January 2013

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December 2012

[Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles] Poll


September 2012

[King Maker] Favourite Character Poll



August 2012

[Three Kingdoms RPG] Your thoughts

Has anyone been watching “Three Kingdoms RPG 回到三國“? The finale was out last night and just wanted to see what your opinions were on the series. Three Kingdoms RPG was one of the series I had anticipated for 2012, mostly because Raymond Lam was in it as well as other casts which I quite enjoy […]


October 2011

[Super Snoops] Polls

My votes go to: Favourite Couple: Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo Favourite Character: Wong Cho Lam- he is soooo adorable in this series XD Aimee’s character is pretty cute here too (I think she has some resemblences to Christine Kuo). I love how her personality changes to frequent and the way she constantly stomps […]


September 2011

[River of Wine] Favourite Couple

My favourite couple would have to go to Bowie and Elena 😀 The couple caught my attention early on in the series when I felt soemthing was going on between them. I loved the way they both cared for each other and seemed like they understood each other without having to say so. Their love […]


August 2011

[Lives of Omission] Favourite Couple Poll


  I’m currently up to Episode 15 😀 Absolutely hooked on this series!! I love Kenneth and Steven’s characters here a lot. I love watching Kenneth so scheming and intelligent lol, pretty impresed with his role here. Although he is a semi- “villain”, I still love watching him and root for him. Steven gives his […]