August 2008

[Legend of the Demigods] Episode 1

Some screenies to intro the series =) Yes! All three main characters are introduced in the first episode with Linda being the happy-go-lucky one, Benny being the mighty strong (and somewhat aggressive and kinda arrogant) and Sunny being the cute one who gets tired very easily and falls sleep almost anywhere XD lol that’s hilarious..and […]

To be released in mid August 2008 (HK) To be airred on TVBJ Satelite Australia 7pm Time slot after Your Class or Mine 29th September English Title: The Legend of Demigods Cantonese Title: 搜神傳 (Sau San Chuen) Cast: Linda Chung, Benny Chan, Sunny Chan, Halina Tam, Nancy Wu Episodes: 22 (44 for Hong Kong) Producer: […]