September 2007

[The Drive of Life] Episode 39: Raymond & Myolie

A Mini-recap A lot of things has happened since Episode 30. Just shortly after Raymond proposes to Charmaine and they agreed to get married, Charmaine finds out the true reason behind the death of her mother. Because Damien and his wife indirectly told her mother that she was the one who had killed Charmaine’s father, […]


September 2007

[The Drive of Life] A Raymond and Myolie Moment 2

In episode 30, Myolie and Raymond get stuck in the place they were staying and Raymond even breaks off the door knob! As Raymond was supposed to be picking Charmaine up at the airport, he decided to resort to the window. Myolie said she’ll go with him but he told her to stay, and that […]


September 2007

[The Drive of Life] A Myolie and Raymond Moment

Raymond and Myolie got together in episode 39!! yay! I just didn’t like all the things Charmaine did to Raymond..she made him so heartbroken and he completely lost himself… I was just glad that Myolie was able to help him back up. Before we get there, here’s a little moment from Episode 28 I thought […]


September 2007

[The Drive of Life] Episode 28 -Myolie’s Birthday

Raymond told Charmaine that he didn’t really understand why Myolie got so angry at him after he gave away the soup she made for him to the other guy they worked with and Charmaine tells him that its because Myolie has a crush on him. Raymond didn’t believe her but Charmaine assured him that her […]

Currently up to Episode 16 of [Fathers and Sons] and [Episode 26 for The Drive of Life] and I’m really enjoying both series- both of different genre and style, so its a nice combination to be watching them together. Watching both series that 10 episodes apart, I’m finding some similarities between both series happening at […]

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all well and happy =) I feel bad for not updating as frequent/daily as I used to! I’m quite happy to see the tagboard still so active though^^ Even I feel guilty with the lack of updates; or coming back and seeing the same ‘Phoenix Rising” Final episode post. Something just […]


August 2007

[The Drive of Life] Episode 5


August 2007

[The Drive of Life] Episode 4

Charmaine and Raymond are both quite intelligent here! Their rivalry for the land is quite interesting to watch: The owner of the land is offering to sell the land to the one who can get him this specific pen to add to his collection (which he was missing) so the two were to compete for […]