April 2012

[Face to Fate] Sub Themesong Full Version

After a long day of work, I came home to my blog to find a pleasant surprise…..it was a  message left by K2K which said “Full Sub Song For “Face To Fate” 2006 is finally released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95zht9Y75BA “   YAY!!! I suspect this song has been released for some time now, and it took me […]


April 2012

Love TV 3

The 3rd TVB Themesong CD Collection is finally out! It has been a while since Love TV 情歌精選 and Love 2 were released (back in 2008 and 2009 respectively). Excerpt from YesAsia: “The third installment of the Love TV series again offers an exclusive collection of recent TVB drama theme songs. In fact, many fans […]


December 2011

[Bottled Passion] Themesong Lyrics

Bottled Passion Themesong- Teresa Cheung “Dawn Blossoms Picked at Dusk” 朝花夕拾 《我的如意狼君》 主題曲 – 張德蘭 *Please credit K-TVB.net if reposted, thanks! seung tau dik sum fa jaang bat hoi fooi dik tin dang nei wooi loi 傷 透 的 芯 花 睜 不 開   灰 的 天 等 你 回 來 yat tin yat […]


October 2011

[Super Snoops] Songs

One of my favourite parts of “Super Snoops” is watching when the characters suddenly break into dancing and singing!  It’s quite entertaining XD My two  favourite songs are Ella Koon & Johnson Lee’s “Romance I Don’t Know” (爱情I Don’t Know)” and Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo’s “Who Made My Heart Go Crazy” (誰令你心痴) “. […]


July 2011

[Raymond Lam] New Album- LF!!

YAY! I was quite excited to hear about Raymond Lam releasing his new album – “LF”! At first, I thought he’ll only be releasing his first Mandarin Album this year XD His concert will also be held in HK at the end of this month, and this will definately be a a nice addition!!   […]

Wow! So many CDs released this month ^^ Raymond, Chilam and now Linda 😀 YAY!! Linda’s 3rd Album includes a selection of her best songs and 4 new ones. It includes 18 songs , 10 MVs and 6 postcards- lots of goodies! It is expected to release on 25 March 2011. Please support Linda Chung […]


March 2011

[Message from K] March 2011

Hi Everyone! I’ve finally finished my exams on Tuesday  (hopefully …FOREVER!)..YAY!! That hopefully means I will have a bit more time to do what I want haha.  I’ve also just finished watching “The Rippling Blossom 鱼跃在花见“!   I watched the series largely because of Chilam XD  I only had the chance to watch from episode […]


February 2011

[Raymond Lam] First

Raymond Lam’s First Mandarin Album, titled First, is expected to be released on 4 March 2011! 😀 YAY! hehe I always look forward to his releases! While I mostly listen to his Cantonese songs, I like to listen to this mandarin variations too XD I love his voice and hope he can do well in […]