Screencaptures I’ve taken from the performance from the [Men Don’t Cry] Crew in TVB 40th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony ^^ I left this part and only started watching this after completing the series because I think it would make more sense and decrease the number of spoilers XD Like Benz calling Dayo as his son. It […]


November 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Themesong Lyrics

Lyrics written and sung by Dayo Wong Download this Song: Full Version Here is my attempt to translate this song (I put a lot of effort into it XD ) but its a bit hard because of how colloquial/slang the language is, so let me know if I’ve got anything wrong~ Its the literal translation […]

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] // I’ve just finished watching the last episode and can’t help but to jot down my thoughts of the ending. I’ll be posting up more episode summaries of Men Don’t Cry after my exams! So stay […]


November 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Dayo and Cecilia Moments 2

Episode 6 And Dayo’s plot continues..Going on a date? He takes Cecilia to come rock and starts writing their names on it~ Dayo starts thinking he wants to vomit just by looking at those words XD Cecila is really touched and Dayo faces the ocean, screaming out that he loves her. Cecilia turns and does […]


November 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Dayo and Cecilia Moments

These are all a part of Dayo’s scheme in making Cecilia believe he has changed into a good person and trying to make her fall in love with him. From Episode 5 The Dinner Here, Cecilla has truly believed Dayo has changed and the two have dinner together. There’s a part where Dayo holds up […]


October 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 11

Another cute episode with more Dayo and Cecilia moments ^^ (I have removed a lot of detail below concerning other parts of the storyline~ you must see for yourself ^^) Vivien offers to search for Dayo’s real father with him, but Cecilia gets worried that he might do something to her sister so she goes […]


October 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 1- 10 Thoughts

At first I said I wouldn’t make any posts on this series because I didn’t like it, but as I continued to watch more into the story, the story starts to get better.. After watching the first 2 or 3 episodes I wasn’t really impressed by this series. I hated how Dayo’s character kept beating […]


October 2007

[New Series]: Men Don’t Cry

Starting from October 15 Monday to Friday 7:10pm on Australia TVBJ Satellite (Showing after Steps ends) Genre: Ancient/ Comedy Cast: Dayo Wong Tze Wah, Cecilia Yip Tung, Lam Kar Wah, Vivian Yeo Siew Hui, Benz Hui , Kwok Fung, Suet Nay, Ai Wai Episodes: 21 Synopsis With the support of the head of the Police […]