Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] *Sammul has lost his memories and Ella’s dad was stabbed unconscious. Noel reported this to the police as she found them both already unconscious when she arrived in the room. *The case was brought to the […]


January 2008

[Survivor’s Law II] Episode 8

Case: The Soccer Referee brings a bottle of oil (? I’m just going to call it ‘oil’; not exactly sure what it’s called) to start a fire at the Financial Investment Service company. The Soccer referee was advised and mislead into put money into a certain investment. The share price eventually dropped dramatically, but the […]


January 2008

Thanks for the 500,000 hits!!

K for TVB has been running for 1 Year and 4 months! (First started up on 10 September 2006) and it has reached 500,000+ hits! Thank you all so much for visiting! The lovely comments and regular visits are great encouragements for me to regularly update this blog ^^ Thanks again for your support! Last, […]


January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 7

Sammul’s Barrister chamber has its grand opening and Ella brings him a very a big Case from the High Court. The client was Ella’s father’s friend’s son, whom Ella had referred to Sammul. Case: Which Will do we follow? (Sammul’s case as a Barrister, working with Ella) A very superstitious man had a son and […]


January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 6

Another pretty good episode ^^ Because of what happened in Episode 5, Ella goes to find her father as soon as he returns to Hong Kong. We learn a lot about the father and daughter relationship, and that his daughter is his first priority. During a meeting at work, Ella just rushes in, crying in […]


January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 5

This was a pretty interesting episode! There’s are more back stories for Kenneth, Sammul, Selena and Ella. Kenneth The little girl takes out a photo of Kenneth and his ex-girlfriend which is claims is her mum and dad. She says her mother died in Vancouver a year ago and her Aunty told her her father’s […]


January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 4

This episode continues on the case about the Magician harassing his assistant. Case: Magician + Sexual Harassment to female assistant (Kenneth and Sammul’s case) The Magician hired a new female assistant where it was necessary for to dress up revealing because it was a need of the profession to draw the audience’s attention to her […]


January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 3

Case 1: Ella’s friend played by Yoyo Chen has opened up a new clothing store with her designs. Eileen sues Yoyo for using the designs she claims belongs to her company. Yoyo used to work for Eileen but left and the contract between her and the company was any designs that Yoyo did during her […]