September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 30 Thoughts

Bosco and Linda continue to their relationship ‘undercover’ When Linda is shopping with her mum, they bump into Bosco’s girlfriend who was the sale assistant and Linda becomes uncomfortable and leaves and Ah Hong finds out that Linda is actually the third party in the relationship and assures her that there’s nothing wrong with it […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 29 Thoughts

I’m starting to feel the danger for the moon cake business. I’m getting the same fear like that in Heart of Greed when the second wife wants all the assets to herself. When JoBao wanted to come back and work at the his business, Michelle deliberately forces his old-time friends to leave the business.  Michelle […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 28 Thoughts

This episode was so annoying and I felt so bad for Tavia! Originally she was going to go on a business trip with Moses to Hawaii and was really excited about it because she’s never been out before! However Kate wanted to go too even though she was not needed and pleaded Moses to bring […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 27 Thoughts

When HorMa returns home, she realises the situation and believes SaYi was telling the truth and that she has change, accepting her back =D  SaYi was so touched that HorMa believed her and after this, I think the family truly forgives her =) Her husband also returned to her! I really like Sa Yi! XD […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 26 Thoughts

Dearest Sister, It’s actually true. Someone above is really looking at us and how we are. I always laughed that Ah Yuet was ‘Lor Lui’ (adopted), and it turns out that I’m the one who is truly adopted. I always laughed that Ah Heng is a mute girl, but now I want to say sorry […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 25 Thoughts

When I saw the preview for this episode, it looked like so bad..and I was so worried that HorMa really wasn’t Grandpa’s daughter and the family was going to be turned upside-down! After much fuss however, it turns out that SaYi is actually the one who isn’t Grandpa’s daughter!! YAY!! haha take that Sa Yi!! […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 24 Thoughts

In this episode, Fala and Susanna have a joint wedding!! I was so disturbed that Fala had to share her wedding with someone like Susanna >< When the families were discussing about Fala’s wedding, Susanna started complaining that she’ll be having her wedding on the same day; yet she’ll only be having a small one […]


September 2008

Happy MidAutumn Festival!!

Mid Autumn Festival is here =D!! Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!! ^_^ Ah…for me I think this year’s Mooncake festival particularly stands out amongst other years mainly because of Moonlight Resonance. Since this series revolves around the mooncake shop and about family reunions and gathering, and they often mentioned the 8th Month 15th day of the […]