August 2012

[Gloves Come off] Selena & Kevin’s Relationship

I think Kevin and Selena make a pretty sweet couple in this series and they look so good together ! I was rooting for the characters to get together because of how compatible their personalities were but I must say their love story had some of the big “no-nos” in it.  It slightly ruined it […]

One of my favourite TVB series of 2011 which didn’t quite get a mention in the Anniversary Award Ceremony..so it’s gonna get a mention here at K-TVB.net hehe! Compiled below are some screencaptures from Elanne & Michael’s scenes from Relic of an Emissary! Hope you guys enjoy! I noticed a lot of people complained about […]

*Warning: Contains Ending Spoilers* This is a post dedicated to Steven Ma’s Lip Dor Bo & Selena Li’s Cheuk Ji- Yeng/Duan Man-Gak Gak from The Life and times of a Sentinel. For most of this series I liked watching Steven and Selena together and watching their relationship grow. Although not much was happening between them, […]


July 2011

[Wax and Wane] Kate & Roger: Episode 20 Scene

This is one my favourite scenes in Wax and Wane so far! I have always been rooting for Roger and hoping and waiting for a moment like this! <3

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some “Moments of Comparions”- Since I’ve only recently finished ‘Grace Under Fire” and currently chasing “Relic of an Emissary” I decided to put one together XD I’m sure TVB has  used this one before: a romantic scene where two characters get trapped in a well.. In Episode 28 […]


July 2010

[The Gem of Life] Love Storyline (3)-Maggie

I found this drafted up from last year, but never not to finish it   So I decided to wrap it up and here it is: it’s a short continuation from Part 2 of  Maggie, Bowie and Kenny’s relationship in The Gem of Life from around episode 48. [ See part I, II,  Ending] This was […]


June 2010

[The Mysteries of Love] Couple Poll

The pairings’ relationship and characters are quite a contrast to one another. Which were your favourite pairing in the series? Since there are a lot of Fungyi fans out there I have a feeling they are going to win by a mile lol This is the first time I’ve seen the Raymond x Tavia pairing […]


November 2009

[Born Rich] Gallen & Anita Scene 2

Episode 4– Their second Encounter- a promise? At a shopping centre back in Hong Kong, Gallen sees Anita from afar. While Anita is walking around, she bumps into a big bunch of helium balloon which were blocking her path. Moving the balloons aside… Anita: It’s you..? Gallen: Surprise, isn’t it? Anita: I was startled because […]