March 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 21

Lots of awesome fighting scenes =) The battle for the “Wah Mang Wui” leader position begins! The first match is between Raymond and Power. At first Raymond used a mixed of attacks, merging parts of “Chong Long” attacks with the Japanese ones. Power gets angry of course and dares him to use pure “Chong Long” […]


March 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 20

Myolie plans to leave Raymond after she got rejected, but Fred tries to keep her. Fred: Miss Yin, what’s wrong? Where are you going? If Jerng Moon (Raymond) comes back and finds you missing, he’ll go crazy. Myolie: He won’t. I told him that I’ll marry him and he didn’t have any reactions. I think […]


March 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 19

Vincent tries convincing Melissa to stay with him but she can’t face him anymore. Even though she knew that her father’s death was not his fault, she couldn’t help but blame him for seeing her father, or else they would have left the Captial and perhaps lived happily ever after ..and her father wouldn’t’ have […]


March 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 18

Another very awesome episode! lots of drama.. and very sad touching moments.. Vincent is very worried about Melissa and takes care of her while she was resting. Melissa calls out Vincent’s name in her sleep and pleading “not to kill “. Vincent grabs onto her hands and Myolie gets really jealous. She manages to convince […]


March 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 17

Another exciting episode! I’m loving Taichi so much! The story continues to show how much Melissa and Vincent miss each other, yet are forced not to think about each other, because they have to face what they believe is set. Melissa and her father have a talk with each other, where he tells her that […]


March 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 16

..What a dramatic episode … Vincent and Derek arrive at Shanghai and suddenly Myolie appears, running up to Vincent. She starts faking a story to come up with an excuse, saying that she suddenly remembered a bit of her past and she was scared that something was going to happen to him so she didn’t […]


March 2008

Message from K: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone =) Eat lots of chocolate xD So..what’s been happening with K lately? I hope you have already realised by the regular updates on The Master of Taichi that I’m totally obsessed with the series at the moment XD I’m loving the series heaps and highly recommend it to everyone. I can’t believe […]


March 2008

[The Master of Taichi] Episode 15

Fred (playing the servant) accidentally tells Myolie that Raymond is going to propose to her and that he went all over the city just to buy a ring her a ring. Myolie starts to get worried because she doesn’t like him that way but doesn’t want to hurt him because she knows he is really […]