September 2010

[Come 2 Me Beauty Live On Stage Karaoke] DVD is out!!

Just a quick note to say Raymond’s 2nd Concert DVD “Come 2 Me” is out for sale!! It’s ready for pre-order and expected to be released on 10 September 2010 which is not long!! There’s 2 to choose from- normal DVD and Deluxe Edition which has more goodies 🙂 I heard lots of good things […]


July 2010

Raymond Lam’s New Album [Come 2 Me]!

Woo!! Raymond’s 4th album is finally releasing!!  Like last year, this album is releasing just before his 2nd concert- being the name of the album, concert theme, and its themesong “Come 2 Me” 😀 So excited!! It’s expected to release on 17 July 2010 (in a couple of days!) this month and available for pre-ordering […]


July 2010

[Raymond Lam] Making of MV Come 2 Me

Raymond’s 2nd Concert “Come 2 Me” will be held at the end of this month! Despite not being able to attend it, I’m looking forward to his release on DVD so I can purchase and support him 🙂 I want to see him perform again <3 Hopefully it’ll become a successful night! Here are a […]


June 2010

[CD] Bosco Wong: Bravo

Bosco Wong’s second EP Bravo was released 3 June 2010 and is now available @ YesAsia.com! I am a little disappointed to see the small range of songs included though, and it appears as though they were recorded back when his first one was released which was 2 years ago. So if you want Bosco […]


May 2010

[DL] Forget Myself

I’ve compiled a small list of recent songs from the TVB actors turned singers for download. Yes! I’m still around anticipating when their next album releases will be XD Here are a couple which I think might just be included in their next release 🙂 (Right click link->save Target As to download) Linda Chung Duet […]


December 2009

[Linda Chung] My Love Story

Linda’s 2nd Album “My Love Story” Includes CD, MV DVD, Postcards, Lyric Poster, Photo Sticker Album and Stickers Album Cover, Photo Booklet and Stickers Linda Chung Postcards Photo Sticker Album You can purchase your own copy @YesAsia!


December 2009

Love TV 2

The 2009 TVB Drama themesong Album was released on 27th November 2009, and is now out available for purchase for those interested 🙂 Track List 01. “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” – Susanna Kwan (Beyond the Realm of Conscience) 02. “On the Verge of Eternity” – Gallen Lo (Born Rich) 03. “Variation of Black and […]


October 2009

Linda Chung’s New Album: My Love Story

I was just browsing through the net and came across…Linda Chung ‘s 2nd album: My Love Story ( pre-order version) available @ YesAsia.com! I was quite surprised because I would have thought Myolie’s one who have been available for preorder by now (as I recall that it should be released this month?) Linda’s 2nd album […]