[Love Exchange] 疑情別戀

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**A post long-overdue ^^; Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] Michael and Anita manged to escape the fire 🙂 At the hospital, Michael hugs Anita when he was relieved to see her safe and ok ^^ Anita tells Michael that she realised […]



[Love Exchange] Episode 19

Getting more intense! Power confesses to the police that he was involved with ‘cleaning’ the black money with Dick and because Dick wanted to withdraw from the illegal activities, Power decided to kill him off. He followed Dick to a bar where he saw him with Bonnie, both drinking a lot. Later the two drove […]



[Love Exchange] Episode 18

Lau Kong (Power’s father in-law) gets into a coma, and Power convinces Tracy to let him manage his group of companies. At the hospital, Lau Kong’s assistant tells Tracy that the day before the accident, Lau Kong found out Power was cheating on her and implies it may have something to do with the accident. […]



[Love Exchange] Episode 17

Power goes to apologise to Krystal and ends up spending the night with her. He manages to reassure his love for her and convinces Krystal that three months will go quickly and that he will return to her once he’s done with the project. The Police are getting more clues and have arrested some man […]



[Love Exchange] Episode 16

Such an exciting episode!! Michael and Power were having a talk where Michael admits to Power than he and Anita have developed feelings for each other. Michael: Everything I did before, I always believed there were either black, or white. There would never be an in-between. Bonnie’s death, is like god testing my judgment. When […]



[Love Exchange] Episode 15

In hope that Krystal would back off, Tracy holds a 5th year anniversary party for her and Power (Anson) She gets Krystal to shop with her and helping out in organising the party. During the party, the Insurance company work mates get Krystal to go on stage to sing a song for them (since they […]



[Love Exchange] Episode 11-14

I ended up watching this batch of episodes in one go! Micheal decides that he won’t reveal the truth and leave it as it is because he doesn’t want to affect Anita and her family. However he goes into a depression, going to boxing but he won’t fight back. Luckily with the help of Anita […]