The Life and Times of a Sentinel 紫禁驚雷 Themesong by Steven Ma “Changing Sky” 變天 Please credit if reposted, thanks! wan hei tin bin sik jau gwoh taai doh jin yik 雲 起 天 變 色   走 過 太 多 戰 役 ye chiu jing long joi giu maan fung chuen sik 夜 […]

團圓 主題曲 – 吳卓羲 Reunion- Ron Ng Wax and Wane Themesong Lyrics & Pinyin ngoh suet gwoh ming san fung yue waak tin ching 我 說 過   明 晨 風 雨 或 天 晴 boon nei jau jui sok hang fuk je lo ging 伴 你 走   追 索 幸 福 這 路 […]


June 2011

[Ghetto Justice] Themesong Lyrics

No Time To Regret 沒時間後悔 (Ghetto Justice Themesong) TVB電視劇<怒火街頭>主題曲 主唱:陳奐仁 歐陽靖 Hanjin Tan (ft. MC Jin) Note: The first and last verse are in Cantonese, and middle in Mandarin as with the actual song 🙂 [MC Jin] nei man ngoh ji m ji ji gei hai do jo mut 你 問 我 知 唔 知 […]

TVB電視劇 <花花世界花家姐> 主題曲 “My Sister of Eternal Flower” Themesong Lyrics by Raymond Lam You light up my Life Please credit: if reposted, thanks! ngoh jui oi siu nei ngau yau choh bit ji 我 最 爱 笑 你   偶 有 错 别 字 mong jeuk dung sam yat jeung siu siu go tip […]

I will Wait for You– Michae Tse & Kate Tsui 谢天华&徐子珊-我等你(电视剧”洪武三十二”插曲) Relic of an Emissary- Sub Themesong bat ging yi dei jeung yat jo yeuk ding si yue dei 徐 : 不 经 意 地 像 一 早 约 定 时 与 地 ging gwoh maan wooi chin juen yeung oi chue hei 经 过 […]

所謂理想 (Themesong to TVB Growing Through Life) “So Called Ideals”– Raymond Lam chang    ging    gon    bat    seung        ji    lap    sam    gon    seung 曾    經    趕    不    上        至    立    心    趕    上 mai    sat    jung    jau    gwoh        choi    ying    ching    fong    heung 迷    失    中    走    過        才    認    清    方   […]


October 2010

[New Series]: Every Move You Make

English Title: Every Move you Make Cantonese Title: 读心神探 (Duk Sam San Taam) Cast: 林保怡 Bowie Lam , 黃宗澤 Bosco Wong , 田蕊妮 Krystal Tin , 陳茵媺 Aimee Chan, 黎諾懿 Chris Lai Lok Yi , 謝雪心 Susan Tse Suet Sum , 于 洋 Yu Yang , 曹永廉 Raymond Cho Episodes: 20 Airing date: 4 October […]

Here is my attempt at translating the themesong of Sisters of Pearl (Full Version) 🙂 At first I thought the song was pretty straight forward, but the more I read into the lyrics the more confused I got since the different combination of Chinese characters can be interpreted differently. I guess what confuses me about […]