Another cute scene between Selena and Kenneth. I enjoy watching Kenneth flirt with her and consistently teasing “is it because you’ve fallen for me?” XD Not that we really needed TVB to tell us that Natalie had feelings for Kevin, but this scene was cute XD When Natalie overheard Kevin mention he is already married […]

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This scene really reminds me of Moonlight Resonance: Epsiode 32, where the siblings were trying to cheer Raymond up and the siblings all snuggled up to Raymond and suggested doing things they always did when they were young XD Here Stephen is upset about his breakup with YauYau when he found out her father was […]

I love watching Kevin and Natalie together! I love the way they understand each other so well, and Kevin is very protective over her. He admits feels closer to her than his other siblings and I guess it helps during their numerous encounters with each other before Kevin reunited with the family. I think they […]

The truth is revealed!! Kevin finally learns his true identity and is reunited with his family. Kenneth’s words and actions finally “woke up” Chan Gill (the kidnapper) and she decides to reveal the truth before she dies.  (I enjoyed watching Kenneth constantly harassing her and yelling at her etc XD)  The letter she wrote was […]

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] I am relieved that A Fistful of Stances has a happy ending 🙂 I particularly liked the final final scene, really put a smile on my face XD

I really like watching Kenneth and Selena together <3 I found this particular scene quite cute and I enjoy their interaction. It’s a pretty lighthearted scene and reveals more of Selena’s kind-hearted nature. *** The most touching part of this episode how watching how hard Natalie tried to convince Kevin that he is their long […]

Such cruelty!! Arghhh!! Tavia only had her 4 children left, yet Dominic did not let her off as Tavia wrote letters to the government in hope they could bring justice to her parent’s death. He sent people to cause trouble at the Martial Arts school/home, damaging the place, destroying her fathers ‘words’, beating up Tavia […]