June 2010

[CD] Bosco Wong: Bravo

Bosco Wong-Bravo

Bosco Wong’s second EP Bravo was released 3 June 2010 and is now available @ YesAsia.com! I am a little disappointed to see the small range of songs included though, and it appears as though they were recorded back when his first one was released which was 2 years ago. So if you want Bosco to continue to release albums, please support him by purchasing a copy!

01. 一代宗師
02. 越過高山越過谷
03. BW1213
04. 畏高
05. 千金亂散

01. 一代宗師
02. 越過高山越過谷

Here’s an excerpt from YesAsia website:

Due to his packed schedules with numerous drama and film projects, Bosco Wong’s proposed new Canto-pop release was pushed back time and again. In June 2010, about one and a half years after his successful debut In Love With Bosco, the popular TVB star finally manages to launch his second EP Bravo. Again, this is a dance-oriented collection, but this time we can hear how much Bosco’s sound has matured and evolved. The 5-track CD includes the kung fu-themed first plug “Grand Master of a Generation”, TVB mini-series Don Juan DeMercado theme song “Over the Mountains, Across the Valley”, and the electronic dance anthem “Spending Spree”.

This version comes with a Bonus DVD carrying 2 music videos.

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  • chibi says:

    I heard some samples and I think they don’t sound too bad XD

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