Woohooo–thanks to Chibi, we have a fresh new banner, featuring my latest craze: A Change of Heart!! Hope you guys like the banner as much as I do! 🙂


October 2012

[Message from K] New Layout: Highs and Lows

New Layout dedicated to my favourite couple in [Highs and Lows]: Raymond and Kate ^_^ Hope you guys like!!


September 2012

Happy 6th Birthday K-TVB.net!!

Happy Birthday to you…                                   Happy Birthday to you.. Happy 6th Birthday to K-TVB.net!!!!                                  Happy Birthday to you… WOOOOT!! It’s Party time!!! 😀 Today marks K-TVB.net’s 6th Birthday so I want to take this chance to officially wish K-TVB.net a very happy 6th birthday!! Running online since 10 September 2006, K-TVB.net has managed to […]


August 2012

[Wish and Switch] Thoughts

I’m pretty confused at the moment. As I was digging through my blog, I found a chunk of “draft” posts I’ve written up from various series which I thought I’d finished and posted up before, but when I search for the posts, apparently they’re not there*scratches head* Weird. I even have my screencapture folders on […]


May 2012

[Message from K] May 2012

Hi Everyone! How are we all…? hahah. How’s the world of TVB been for you guys? Or out in the real world? ^^ Just wanted to drop by a note to let you guys know I’m alive and well. Despite my decreases in blog updates, I do visit quite often to check up on you […]


December 2011

[Message from K] December 2011

Hi everyone!! Long time no talk XD Hope you’re all enjoying the last days of 2011! Personally I’m in quite a relaxed state at the moment after many hectic late nights of work, but YES!! My holidays are finally here so I’m gonna make sure I’m gonna enjoy it hehe As the end of 2011 […]


September 2011

[K-TVB.net] Happy 5th Anniversary!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY K for TVB!!!   10 September 2011 marks K-TVB’net’s 5th year online!!! 😀 I’m really proud that it has made it this far- it didn’t feel that along ago when I first started it and it was a tiny little personal TVB blog XD I didn’t think it would become so big and […]


May 2011

[Message from K] May 2011

Hey guys!! Long time no see and it’s already the end of May- time surely goes by quick! Hope you guys have been well! For those who have been following me (“Liked” K for TVB) on facebook would probably know more about my recent happenings. I ‘ve been finding myself spending more and more time […]