I’m not really a fan of this couple but I did enjoy watching how the two got together lol Through the series, Yuen Biao (Fire) and Maggie Siu have been gotten along really well, and their relationship just developed over time. From episode 25-ish, things were becoming more obvious.. Episode 26 In this scene, Maggie […]

This themevideo feels really short compared to the other series, nevertheless I think it is nicely compiled =) The music suits the series well, though I tend to like themevideos with actual vocals. At least the series does have a Sub Themesong (sung by Moses Chan) which gives the series an extra touch.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the slow updates these days, realised I haven’t blogged for a whole week now! But yes, my exams are finally over so I’m back to do more updating and blogging! It’s been a year since this blog has launched so I’ve been looking for a new layout change to keep things […]

I’m currently up to episode 10 of The Ultimate Crime Fighter and I’m enjoying it heaps! I am really liking both series that are currently airing (the other being Men Don’t Cry) I’m looking forward to watching more! (too bad exams are coming up soon so will need to spend more time studying. Its even […]

Starting from October 22 Every Monday to Friday 8:30pm on Australia TVBJ Satelite (after the end of The Drive of Life) Cast: Yuen Biao, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Gigi Lai, Yoyo Mung, Maggie Shiu Mei Ki, Macro Ngai Chun Kit , Kwok Yiu Ming Episodes: 37 Synopsis Famous for his unparalleled kung-fu skills, Police Officer […]