[A Journey Called Life] Lyrics

A Journey Called Life Themesong: A little Story Sung by Steven Ma and Linda Chung Download the Song here: Full Version I really like this song~ sounds so soothing and sad at the same time and I think it suits the series really well. The beginning part sounds are bit haunting though lol Here is […]

Feels a bit incomplete making a post like this. Especially this is my first post on A Journey Called Life and it’s already 3/4 through ^^; I’m currently up to episode 15 of A Journey Called Life and I really only started watching full episodes from about episode 8 onwards, the others were just bits […]

Upcoming series released in Hong Kong March 31, after The Master of Taichi To be released on TVBJ satelite Australia on March 31, after The Seventh Day 7pm Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng Jut Si, Fala Chen, Raymond Cho… Episodes: 20 Synopsis Never Torn Apart in Sorrow Never Gave Up in Hope SZE […]