Dicey Business and Heart of Greed: Bosco and Tavia Similarity: Bosco and Tavia are a couple and they have a wedding ceremony Difference: In Heart of Greed, the wedding goes ahead, in Dicey Business, Bosco refuses to marry Tavia. The Price of Greed and The Brink of Law : Kate and Shirley Similarity: The hospital […]

I just finished reading an article at TVBMusings on his interpretation of the ending, leaving me feeling shocked! 0___0 *eyes wide-opened* It seems to make perfect sense in the situation! I don’t know if that was TVB’s intention or whether the random finding just happens to fit in as well…but one point I think put […]

While I was still watching Dicey Business, I had heard many positive comments about Brink, in which many have said Brink is just as good, perhaps even better than Dicey. However, after completing Brink, I think that Dicey still wins it for me. Why am I comparing these two? What do they have in common? […]

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] I actually enjoyed the 2nd last episode more than this one. Maybe its because Michael just went nuts and his character seemed sorta fake (or was it just his crying scenes?). One part I did feel […]



[Dicey Business] Episode 34

A really exciting episode!! I quite enjoyed this episode; especially the part where Bosco and Bobby try to escape from the bad guys. I think how the phone in Bobby’s pocket acted as a shield was used before in some other TVB series as well (though his arm got shot and didn’t seem like it […]



[Dicey Business] Episode 33

I’m also proud to see Jessica did not choose to be with Michael, even though she broke up with Bobby =D If she went with him after knowing what a selfish guy he was; that would be very disappointing. More exciting stuff in this episode… Benz accidentally finds out Michael ‘s evil scheme of taking […]



[Dicey Business] Episode 32

In this episode, Bobby finds out that Jessica has been seeing Michael all along; yet he is still so nice to her..he didn’t blame her one bit, or say anything nasty to her, but simply letting her do what she wanted as long as she was happy and telling her what a wonderful person she […]



[Dicey Business] Episode 31

Bosco is such a jerk!! He believed Tavia was that type of person because Michael had told him. He believes Michael over anyone in the world, including himself. He didn’t give Tavia time to explain herself; does Bosco not realise it was Michael who should have told him so earlier (he does not blame Michael […]