve it at all. Going to jail is showing how he’s starting new; he comes back out and can be with the woman he loves. I think the alternate ending is the best ending.

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: Somehow I get the impression Damien was arrested in the alternate ending because he was a thief all along..but that doesn’t make sense because they could have arrest him a lot earlier if evidence points in that way. So the only explanation I can come up with was that he tried to kill Evergreen..so dangerous? But if he doesn’t kill Evergreen..his punishment shouldn’t be that harsh..if you know what I mean. If the alternate ending really continues like the original, Damien may be released in a year? not sure…whole thing doesn’t make sense for him to go to jail XD
    And yes, the photo-shopped photo looked dodegy lol I agree with you in wanting to see actual footages from the other team members..TVB made some sort of “behind the scene” thing asking each of the team members what they have been doing at New Zealand but it doesn’t really count because that was just for fun.

    I liked how Evergreen donated his organs too..little details like this wrap things nicely =)

    To kinki: I agree with you about the speech part too. I was sorta puzzled myself when I saw that speech she gave in the original ending..the ‘waiting’ didn’t make sense for a dying person..

    I guess it’s to show YungYung really “grew up” from the whole experience..she wa still lonely in the end though, but she’s living on for him.. What did the original title translate to exactly? I can’t remember it, something to do with a thief. I was sorta shocked when it turned into “Actually fell in love with a thief” lol

    To Endlessjoy: I agree with what you’re saying..but throughout the series there has been a lot of ‘impossibles” and “unrealistic” things happen anyway lol *I’m trying to overlook the fakeness of it all* An explanation as to why he has to be arrest would be nice (alternate ending)

  • lollipop5738 says:

    i actually prefer the original ending because i do not want and i don’t think jack deserves to go to jail..dying with pride is a much better choice.. as for BT although i do not want him to die in the series, it is better for him to die in that show as he is stuck between kiu and cheung keok hai~somehow i just like his character in there =P..the original ending was an unpredictable one and i like this series in every way~ thumbs up to tvb for this series! =)

  • Drey says:

    I liked the original ending. It gives a much more memorable performance, rather than to have Damien go to jail.

    But at least the alternate ending was much much better and made sense, compared to the one in DIE.

  • Jadedreams says:

    I like the alternate ending more. The dialogue between him and Idy matched more with him going to jail. Also I like the brief scene with him and Joe…it wraps up the theme of the series nicely with the thieves and the cops. The scenes following without Idy explaining what happen with everyone was nicely done and somewhat artistic too…so overall this ending was better in my opinion.

    Love this serie, it’s definitely at the top of my favorite series list of 2008!

  • bears says:

    I have been wondering this for a long time since bt has been singing it in the series but what is that song he keeps singing when his gf breaks up with him and he gets really drunk? Thanks.

    This is def a really good series. i somewhat stopped watching tvb for a while since i felt like nothing good came out since revolving doors of vengence and triumph in the skies, but this def makes me want to watch tvb again

  • KT says:

    completely agree with our thoughts on the ending
    couldn’t have phrased it better myself!!
    and i thought I was the only one rambling
    but in the original where the inexperienced cop shot him…now that was lame…and his guilt-striken face just ruined the atmosphere …

    as for the alternate ending-just didnt like it, was not as intense, him going to jail was biggest disappointment that i felt that dying would have been greater glory
    at least when he died it would have been for revenge and being able to avenge etc. but putting him in jail is like condemning him for all the good things he did

    anyways currently watching forensic heroes 2 ..ahh its so gd.. im not ep 22.. cant wait..
    so exciting

  • Helen says:

    XD… Yeah… I like the original more 😀 It’s sad but definitely it’s the best cuz the Alt look like a little bored 😛 And it looks like they don’t really wanted to make an alt 😛

  • Jack Jack says:

    I love you! Thanks for posting the link to the alternate ending, I couldn’t find it anywhere on youtube because they took it off and on TVB, it was hard because I can’t read chinese. Thanks a lot.

    Although I agree with the others that the alternate ending didn’t leave a kind of lingering sadness or message and was the typical kind of ending, not to mention, some parts didn’t make much sense, but I am a sap for happy endings and really wanted to see a kind of “Happily ever after” moment for Jack and Yung-Yung, so I am very glad to have seen them together at last.

    Thanks again for your synopsises and link! ^^

  • Vaneffle says:

    The alt ending was weird and was a bit too normal. Yeah, I agree that just having Joe shoot Evergreen is a bit too easy, should be something like Evergreen and Jack both shoot each other and then Yung-Yung watching over Jack waiting for him to wake up….

  • koko says:

    Neither one i prefer, too typical.
    since jack is so mindful, ending with a narrow escape will be interesting and live happily ever after.

  • Sakura says:

    okay the original ending was so crap..
    it was so random of how the noobie officer juss randomly shoots Damien..
    maybe its cuz he sees everyone else is shooting so he wants to be apart of it or something and shoot someone too, but it was really dumb and not needed.
    the alternative is much better since atleast one of the main chars doesn’t die..

  • Jason says:

    OMG. I’ll prefer the original ending because its more eralistic kinda. But I hate the ending too because its just so sad T_T

  • e-tw (: says:

    Although I hated to see Jack die, I knew I had to accept either his death or arrestment sooner or later in the ending because TVB had to show that even though he may be a kind hearted thief who helps the poor, he is still a thief. With the same thinking as many others, I feel more for the original ending because I felt that Jack wouldn’t be the one to be behind the bars, even if he was destined to die he would die with pride and in action. In this case I felt satisfied that he had died with courage and felt happy that he had done so much for his team and had so many happy experiences with them as well. The thing with the random cop killing him was understandable because anyone else who killed him would be unacceptable (Evergreen, Joe). So TVB made it a stupid clueless dude. Overall, this is my favourite drama of all time so far, TVB has really done well with the cast picking and storyline. Thief team all the way!

  • russell says:

    does anyone know what is the name of the policeman that went back stage to check if everything we find ??
    i think he is call Jing in the Chinese verison

  • adam says:

    in the scene where joe ma is riding the bike, reflecting on jack’s death. does anyone know the title to background music?

  • Hofai says:

    PISSED OFF, needed more episodes!

  • Yifeng Huang says:

    I kind of wished that Jack’s gang actually got killed. After all, they’re worse than him

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